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  1. Nice report in October. Most fish caught at AI. Never been (yet). Glad to see that you can be productive on the beaches up north of AI.
  2. Where RU located? I have a good bit that I could send you home with some. PM me.
  3. Quiet page these days.
  4. I recd Punch63’s squid. Its a beast. That should throw a mile. Thanks man! Great time and thanks again to Tony for running this.
  5. Mine were mailed Monday. I have received Antagonizer’s purple pencil and H’Islander’s blue/white Nike. Amazing builders. Like store bought only better. Impeccable right down to their tails. Thanks guys. Will fish them next weekend. This weekend I am getting my red-neck on at Dover International Speedway!
  6. This was my 5th challenge and the first 3 I came in DFL. There are some talented builders out there so I do not get down. Motivates me a bit.
  7. I’ll take Punch’s squid which means Kent gets my spook. I feel like the spaz in gym class being picked last.
  8. I’ll go Antagonizer’s purple pencil and H’Islander’s blue/wt nike. UPDATED Round 1 1. Punch63 (1) 2. Wire for Fire (3) 3. Antagonizer (1) 4. ATDR 14 (1) 5. Kent I (2) 6. H'Islander (2) 7. Mrscott24 (3)
  9. Not sure what happened there. Call me if you need something more. Mike 484-274-3400







  10. Thanks t-man. I thought the black line was part of the paint job! I do a bunch of meeting in the belly hook to minimize the chance for wander but there are times the holes do not line up. That is a tome suck to push the wire into another hole. I will look into this. Honestly I do not see any adjustments in the jig so that is why I asked. Thanks again.
  11. With the addition of the thumbs up feature, my replies has dropped significantly. Have to make a shout out to these puppies. Great paint! Nice job.
  12. Interesting. I had never seen one before. I likely screw up 1 in 5 plugs during the thru drilling step. It drives me nuts. Upgraded to aircraft bits which helped but still get some wonder and blow outs. Does the jig allow for offset drilling (off the center axis)? good luck with the move H’Islander!
  13. Finished a batch for Antagonizer’s three plug swap. The three on the right are being submitted. Yellow popper, blue spook and tiger maple danny. That’s it for me for the year. Now its time to fish!
  14. After making say 40-50 plugs you would think the I too would upgrade from rattle cans. Looks great!
  15. Okay, so I finished. Some minor blemishes with the epoxy but the fish won’t care. Many have raved about Etex and I ended up with less successful results than the box store bar top epoxy. Anyway here they are. 1.) 7” yellow/white popper, 2 3/8 oz. 2.) 6” spook, 2 oz. 3.) 7 1/2” natural tiger maple Danny, 3 3/4 oz. a big thanks to Antagonizer for continuing to put on these challenges. This is my third now and my work is getting better each time. These were the only plugs that I built this season so the challenges force me to make the time to do something that I enjoy doing. You da man!