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  1. Picked this up a while back,never used it.. has to go...looking for someone local to me which is Queens/Brooklyn/Western Nassau....this is a bailess conversion,,also includes original bail assembly ,box,papers etc...$90 Includes Braid..
  2. Do you remove the belly hook?
  3. I’ll take it
  4. I’ll take that Newell Levari
  5. Are they edible?
  6. Don’t know,I didn’t see them
  7. I was told there were pilot fish this past season in the NY bight area,,was this guy talking crazy or are they actually around this area..?
  8. It already weighs 1 1/4oz,,,don’t know if the rod will handle it any heavier.
  9. Well I was thinking of using it in the spring,,backbay,but I don’t think my 9ft Ron Arra would like a 2.6oz plug..the 1083 is more like a 1 1/2 ish oz stick.
  10. Do you think 2/0 VMC’s are too small for the 1 1/4oz pencil?
  11. I will Canal rig,,and use one single up front,no middle hook. I want to throw it when I hit the ditch later this season.
  12. Do you think a 4/0 VMC treble is too big for a 2 1/4 oz Gibbs Metal Lip?
  13. We all know it’s what needs to be done. Also,I know a lot of bass,even when released are not making it. The things I see while out fishing is really sad..I see treble hooks employed instead of singles,,robust barbs,which should be ground off if you are a C&R guy..I can’t tell you how many times I have watched guys wrestle trebles from a bass or Bluefish mouth,and then say,,”he will be fine,he swam away fine”..I beg to differ. I have seen Bass dropped from bridges that are pretty damn high..I have seen people drag a Bass over a railing on a pier or dock etc,,and let the fish thrash all over the cement for minutes,before they decide to get it back in the water.Slime coatings are constantly being compromised. It’s really amazing that people either don’t care about damaging fish,or have no education about these issues.
  14. But do any of the better built ones cast any better? I realize they are not good casters,but is there such a thing as a better casting metal lip?
  15. So what do you guys think of the Gibbs Metal lip? All I hear about is Beachmaster,RM Smith,Habs etc... i have a couple of these I got very cheap