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    Vietnam. Vet - Army, Surface junkie - Atom Jr.s & poppers, CCA , American Lit. Soc. Tagger w/61returns
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  1. That's how you establish credit at any bar in the USA. Peace
  2. I think we have gotten into the mind set that she would last forever. And we just hate loosing an icon. Peace
  3. Bought it last year and put it up this year. Looks good. Took all of the decorations off today but have to leave it up for a while. (Don't ask). Peace don't curse me. thanks
  4. If that is a LMB then you have done your life's work. That boy will never live far from the water and always want to feel the tug again. Peace
  5. So when you put on a flesh colored Band-Aide you can't find it to take it off ? Peace
  7. FYI, anyone following DG's TV show threads might like to know that "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" is available on YouTube. Use the search function. Peace
  8. Computer virus reported, Peace
  9. So does this mean that for every two or three start at the bottom foreign women, we let in one with a Dr. in front of her name? Peace
  10. Hell, for that kind of service some cherry stones might be in the mix. Peace
  11. I have it in my profile that I am a Vietnam vet. Engineering, no fire fights. So a year of carrying but not needing it. Let me list my weapons, M-16. or a M-79. which got me an M1911A1 also. Peace
  12. Excellent and if some of those vines our poison ivy be sure to include them. Peace
  13. Don;t forget to throw in the 12s My work was in feet and hundredths of a foot (1/100 or 0.01'). We had wooden rulers with feet/inches on one side and feet/tenths/hundredths on the other side. We would use the "rule of thumb" to convert back and forth. You put your thumb nail at the distance and then turn the ruler over to see the conversion. Peace
  14. I too like a little Mad Elf. Just have to be careful since one bottle equals two beers when it comes to driving or even just getting out of your chair. Peace
  15. Oddly enough the four victims that this trial is about have never mentioned any names of any very important people. The girl, now a woman, who has the picture of her with the prince is not a part of this trial. Peace