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  1. Don't forget, he was re-elected.
  2. I think you're hexed.
  3. Looks like a multicolored swastika
  4. Are these two related
  5. Tell her the HD guy said the foundation has to dry for a month before painting, maybe she'll forget by then. Wow your wife power washes.
  6. CNN tonight is blaming China for the Wuhan Flu. That didn't take too long.
  7. I was looking at the same pickups two years ago, a new Frontier could be had for a few thousand more than a used Taco with a lot of miles on it. My mechanic talked me into a new Dodge Ram, just said get rid of it before you break 100k miles. I didn't want a new truck but out the door it was under $24k 6cyl nice power, avg 23-26 mpg. Good luck in your hunt.
  8. WHO

    is changing Joe Bidens diaper?
  9. Nice fire pit. Coors Light is the equivalent of O'Douls.
  10. How Bud Light is made, same way as Coors Light.
  11. Burn it.
  12. No matter how many people die many will blame Trump. If this happened during the Obama admin, and half the US population died those same people would say "Obama did a great job, he saved half of us.
  13. They are annoying