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    Freshwater background,,but now just about all salt..learning as quick as I can.
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  1. half empty room,,not a good show
  2. that would have worked for me,,im sorry but $15 entry fee is ridiculous
  3. I would have,but we were in different aisles,,and I never saw ya again after that
  5. we are neighbors
  6. I saw Donny and the collection are in Brooklyn?
  7. That was you with the neck brace? I saw you and Santangelo,,had no idea it was you.
  8. No
  9. No one said it would ride great, we were discussing how a tire may change may improve it. So pay attention.
  11. That could be the most idiotic statement I’ve seen.
  12. Never said all were no good,,I said there’s a lot that are not
  13. Yes original tires,yes it always rode like crap,even new,yes Toyota dealer looked at it. I do intend to have someone else look it over just to get a second opinion. I just don’t know who to bring it to honestly,,it’s unfortunate that so many so called mechanics are not very good.
  14. Yeah ,it’s probably not a bad idea,but it doesn’t answer my question.
  15. Also,,it would be hard to believe suspension needs to be replaced at 47,000 miles