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    Freshwater background,,but now just about all salt..learning as quick as I can.
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  1. Has anyone gotten a bad batch of 832 recently? I have been using 832 for many years,never ever have I had an issue. The most recent 150 yd spool of Ghost 30lb did something odd. I tied an Alberto style Albright to a mono leader,,and while I was cranking down on it to get it cinched up correctly,,the braid broke about 4 inches from the knot. Anyone see anything like this? I am very surprised,,NEVER had an issue with Sufix.
  2. Thats what I was wondering,,who cares what hes driving?
  3. I believe it is 4:1 ,,wouldnt be any faster..I suggest becoming a member of the Mitchell Museum Forum,to get the exact spec,,,you should be able to get very close just by counting rotor revolutions per crank.
  4. The reel,I am sure, needs to be opened up degreased,and regreased.,,WD-40 is not for fishing reels,it will break down grease.When you say smoothen it up,,it could be that the reel is c ompletely void of grease after many many years...bearings if any,(not familiar with this reel)..could also be dry..which also will make it feel lousy..type of grease,,probably doesnt matter..I have used Yamaha Marine Grease,Corrosion X,,even Super Lube...oils I use are Corrosion X, Reel X, TSI 321.
  5. yes..I have two10ft Team Daiwas...over of them is rated 1-4oz..but I wouldnt go past 2 3/4-3 absolute max.. The other is the 2-6oz...I just got it recently,threw a 3oz bucktail easily..havent had a chance to throw anything heavier with the crap weather. The 1-4 is a very good stick though.
  6. At the 5:00 mark I believe I could see directly into her colon.
  7. even at 6`3 those are some really big feet
  8. you are 6ft tall with asize 16-17 foot ?
  9. but what size foot are you?
  10. Not sure I get it
  11. Do whales hit bucktails?
  12. Anyone know if you have to pay parking fees during the day yet?
  13. Then what length?
  14. 9ft lamiglas
  15. Well,,I will fish for Stripers sometimes..rather catch blues,,but a lot of tin and teasers and bucktailing etc..that 400 is just uncomfortable in my hand..