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  1. Well I would have to assume he would be looking at a current model,not first gen.
  2. The JDM model has an inferior's easily identified by the split handle design.
  3. Very good's very similar to the Saragosa...'s a much slower gear ratio..also no drag washer under the spool..the main gear has one bearing and one bushing ..and it doesn't have a bearing on the handle knob. The sealing is the same..gear material is the same. Also the bail wire is more streamlined on gosa.
  4. So I want an inexpensive fixed blade. I was wondering if there is something even less expensive than the Mora knives... any thoughts?
  5. Cutting bunker ,clam,etc
  6. Moras can be as cheap as $10..
  7. good boy?
  8. i did mention shims
  9. Well,,anytime you replace the main,you should always replace the pinion as well as a set. If you have one gear that’s worn considerably more than the other,alignment suffers and can give that Geary feeling. Of course,without checking it out in person,it’s hard to say if that’s what it is. Being the main gear was replaced,I have to wonder if shims are possibly missing as well.Again,very hard to diagnose from here.
  10. Are you saying the main was replaced but the pinion was not?
  11. That’s a good choice,,by the way,if you do decide on a Tatula,,the 1000,2000 & 2500 only come in the “D” deep spool,more line capacity,which you don’t need. The 3000 comes in the shallow spool,which is why I use the 3000. I know it sounds like a bit overkill but they are so light it doesn’t matter.
  12. I would discourage using a 1000 size reel,,very small diameter spool.line twist issues increase,,just better to have a larger spool..The a Tatula is really nice,A 2500 size would be great. Still extremely light in that size.
  13. Anyone have a tutorial on tying a standard store bought style tandem WINTER Flounder Rig?
  14. If you really want marine grease..Yamalube is very good,,but it’s not required. Cals is a universal grease ,most famous for use with drag washers,but it can be used for gears no problem..I use Corrosion X oil for all reels,,line rollers etc..very good stuff.,they also make grease.. Whatever you do,don’t pack the reel with grease,not required..actually can give you issues.
  15. got that right.. 22" per turn
  16. At Field 10 ,yes every time I am there,more than once a night.
  17. Bump
  18. Never used...with a front bag... LOCAL sales only..Queens,Brooklyn,Nassau County.. $125
  21. Who here is a mono nut? Havent fished mono in many years..going to set up my Newell 229 and do some bucktailing..would like to hear some thoughts...........