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  1. Premature detonation
  2. That would be anti Semitic Lightning
  3. Nobody ever said the Irish are smart.
  4. Refinish. Moved from a house with beautiful hardwood to one with laminate. Laminate sucks compared to hardwood.
  5. Make America Grope Again
  6. They don't report the news, they try to make it or twist it.
  7. Why is Tsarnaev still breathing? Mc Veigh was executed a few years after his stupidity. This country must be afraid to execute rag heads. Nadal, Ft Hood terrorist; Mousaui 20th highjacker 9/11; and the first WTC terrorists all still alive. Why?
  8. The best cure for a bully is an ass kicking
  9. Had a mallard come onto the boat a few times. Think he was hungry.
  10. Brandy Alexander day after Thanksgiving to New Years Eve cocktail. One part each brandy, dark creme de cacao, heavy cream or 1/2&1/2 . Shake strain into 4oz glass sprinkle with ground nutmeg. Tastes like chocolate milk with a heavy hit.
  11. If you haven't been vaccinated , you shouldn't be allowed into the hospital, sparing vaccinated people exposure.
  12. The syrup is made with sugar, the sumac gives it color and a faint flavor thats hard to describe.
  13. make 2 cups simple syrup add 3tbs when hot steep 3 min pour through a fine strainer. store in the fridge. Sumac is a dark red spice, not the poison.