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  1. From the album Florida Keys

  2. Found that wayward screw yesterday. It was hiding in the new body grease, within the body of my reel. I went to put the shaft in yesterday and out popped the screw. See, God watch's out for dummies too. Like to thank all who came back. Noel
  3. Thanks for come back Farzerp. I need a single screw. Have no idea what to trade you with. What would you like in trade??????? Wife is slightly used. :-)
  4. I just purchased a Luxor No: 3 reel off of eBay. I took it apart in order to clean the old lube out and in the process I lost one screw of three, that holds the protection plate onto the reel body. Little bugger got up and walked away. it's a non magnetic screw. anyone have an idea as to where I can get a replacement screw??