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  1. Fiocchi Premium Target 28VIP9, 28 Gauge, 2-3/4", 3/4 oz, 1200 fps, #9 Lead Shot, 25 Rds/Bx $100 LOCAL SALE MEANING QUEENS,BROOKLYN,WESTERN NASSAU.
  2. Shimano certainly wouldnt have parts.
  3. Its normal..they all run rougher if you dont match the teeth up to the same position. Been through this issue many times when I first started servicing reels. I found that reels like Penn 706/704s dont experience it anything like reels with lesser quality gears..serviced many without getting gears back in synch,and they were fine. Cast zinc gears were of course the worst..intolerable to me...I have a Daiwa Advantage that I serviced years ago and it felt like hell afterwards,,got lucky cause Daiwa had one main and pinion set left in stock..bout $26,but the reel was like new.
  4. Ray..if you are talking about "SURF",,meaning waders waves,getting your gear "wet" then I would not suggest a Battle or BG,,these don`t have anything that will keep water out of places you definitely don`t want water in. Look into the Shimano Spheros & Shimano Saragosa,,6000 size..cant go wrong with them. If you really get serious about things in the future then a Van Staal or Zeebass is in order.
  5. 832
  6. 100% true
  7. No ,not common.. but stuff happens. It can slip if it’s contaminated by grease etc..but generally Daiwa A/R is solid.
  8. my condolences..
  9. maybe you misunderstood, I am asking if there is a company that manufactures only USA made..Kershaw and Spyderco make some of their knives overseas,as well as Buck..I am looking for a 100% made American knife company.
  10. I would like to buy American..and I don`t mean a company that makes knives both in USA and overseas..just straight up American Made. Any thoughts?
  11. He has that Jerry Sandusky look about him.
  12. Field 2 was what I was asking about
  13. I hear it’s open,,has anyone been there during the week? Big crowds? Would like to take my 4 yr old niece to play in sand.
  14. the 1/2oz version i assume?
  15. Ok