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  1. Man those look great! I'm definitely going to have to try that material out! Thanks for your help!
  2. Wow that looks good too. What kind of material is that?
  3. Thank you! I'm going to try it out!
  4. I really like those! I'm going to check that material out too. Do you tie them in different sizes too? The baitfish right now are pretty small.
  5. Does anyone have any ep fiber sunfish imitation flies? I've been doing some bass fishing and they are tearing up the baby bream swimming around. I have a solid black ep fiber fly I tie, that works good on them, just like to get some more ideas! Thanks!
  6. Thanks man!
  7. Thank you sir!
  8. More
  9. Here it is
  10. Hi all! I haven't been here in a good while due to, work, moving, and hunting! I tied a fly up for my grandfather the other day, just for show. He has a room with all his old deep sea fishing stuff and old boat memorabilia. So I tied this so he could put it in there. I tied hackle 360, tied the deer hair in the back like a deceiver and finished the head like a btd. I don't know what you'd call it but my grandfather liked it! Hope y'all will too! This is maybe my third time attempting these! So...take it easy lol
  11. Yes please do that! Yeah the nail foam or whatever works really well. VERY light. If you had different sized punches you'd be set
  12. Tied this deceiver a few weeks ago. Just trying different things. Looks good wet I think
  13. From the album Deciever

  14. So the bodies aren't permanent? You've never lost a body while fishing?
  15. H hey we all have preferences. Foam is just more readily available for me.