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  1. ive Never owned a 2 piece stick,,,so now I have another reason to dislike them..oh well,,thanks for the suggestions,I will try it out later today.
  2. I’ll take it if deal goes sour for some reason
  3. The Shimano Spheros 6000,fills that order.
  4. I cannot seem to get my rod apart...I obviously don’t want to grab the stripper guide and twist,even though it’s sooo I ask,,what do you guys do when you run into this..can’t just be me right?
  5. At this point Capod69 is taking it,,Dave has seconds if that falls through for some reason
  6. Are you in Nassau county?
  7. The picture should explain what I have.. $80 takes it all NOTE: I CANNOT LEGALLY SHIP ,,so a local,meetup in Nassau county would be needed.
  8. I don’t target them,but every time I catch one while bass fishing I have a spinnerbait tied on.
  9. I wouldn’t doubt it..she is an evil creature.
  10. I have a chance to pick up a 9ft Lamiglas XS conventional..for cheap..$120 I was interested in fishing Jones Inlet ,from the Jetty..question is,,is this stick long enough? Seems like it has the power,,seems like it won’t even load with less than 2oz,,maybe a bit what do you think"
  11. Well maybe once it’s on a rod I won’t feel it.
  12. Well,I will put it on a rod and see how it feels.
  13. I have one here that someone converted to a Bail less’s one of the reissue models if that matters. Anyway,,I was playing with it earlier,and I realized it has a pretty good wobble when reeling. It’s been over 20yrs since I’ve fished one but I don’t recall it being this unbalanced.. Do you think not having the bail increases the wobble? Or do I just not remember that they always wobbled?
  14. Is a plasma Braid,or does it need a double Palomar knot to hold?