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  1. There is a lot of Florida, as long as you get on the southern coast the fishing can be "like" up north. And the fishing is 12 months a year, not that you couldn't go north for the fall run or when it gets too hot in the summer. Peace
  2. From my experience,(over fifty years) I would say you are over doing it, try half a dozen casts and then move a bit and repeat. If "they" are there you will know right a way. Moving till you find the fish is always good advise. Peace
  3. Well I don't think I have to worry about my daughter, as she was born into a beach fishing and beach camping family. She found a '17 with the 4Low (just for peace of mind, she refuses to be 'that chick that got stuck'). In the end she is keeping the MiniVan too. To those who posted here, Thanks. Peace
  4. Or Lawyers? All sale and trades are to be handled in the BST! Peace
  5. Your cart was pointed in the wrong direction. When shopping with my wife pushing the cart, I feel free to walk down any isle to the thing I want and go back the way I came from, going with the arrows at least in one direction. Peace
  6. First big question is, what happened to 4 Low? The Tahoes she is looking at don't have it. Other than that, how are they on sand beaches like we have here on Long Island. She is turning in the Mini Van with AWD (all wheel drive) for a better commute in the snow and some beach time with the family. Peace
  7. It could of gone either of two ways. The other way has the blond dessing him in a tux and only charging a hundred bucks for it. All was well till the next month when a bill came in for another hundred. Seams the blond only rented the tux. Peace
  8. Why does the article speak of a law from July 2019? I'd say this is last years news. Peace
  9. Prayers for our president's beautiful First Lady. Peace
  10. Not for a few years, for sure. The "experts" are now talking 2022 till this lets up? Peace
  11. This is the time of the year that made this necessary. When you get done bending it should look like an anchor. VV. 14 Gage should work just fine, bare wire will have less resistance when casting. Peace
  12. Nice! But for beach sand you might think of some thing more every day for tires. those aggressive treads are for digging through mud snow and rock. You should have a floater type tire, say, wide as fits, radials on, and if no road use then farm style tread less tires. Peace
  13. AH, BUT HE IS RIGHT. THE THROUGH SCREW HAS NO PLACE TO GO IN HIS OUTLET. Lacking a through screw some other dumb ass in his home will pull the thing from the wall frequently. Peace
  14. I would say yes. I got the cheep version of that for $18 at Wally World, and I didn't even need it. Peace