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  1. John Skinner put together a cool fishing log app, it's simple to use and has some nice features. He has a free trial but the app is super cheap only $20.
  2. A few of my friends and I want to get started building plugs for our own use and enjoyment. Two of my friends are already skilled artists, they make sculptures and are great with paints. Other than this forum are there any other resources some of you plug building veterans can recommend? What tools do we need? What type of wood? Paint process? We are looking to make basic stuff like pencil poppers, poppers, and needles.
  3. I am in the market for a 10'6 surf rod for the fall, rated up to 4oz. I have narrowed it down to 3 choices within my budget. The choices are ; Airwave Elite, MOJO and a used custom rod built on a Legend blank by a well known local builder. What would you choose?
  4. Update: I finally got out last night and tested the custom legend (same type as the one in Zeno's videos) from the open beach. First off the action on this rod was different than any other rod I have casted before. It is marked Medium Power Moderate action, it is light and balances well with my Shimano reel. I was on a South shore facing beach in the middle of the incoming tide, the wind was light about 10 mph coming from the South West with a strong easterly sweep. My fist cast was using a yellow SS Darter, I started off easy then laid into it a little more after getting comfortable. I felt like it cast a mile but couldn't really tell since it was dark and could not see where my plug was landing. The next plug was a blurple SP minnow much lighter than the darter so I only had to use the tip of the rod to cast it into the wash same as the 1 1/2 white bucktail. It felt like I had much more control with this rod, with a flick I could put the bucktail in the white water in front of me and had good feedback from the rod and to what the lure was doing. One thing to note, in the middle of a cast the rod would continue to wiggle and virbrate in my hand until the plug hit the water. I don't recall that same feeling when using any of my other rods. On the next trip I will try casting heavier plugs and maybe an eel. Maybe next time I will actually catch a fish.
  5. Thanks for all of the great info, lots of good info to get us started.
  6. I try to lay into my cast every time for whatever reason it doesn't bother my finger. I have been fishing braid all season and my finger is fine. I must be doing something different and not even realize it.
  7. You know what I haven't used a finger shield yet, not ever. I don't feel discomfort when casting, maybe it's because I use a bailed reel.
  8. It's a heavy plug, but you can cast that thing to the moon! It sinks fast so you have to reel fast to get it started.
  9. Local tackle shop (J&H Tackle), it could be 3 3/8 but I am like 95% positive that it's 3 3/4.
  10. Fishing has been slow by my way because of the warm waters but I will get out there anyway and will report my experience with this rod. I plan to test it with, an 1 1/2 bucktail, SP, SS Darter and a heavy 3 3/4 SS Little Neck Popper. Will report my experience.
  11. Cool, I may potentially have Zeno's rod, serious mojo. LoL
  12. Lou, he does rod reviews for **********, he also builds custom rods. He is a great guy and has a great rep on the Island, anyone looking for a custom should check him out.
  13. Whoa that looks like the rod I just got. Best pic i could get.
  14. I picked up the Legend this morning, other than a few light surface scratches it's in excellent condition. I will report back when I test it out on the surf.
  15. There is one more plus side to buying the Legend from this builder. He has been fishing my area for over 30 years and he knows his stuff, he dropped a couple of jewels on me when I went to go see the rod. I picked his brain for a few minutes and he was more than happy to answer all of my questions. I fish with a lot of guys and I am the most experienced ( or more determined) out of the bunch. I am in need a local mentor, can't learn everything from books or YouTube.
  16. Which action is best for working poppers, pencils or darters?
  17. I should be able to adapt to any rod once I get it in my hands. Whichever rod I choose will be a learning curve, but I understand that casting style is a big part of it. I would describe my casting style as fast. Once I set up I whip it fast as opposed to a slower long cast. You guys have given some food for thought.
  18. As per the stiff blank, if you load it up it at the right spot it should propell the plug faster?
  19. So the Legend has a Medium Fast action. What does that actually mean and how does that translate to the plug you are casting?
  20. He said the blank would be covered by St. Croix and he stands behind his stuff, any problems with guides, wraps, or real seat he would take care of. Definitely more of a hassle then getting a factory new rod.
  21. I am basically new to the surf so my casting style is still evolving, I think I will rock with the Legend, it's a level above the Mojo.
  22. I handled all 3, the Legend seems to have a faster action then the MOJO or Airwave.
  23. Good points Vermonter.
  24. The Legend is in good shape and in the same price range as the new MOJO and Airwave, seems like a good deal. The builder is well know and nice guy too. I figure if the rod doesn't work for me I can resell pretty easily.