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  1. I thought the same thing my revo 16 is about 75lbs and the pelican that’s a thermo kayak it should weigh a lot less , my Eddyline 14 is a thermo and it’s 50lbs the drive is probably 7-8lbs I guess they use different type material or multiple materials for that hull
  2. Here on the S.I. side it's pretty much wide open you can find an open path to the beach roll it on in. If you need specific locals p.m. me ...asking is how you learn but you also must play by the rules
  3. Come on now ...at the lllliiiggghhhttt hhhooouuussseee lmao
  4. If i can find the tme I'd like to a trip to Delaware and target chose giant black drum the are around in the spring I saw a you-tube video by a couple area kayakers and it inspired me to take a shot at those giants...any advice on general locations or places to camp in the area would be appreciated
  5. I meant to say when drifting in current with windy conditions...I use a canvas bag
  6. With an anchor trolley you can use a drift sock which can be handy in fast moving currents
  7. So you’re saying they are including the fins in the kit . What I was told(and I could be wrong) was Hobie will supply an upgrade from v1-v2 but my fins won’t fit. That I would need to get a set of new fins. If what you’re saying is the case then I have no problem. Thanks for the information I really hope that you’re right .
  8. I get what you’re saying but how it was explained to me Hobie will supply parts to upgrade drive, this kit does not include fins. My gripe is the turbo kit I installed isn’t even nine months old. So I would have to buy a new set of fins to replace my basically new ones
  9. From what I understand going on the information I’ve been given so far no. I’m not gonna lie at this time I’m pretty pissed off , if something like this happened to a bike I just bought (and it has) Harley-Davidson would tell you bring to a dealership and fix no charge. This kayak isn’t a year old yet. I expected more from a name like Hobie ; very disappointed
  10. It’s the 180 ; drives apparently they changed the mounting of the fin what l have been told hobie will give you a free upgrade to the v2 set up but your existing fins will not fit
  11. I feel if hobie found a flaw in the design of the drive and corrected it they should upgrade the drives that have this flaw my kayak isn’t even a year old and I am being told that part of the drive is obsolete and parts are unavailable
  12. That’s what I’m trying to figure out, will that mast work on the drive..... the mast has been straightened out a couple of times and becoming deformed...this mast has no set screw
  13. I have a 180 drive with turbo fins I bent mast when I ordered a new one the told me they don’t make this part anymore it’s a v1 they now have a v2 drive which has a different screw cotter pin instead of a screw and nut set up to attach the fin will the new mast work with my set up my kayak is a 2017 revo I took delivery in April
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all I hope this coming season is one to remember God bless
  15. Tsunami makes some decent rods at reasonable prices.... you should not rule out bait casters they work well on the kayaks, started using them last couple seasons and I love them