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  1. Can offer $55.00
  2. I’ll take the BM darter
  3. I'll take them
  4. I'll take the HC20 shipped.
  5. Payment/PayPal just sent to you for the Saltist 20 reel,thanks.
  6. I'll take the saltist 20
  7. I'll take them
  8. Can offer $15.00/Paypal
  9. Looking to buy some Andrus Jetty Caster bucktails in 1-1/2 oz. to 2.0 oz. size,Lime green color.Can also offer plugs to trade if requested,thanks.
  10. I'll take the Pt. JUDE lot
  11. Hello,

    i saw you had some old GSB 1321M rods offered for sale to another member who turned them down,if your looking to sell one,I’m interested..thanks.

  12. Thank you,please PM your PayPal info and will send payment in a few minutes.
  13. Can you go $50 for darter lot 2 ?
  14. #4 & #5 please
  15. if you like,i would trade another one of the plugs for the yellow jointed eelie?