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  1. I started with six blanks knowing how things go. Three had problems with the thru hole and they quickly became bottle openers. Maybe rrocco will trade you one of the two he will be receiving.
  2. Now I know what that kid who got picked last in gym felt like...I’ll use it as fuel to get better. Rrocco and Antagonizer would be the last two picks so rrocco gets two poppers! Please PM me your addresses. Thanks. Thanks again for Antagonizer for running this. Looking forward to the next one.
  3. Antagonizer #1 is Now gone mmanolis -0 onthefish - 0 antagonizer - 1 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  4. Tony, so I do not hold things up again after Rocco picks I select mmanolis. Thanks. Mike

  5. Sorry for the delay. In a car all day long. I'm going onthefish. Nice design and nice action. mmanolis -2 onthefish - 0 antagonizer - 2 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  6. All looked and reacted great but rrocco had me shaking my head in disbelief. The Winchester eyes, the paint and finish, the end wraps were awesome and it moves water (although most showed well in the water). The photos and video really helped to seal the deal. Nice job!!!
  7. Well done Chunkah and Antagonizer! Im now fighting for third place!
  8. I believe that you and salt deficient are both right. Most of the dumping and factory pollutants have been eliminated however fertilizer use is more prevalent than before. Remember the bird eggs being soft? That was the DTT. The water quality has gotten way better in the Delaware River and elsewhere. The NY harbor is so clean now they have wood borer problems. In years past they could not live in the polluted waters.
  9. Nice shots Allen alas always. Pretty fish Seabassplug. How big was it? Teaser from the beach, boat or jetty?
  10. Thanks, it combines my love of wood working and fishing so that is pretty cool. It takes me a lot of time for each batch but it is the kind of hobby where you can do a little here and a little there. Turned on the lathe. Here are some earlier builds.
  11. Thanks! What I needed were some open eye hooks and deleted both split rings. Needed two to orient the hook properly.
  12. Hitting the QB low, hitting the QB in the head, hitting a defenseless receiver, leading with your head...what the hell are they doing with the game? It's not the protests or commercials. It's the penalties. The game is unrecognizable and boring if you ask me. The days of the likes of Brian Dawkins blowing up a receiver are long gone. Take the helmets and pads off and play flag football! You all forgot the funniest part of the game. While making the face mask call on Sprouls he grabs his wrist by mistake and says "oh wait" and screws it up again before making the proper hand signal. That had me rolling.
  13. Hate to say it but the next wave of photos (pun intended) will be storm related. Here are some photos to lighten the mood. This is my fourth build and I feel that I am finally catching on. These will be entered into a top water challenge on the lure building portion of SOL. As was the case with the peanut bunker challenge, I will be picked last. There are some talented builders out there! Cedar through wire with belly weights. About 7" long to keep the little guys away!
  14. Thanks for the correction roughneck3. I was not sure and the guy on the beach was pretty sure. It was a pretty fish which was why I slapped on the picture. Glad I did.
  15. Got out this morning 5:30-9:00 and landed two really small kingfish, a small doggie and a small sheepshead. All caught on squid. The crabs enjoyed my bunker. Saw a 20"-24" striper caught nearby so that was encouraging. All morning there were minnow of some kind out front but not a lot chasing them. Could be my last trip until I bust away in Oct/Nov.. Sad day!