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  1. Just curious what you guys think are some of the better mono lines out there...I don’t do any distance competitions,just chucking bait.
  2. They come with an AR-15
  3. Sorry Dave..
  4. These SXS’s were produced for only 2yrs,,2007-2008. These were absolutely the best shotgun in the price point. Some quick specs... Weight :6 1/2 lbs Drop :1 1/2" @ Comb & 2 1/4" @ Heel Stock :Turkish Walnut Finish , hand engraved receiver finished in a true bone charcoal case hardening 20ga 28” bbl,s IC/MOD FIXED Front WHITE BEAD & MID BEAD BOX LOCK ACTION SINGLE TRIGGER This is a couple of articles about the gun which anyone interested should look over. LESS THAN ONE BOX OF SHELLS HAVE BEEN FIRED FROM THIS GUN. $ 1,175
  5. im in
  6. sounds good
  7. I see you`re in PA..that`s kind of an issue.. I would think shipping it combined with what you want for it wouldn`t be worth it..unless you`re willing to let it go very cheap.. Do you ever come to NYC area?
  8. Yeah...I am not familiar with that rod...obviously not exacty what I am looking for,,but I will keep you in mind if I cant find one.
  9. Honestly,,I don’t recall
  10. No..was looking for the “7” ft rod not a “9”
  11. Thanks Stu,but I really just want that specific rod.
  12. Looking for model # BWSG1102 which is a 7 ft Heavy Action
  13. NIce grab Nightmoves,good price for that winch !
  14. You did a comparison on cheap spinning reels on your YouTube page a while back. I cannot find the video for my life,,is it still up?