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  1. Is that a lure?
  2. I have never tried to catch a Shad,on purpose anyway..snagged a few over the years,,but if I were to target them,what are the lures they like?
  3. I’ve been very happy with Sufix 832 .. used to use 30;;but SUFIX runs thick,so I use 20 for the last 3 yrs.
  4. Tried that,,not good at all
  5. What knot should he used to connect the Nanofil to the mono backing?
  6. Thanks
  7. Would greatl6 appreciate it thanks
  8. Any chance you tell me that it measures from reel seat to butt cap?
  9. where on LI?
  10. I wonder if I can ask you for a favor. Could you measure from center of reel seat to butt ?
  11. This....................
  12. Does anyone here have this model Airwave Elite TSAWESS-962M? its rated 3/4-4.. My question is,can it really throw 3/4oz with any efficiency? It seemed questionable when i had it in my hands.
  13. what did you find this rod was best suited to throw?
  14. So I was doing some small jig heads with Pro-Tec,,,it says to bake them for 20 mins @ 350. When that 20 mins was up,I opened the oven door. And the paint was dripping off the nose a bit,and onto the oven floor. Any ideas why this happened?