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  1. Hello,

    i saw you had some old GSB 1321M rods offered for sale to another member who turned them down,if your looking to sell one,I’m interested..thanks.

  2. Thank you,please PM your PayPal info and will send payment in a few minutes.
  3. Can you go $50 for darter lot 2 ?
  4. #4 & #5 please
  5. if you like,i would trade another one of the plugs for the yellow jointed eelie?
  6. That sounds good,ill send you a PM so we can exchange shipping info,thanks.
  7. Just measured them,the RM's are 6",the BC's are 6 1/4",same as a BM Jr.
  8. just took some pics (sorry,from my crummy work phone). All of the plugs are brand new except the blue scale BC Jr.,swam once with some scratches on it.Ill trade any 2 for the used yellow A40. Any questions,let me know,thanks.
  9. Are there any other plugs you may want to trade for the BM A40? I have many plugs to offer,RM metal lips,Redfins/Bombers/Mambos,Gibbs lures,Etc..i also have a couple BC Jr's.
  10. Sorry for the confusion Surfratiam,i was looking for Boga grip holder,not the actual Boga grip.
  11. Looking to buy a Boga Grip holder for the 60 pound model,Flatlander preferred,but may be open to any others out there,thanks
  12. I can do that flyfishr,send me a PM with your info and will make payment ASAP,thanks.
  13. Can offer $45.00 shipped/Paypal for a set of Korkers.
  14. ill take it for $115.00 shipped,thank you and Wednesday is not a problem.Send me a PM and ill send out payment immediately.