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  1. I agree with every word.
  2. Too nice to throw!
  3. Not only are they sexy but they have nice action. Awesome job.
  4. She’s a beast for sure.
  5. Those are great looking. What is the length, weight and how did you weight them? Thanks.
  6. Great looking darter. Agree with the purple heart is tough on the tools. I built my lathe stand/cabinet primarily out it. That puppy does not budge with a off center piece turning. It is so heavy. I got it nearly for free. 8/4 x 7” x 16’ for $5/each. Like the eyes too.
  7. Thanks for sharing.
  8. The blue/white popper in the upper left looks like the hook is 90 degrees off. Hard to tell on my phone. Awesome display. You are set for the season.
  9. Yeah, i am lucky to be in a decent sized shop. So many of you guys are getting it done in your garages. Our basement was unfinished so I built a nice shop and storage closet to keep the rest open for possible finishing. Has not happened yet.
  10. I am in line with WFF and SP. hell I am still using rattle cans so I am not too finicky with the finish. Day time plugs maybe a little bit more than nighttime. However, when they do turn out clean, it is nice! I get the point of your question...
  11. Some of you may have heard this story but years ago I worked in Port Richmond section of Philly. 100’ off of I95 was an old warehouse painted bright yellow and it was known as the Diamond Furniture Hill of I95 in all traffic reports. The building was built in 1890 and I know the contractor who was demolishing the building. Doing a windshield inspection one day I saw some beefy lumber being exposed inside. Timber columns and floor joists. Picked some up and here it is. Nice slow growing pine it appears to be. Turns nice but is more fibery than I am used to. Cool story that I thought I would share since it was on my lathe.
  12. Hobby? Hell, that man is an artist! That is freaking awesome. That would bring in some coin at an art show. OCMD puts on an outdoor art show each summer at Northside Park. He would go home a wealthy man!
  13. Looks great WFF. LOL on the second photo I saw the McDonalds logo for a second. Ten day old you might be in trouble as it dries. Warping and cracking have been my experience. Who knows maybe cedar is more forgiving. Hope so!
  14. Clean work as always Kphresh.