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    Freshwater background,,but now just about all salt..learning as quick as I can.
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  1. Yeah I don’t think those are snappers,,been seeing a lot of odd size fish this year. Even the spring run blues were mixed with a lot of small cocktail size,that’s not what I am accustomed to in May. Normally,they are all above 5 lbs or so.
  2. 10 " ???? Thats awfully big for this time of year
  4. I do use lures...I was asking cause the kid I am taking is not capable of casting,,one cast with a live killie or spearing under a bobber is what he needs at this point.
  5. Very Good Condition Upgraded To Carbontex Drag Washers. comes with Shimano cloth bag.. Left Handed $75 Local Sale Preferred..Queens/Brooklyn/Western Nassau
  6. ok,,but how would you hook em?
  7. If you were going to use live killies or spearing for snappers..what hook would ya go with?
  8. Is it true there are Triggerfish in Jamaica Bay? Never caught one before..what do they like..rig/hook/bait?
  9. If I had any pork rind left,Id try this.
  10. Brand?
  11. I can’t recommend something that I believe works as well,,but.... When I get a real soft batch of Gulp..I lay out a couple on a towel and press down on them,takes the surface liquid out..then leave them in the sunlight for maybe really does firm them up a lot. I know it’s not the most convenient thing,but it does make them fishable again. They don’t fall apart when I do this.
  12. oh lol yes of course
  13. whats illegal?
  14. Wondering what you guys use,,and also what you put inside to attract.
  15. Oh so it's open to fishing with the night permit