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  1. Like Bucky F Dent when in Boston? Peace
  2. If the kid says "trick or treat" they get some of those small chocolate bars. Not that many kids, more for me. There is no sense buying stuff that you don't think you might eat. I have heard of some people buying the candy too early and having to go and get more as Halloween approaches. Peace
  3. From what I read, most of the LMB guys are using 50# line to pull the LMB from the lilly pads. My surf reels have 20# line to catch those big Stripers and Blue fish in the surf. The big difference is the casting distance that might be needed when fishing the surf. Peace
  4. I get two. SS and VA Peace
  5. Our they going to teach them how to swim? Peace
  6. I am of the belief that most slaw offered at commerical eateries comes out of a 5 gallon bucket, that comes off a truck. Most of these places can doctor the bucket stuff up to OK. One of the places I eat at adds celery seed and I like it. Peace
  7. They are table fare in some of the Scandinavian countries. Puffins are not that rare where they live, but Maine is at the lower end of their range. They look like a football with wings when flying. Peace
  8. Isn't it that you officially change your allegiance from your "tribe" to your your spouse? And that would be in a way that is not easy to change back. Peace
  9. I always ate my sandwich right out of the plastic bag. The other guys always thought I would be biting off a piece of plastic, but I never did. Peace
  10. Should, but didn't. Peace p.s. I wasn't a warrior, but I was called and I went.
  11. Fifty years ago when we got hitched hyphenation wasn't that big of a thing. And besides it was before she got her degree. So no hyphen, no maiden name. Peace
  12. Considering his geans, would that mean he was another victim of Agent Orange? Yes, I would. Peace
  13. I have a big Victorinox up north and a smaller one in FL. My son brought the big one back from Switzerland as a gift. Peace
  14. Nice try, buy I am going to continue to fly back and forth to Florida. Peace