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  1. The end of last season bunker kills were popping up along the south shore of Staten Island. I’m now seeing them this year, and quite a few. I was told a strain of bacteria is the culprit, has anyone heard anything more about this subject? On a happier note I hope everybody’s season is going well. They are definitely in my neck of water and looking healthy I might add . I am Usually in the Raritan on the radio ch. 71 or look for the guy fly fishing on a proangler I am the guy with him on the revo lol . Although I am acquiring a bit of an addiction to the fly-vise and fly rodding in the saltwater. Step one admitting you have a problem and cannot control it. I think being at the vice at 3:30am qualifies lol.
  2. Approximately what time/place; I am doing some work around my house fairly big projects that usually run pretty late if time is available I would love to get out. The bay seems to be loaded with bunker and the gannets have made their appearance things are falling into place; let me know
  3. Started with a Slayer 14.5 which I purchased from Jon S. (RIP) I knew absolutely 0 about fishing from a kayak,he turned out to be a real help and eventually a friend. After a little time on the water I realized that I really loved this sport. But I wanted something better for covering distance; back to Jon he hooked me up with a great deal on an Eddyline Caribbean 14 . I can’t say enough about this so I will just say I love it! Finally a couple years ago I purchased a Revolution 16 great in rough water very fast and a blast to fish on or just cruise around. I’m knocking around the thought of picking up a sail-kit and the small set of amas. I just think it would be a blast to rip around the Raritan on that set up!
  4. The reason I don’t use braid was because I was afraid of the twisting, I am fairly new to braid (about ten years) and when I have gotten wind knots they were a real pain in the keister, so I assumed the same would hold true. With mono I just let out a good length of unweighted line trolled out back and in a couple minutes it untwists it self. So you say the braid doesn’t twist up as bad as I thought it would. What lb text braid do you use?
  5. I see Hobbies becoming cheap Chinese versions of what they were when they eventually lose the loyal customer base they will be sold at Sports Authority , Dicks and CosCo and the likes , you’ll see them in the store and turn to your buddy and say remember the old Revo man those were real deal too bad. Working in construction I’ve seen this many times with tool companies. They want the name and the assets that come with it, using the name to procure investment loans funnel the money run it into the ground and sell it for whatever the name is still worth. History always repeats itself. The same thing happened to Indian Motorcycle Company. Portacable tools; they used to be Rockwell they were bought out made the same tools under Portacable quality continued somewhat no money went into development the product lost its quality and became a professional tool to a homeowner/bargain tool. I hope this doesn’t happen to Hobie, but the hand writing is on the wall. You older guys out there know what I mean; I’m sure they have seen this scenario play out all too often.
  6. The best way to get good with a baitcaster or any conventional style reel is to simply use it! Once you get confidence you will want to use them as your proprietary reel. I’m curious about the braid and the twist, it seems no matter how much attention you give the t&w it always will find a way to twist up on you
  7. I almost picked up a Tranx last year; other than trolling how do you like the reel, is it a good casting reel? Baitcast reels are very comfortable on the kayak I use them more and more. If you do get some line-twist how does the braid take it ?
  8. Since tube and worm season is creeping up on us, I was curious as to what guys are running or prefer to use when running t&w. I run it on a medium- heavy 6 1/2‘ - 7‘ rod conventional reel usually a penn squall 15 spooled with 20lb mono and I prefer to be on a pedal kayak.
  9. Is this sold?
  10. I might be interested if the price was right. Let me know your rock bottom
  11. Just curious to know how many of you guys fish out of a sit in kayak; in salt water?
  12. Since kayak fishing I find myself using more Baitcast reels ; I find them easier in the confined space no reel in your lap . The ones I am using are the 300-500 size don’t have a lot of experience with them conventional yes . So I was wondering what any one thinks of Okuma Komodo SS . I’ve mostly I used Lexa 300/400 any input criteria would be helped .. be safe.... I’ll be out in the Raritan next few days call me on ch 71
  13. Good luck your new yak; I have one on hibiscus love it... So welcome to the Adventure/Revo 16 club if you fish the Raritan I usually have my radio on 71. All your fishing buddies are going to get sick of seeing the back of your kayak
  14. Is it a left hand thread or right hand thread?
  15. My son recently bought some aftermarket power knobs for a few of his reels when I took a look at the conflict the knob doesn’t look like it will come off very easily. Is there something I’m not seeing, or a trick to it? Any help would be appreciated. I didn’t look at the Clash he wanted to modify but it looks similar. The Conflict 2 is a4000 the Clash a 5000