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  1. Looking to pick up a surf top. Which is your favorite and why
  2. Would like to pick up another reel . Let’s see what ya got!!
  3. If this rod is trill available I'll take it for the asking
  4. SPs

    I'll take them
  5. Can you post a pic I was actually going to buy this rod new this Friday
  6. I'll take it
  7. I'm interested. Can you post a pic?
  8. Looking to buy a tackle tote . I know they went out of business but hope someone has one!
  9. If it's good I'll offer 530
  10. Hey man I'm in Beacon Falls can I come check it out
  11. How long have you had it, are you the first owner and how long has it been fished?
  12. Interested . Pm coming
  13. Entire bunker in this ones belly
  14. Entire bunker in this ones belly