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  1. I’ve found certain techniques from a kayak are easier to execute with a shorter rod and a bait caster, the spinning reels are right in your lap. It works for me.
  2. Just started a new hobby making bucktails. I'm interested in any molds you may want to sell. All types considered diamond jigs leadheads for plastics even sinker molds. If you have any in working order send me a message and description. Located on Staten Island will pickup Thanks
  3. I noticed you have her rigged up for sailing what was the overall experience with the sail was it worth the setup trouble
  4. I also have multiple kayaks,3 one I never use. I have a c14 and revo 16 the Hobie can be a bear to get set up and down to the water it’s heavy and involved, but in current and wind can’t be beat especially if you plan on going any distance. The Eddyline is so light I can literally walk with it on my shoulder with my fishing gear in my other hand. If you have the room and means I would go with two kayaks .
  5. The more time I put in the yak with reverse the more I use it ; l have actually trolled in reverse
  6. I bought my first kayak from Jon and my second great guy put the sport ahead of personal gain . Anything I could do to help get this event off the ground would be an honor
  7. On the lighter side wasn’t that the guy from hook em in da mouth dam he’s good if you look closely you can see him mouthing HOLLA AT YA BOY is there nothing he can’t do
  8. If you’re in the N.J. area the outdoor show is this coming weekend, l have always found deals at these shows. Rods are easy to find deals on but reels can be tricky a lot of low priced reels are low priced for good reason. As far as inexpensive reels the cheapest spinner I would use is the penn conflict it’s light smooth and if you get the lc model lays line well. Most of the other mentioned low level reels have a cheap feel to them, maybe the BG or penn battle but the fierce in my opinion is a reel made for guys fishing cut bait on the beach. Just my opinion but sometimes you got to spend a little to get some decent quality——what do you guys think?
  9. There’s a Hobie outback for sale on fb yard sale might want to check out. If the seller will allow you fill the hull with water to check for leaks; some cracks are tough to see especially in tight quarters
  10. Was wondering if there are any kayak fishing clubs based on Staten Island, Raritan Bay Area . I fish predominantly in the Raritan south shore of S.I. And wouldn’t mind some company once in a while. If there are message me any info;thanks
  11. Anyone ever use a zippo hand warmer? Cold weather kayaking is similar to cold weather riding (motorcycle) no matter how much you prepare there's always a spot that gets you
  12. I love the tsunami rods for kayaking the airwave ,classic they are light inexpensive tuff rods tigers are a little heavy look into musky rods they make great striper-bluefish rods shimano makes one I bought a few years ago I think it was called sojourn inexpensive strong and light
  13. It's something to think about; I bet alot of people would be interested in an option like that. Thanks for the information
  14. I wouldn't want to be without a crate; I make mine out of two milk crates(you can usually find a couple behind a 7/11) cut the bottom off one for a lid use zip ties for hinges and bungee for lock and zip tie a few pvc pipe scraps for rod or net storage.