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    Freshwater background,,but now just about all salt..learning as quick as I can.
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  1. Does anyone think Sufix Superior is better leader material than the wrist spools Ande makes?
  2. Well I'd be using it for chunking most probably 20 lb what I'd be using...Sufix also makes something called ADVANCE as well.. maybe someone can comment on this Line as well
  3. Would you say it’s better than big game trilene?
  5. But,,I’d use an Albright or something compact,not a uni to uni
  6. Who here is a mono nut? Havent fished mono in many years..going to set up my Newell 229 and do some bucktailing..would like to hear some thoughts...........
  7. *
  8. such a bulky knot
  9. What makes ya think theres gonna be good fishing?
  10. I always used 4lb trilene XL ,,but I would like to know how you join that braid to your leader.
  11. The Certate was always amazing,this doesn’t surprise me.
  12. Yes I do,and fancy slip it came with as well
  13. 28”,,fixed IC & MOD,,LOP 14 5/8”