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  1. Cool read Sandflea5. Thanks for sharing. I am very intimidated by the darter and have not worked up the courage to waste some maple! These dimensions are critical and could be what I need to make up some fixtures as SP calls them and get to it. Thanks again.
  2. 8 degrees this morning. Not sure how soon!
  3. Nice stuff Rui, WFF and TK. Lonellr, the cedar Mack’s rock with the natural bottom. I have to ask what the heck the broom handle with electrical tape is? I’m intrigued.
  4. You banged out some nice work for being a newbie. Its funny to see some guys jump in with both feet and they (you) build like a seasoned veteran. Its not fair!!!
  5. I second that.
  6. I have been building casually now for a couple years and an air brush is my next upgrade. Nice work and I find that encouraging that you produced such nice work on day one!!! Keep up the great work.
  7. Figured I’d be in the minority on this one.
  8. Go birds!
  9. Eddieg710, killer peanuts. Also love the amboyna (sp) burl they sit on top of!!!
  10. Lonellr, great work. I love the peace sign print.
  11. Got mine cut and ready to turn. Repurposed old growth pine joist from a 125 year old building that was demolished in Philly.
  12. Jaycave141, very nice work! Relatively new to the site but not to building. Belly grommets caught my eye on thise in the box. Small flange is new to me. Ill have to look for those.
  13. WFF, the results are awesome!
  14. Cheap foam brushes from Woodcraft. Dont know what it is but after the third lure tgey start breaking down. Never looked back sfter using my finger to slather on the epoxy. Latex gloves are cheap.
  15. so it is like a countersink not round...I've always just used belly grommets. When heavily fished does the paint wear off?