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  1. We were fishing a certain rip last night in Boston Harbor and landed a bunch of healthy schoolies and one 32 inch fish. I also landed a cod on the fly. I have never caught a cod before let alone with a fly rod, weird. First fly caught fish this year.
  2. How long do the ponds stay good for? I am tied down this weekend but hoping to go out next weekend. I had a good couple of days last week even when it was blowing hard.
  3. Was thinking of looking for albies tomorrow morning one last time. Yeah looks like big wind and surf, not so sure.
  4. I tried to find Alberts on the RI beaches yesterday during the incoming starting just before sunrise but didn't find any... ended up just playing around with snapper blues that were blitzing inside the inlets. I am going to try again today on the south side of the cape, this time on the outgoing. We had a great day on the Vineyard a week ago with 15-20 fish hooked and 10 landed (we were using 12 lb fluoro so a few break-offs due to line management issues, drag slightly too tight, etc). They were a bit selective though-- we were on fish all day and made many great shots.
  5. I was at that particular spot on Saturday, we were one of those boats off Chappy... Landed 10 Albies, all on the fly, hooked maybe 15 or 20 altogether. That was an awesome day. They were a little picky as we were on fish all day, but still got a decent number. They liked the two- handed retrieve, 12 lb Fluoro and small flies.
  6. Looks like a group of fly fishermen have had success on the morning incoming there, check out the fly fishing forum.
  7. Just got back from Chatham, fished the inlet and Morris island. Nothing at all. Tons of bait though, you could easily see the massive schools of them (larger sand eels) with the full moon in the inlet. So many seals too.
  8. Brianhfree, we may have been fishing the same spot, there were several boats out there. We also tried surface stuff in the middle of the bird activity but came up with nothing. I wanted to try bouncing stuff off the bottom like you said but we were having good success with flies.
  9. Did well again last night using flies in the rip. Mostly schoolies but still a lot of fun. Caught more fish in one night than all week at the vineyard using all different types of gear. Was in a boat though.
  10. I don't think it's just the harsh winter. Water temps are actually not bad, in the mid to upper 60s in vineyard sound. Overfishing is also a major problem, something needs to be done soon I think.
  11. I just got back from the vineyard. Fishing was slow, but managed a few stripers up island and some blues on chappy. Around the edgartown lighthouse is a good spot, and there are bluefish off the beaches on chappy now, that is where I would concentrate tm efforts. Senge pond is probably also within reach for you, try around the big bridge.
  12. Anyone have any good word about the island? I am going to be there next week and plan to fish as much as possible. Looks like the weather will be decent at least, with good tides for both flats fishing in the middle of the day and then fishing at night. I will be fishing from shore.
  13. Went out tonight, wind laid down and it cleared up. Only managed one small schoolie though on a plug.
  14. First keeper of the year last weekend