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  1. Looking good.
  2. Looks great.
  3. That surf steer is bad azz. Too nice to throw!
  4. No the dowel just sit where the two larger diameter ones rest. You put the grommet it, turn them 180 degrees so the grommet touches the pvc and bang the top of the dowel with a hammer to slightly bend the grommet. The pvc bends are glued into the 2x4 base.
  5. I’m still working with the rattle cans. When I grow up and get big, I’ll get an electric guitar (I mean air brush). Showing my taste in music there...again nice work!
  6. What the heck are you talking about? Those tails look great. Nice job.
  7. Nice one OPSteve.
  8. WFF and Eddieg710, killer stuff. As Mandoborg said, there is a lot of inspiration to go around.
  9. That was the mother load of sweet lures. We have identical taste...unfortunately I do not have your mad skills
  10. Interesting, I had never heard of it so I researched it. South American but no unusual allergies associated with it (good). It noted that the end grain was very porous and it can get a little pithy when machinery is used but sanding will take that down. I looks like a poor mans mahogany. How does it turn?
  11. There is some real great work being done these days. Great job guys!
  12. Love it
  13. One job I had while going to college was the seafood counter at Acme. It seemed like it was only the Cod that had worms. I would throw the entire tray away if I saw one worm. I never knew they added flavor ;-)
  14. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. About every 40 casts I will get the line caught on a hook. The bends on top would be one more thing for me to foul. It looks old school. I like it.
  15. I can’t take credit for mine as I saw it on here somewhere. The grommet goes into the dowel and I flip it upside down into the pvc. This way there is no metal on grommet contact. Works for me.