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  1. I was thinking the same thing. If he produces this much during the fishing season, look out this winter. SOL will have to buy more memory to hold all of the photos.
  2. Holy $&@;! That is a lifetime of plugs. Nice work as always.
  3. Got out yesterday 6:30-11:00 am for an outgoing tide on the beach. Finger mullet and squid and the squid caught a bunch of puffers, one skate and some baby blues. Threat of ran kept the competition to a minimum. Too much wind today to get me out of bed early.
  4. My wife has a habit of needing the newest so i took this electric heater with a spinner for the flame effect and tore it apart. Kept the motor and light bulb and bam. It is small and gets pretty hot which could be part of my problem. Many use a rotisserie motor gor a grill. Good luck.
  5. My entry into the top water challenge. 7" poppers made of Brazilian cedar. One belly weight pushed back rear of center. Weight was probably 2 oz but not sure. The action was average.
  6. been away for awhile. There is some remarkable stuff thrown up here. ADTR14, Antagonizer, JimmyZ, wireforfire and seaweed's redo all are top notch. I have to admit that this is now my go to forum out of all SOL. I used to love my regional who's catching what forum, but for the past 2 years there has been a gag order and no one is reporting a damn thing. The passing of vaearl was also a huge hit for the regional forum (if you knew Earl, you know what I mean ;-) You guys on this forum enthusiastically offer help and suggestions. There is soooooooo much information to search through and helpful posts that even a wood butcher like me can pop out so pretty decent plugs. I am still struggling with the final step (epoxy) but even that is getting better with the info I read. Keep up the great work all of you!!!
  7. I was lucky enough to get one. It has not yet seen the water but in the next few weeks I hope to get down. The photo do not do them any justice, believe me.
  8. Quite an impressive haul rrocco! I too received mine. Onthefish (top row, far left) and Antagonizer (top row, third from left) had great attention to detail. Both were heavy to allow me to cast them out to where the fish are. I also learned that Onthefish made a jig and pours his own exterior tail weights. Thanks again to Antagonizer for taking the initiative and running these contests. Cannot wait for his next one!!!
  9. I started with six blanks knowing how things go. Three had problems with the thru hole and they quickly became bottle openers. Maybe rrocco will trade you one of the two he will be receiving.
  10. Now I know what that kid who got picked last in gym felt like...I’ll use it as fuel to get better. Rrocco and Antagonizer would be the last two picks so rrocco gets two poppers! Please PM me your addresses. Thanks. Thanks again for Antagonizer for running this. Looking forward to the next one.
  11. Antagonizer #1 is Now gone mmanolis -0 onthefish - 0 antagonizer - 1 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  12. Tony, so I do not hold things up again after Rocco picks I select mmanolis. Thanks. Mike

  13. Sorry for the delay. In a car all day long. I'm going onthefish. Nice design and nice action. mmanolis -2 onthefish - 0 antagonizer - 2 Rocco - 0 chunkah - 0 kima - 2 mrscott24 -2
  14. All looked and reacted great but rrocco had me shaking my head in disbelief. The Winchester eyes, the paint and finish, the end wraps were awesome and it moves water (although most showed well in the water). The photos and video really helped to seal the deal. Nice job!!!
  15. Well done Chunkah and Antagonizer! Im now fighting for third place!