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  1. Nobody is going to mention Metal?
  2. still available
  3. $150 FIRM...local pickup,,Queens/Brooklyn,Nassau County.. MOUNTS NOT INCLUDED,,Have BOX AND PAPERS LIKE NEW CONDITION..USED ONCE
  4. Looking for the Classic Series Conventional Model # TSCCB-7311
  5. bump
  6. Is this a place that has 24hr access?
  7. bump
  8. My non experienced cousin lives in Marlboro..and he wants me to take him fishing,but I don`t know anything Jersey. Can anyone suggest a spot?
  9. Look up Charlie Graves tins on Youtube.. Ralph Votta talks about Charlie Pasquale tins.
  10. I have the Night Permit,,thanks.
  11. ill take the cabelas if it has the style boxes i need.
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  13. 28 gauge 2 3/4” VIP 3/4oz lead shot #9 1200fps LOCAL MEET UP QUEENS,BROOKLYN,NASSAU COUNTY $115
  14. What hook do you use for live lining Killies,,,or Spearing if I am able to get any big enough in the trap...
  15. I have that issue with condoms.
  16. Had a Jazz also.. and a Music Man Stingray..all sold. Now I have squat.
  17. Yeah,,paid $399.00 when I was 17yrs its 4 times that price.
  18. My 4003 Rickenbacker Bass
  19. anyone know if its happening right now?
  20. So I had to replace this recessed lights in the kitchen.. The former trim ring was larger,,so as you can see it left that opening/hole next to the ring..I can spackle and tape sheetrock,,but I never repaired something like this.. what are my options?
  21. But what address?
  22. When is he there?