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  1. Do you have any other hobbies?
  2. Saw this last night on the news. As usual, no description of the shooter.
  3. The George Floyd fish
  4. It's time he switched to the old lady tricycle.
  5. Obama should have done the job during the Trump admin, would have been a lot cheaper to fill the tanks.
  6. San Juan is like NYC. A lot of PRs and most streets reek of urine.
  7. More than we paid for our first house.
  8. Probably did the right/safe thing in a crooked election
  9. He’s a politician
  10. Only two plus years to go. He’s done so much damage what’s left to screw up?
  11. It is ruinous. You never want to fly in coach again.
  12. $4.99 9/10 NW DE. Its an incredible transformation.
  13. Paid ours off before the kids started college. Nice having the extra money and losing the writetoff doesn't effect the tax return as much as you would think.
  14. Thats better