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  1. Sorry haven't posted in a while. Went out last night and saw a huge sea lion. Pretty wild. Only one good fish probably 28/30 inches. Slow overall out here in the marblehead area
  2. I've seen some blitz onightly the water too far for shore fisherman. These were in salem
  3. There was a fish and foul act. I have it printed with my fishing license just in case. Not that I think it'll help if cops come. . .
  4. Thanks! It's a a galaxy s5.
  5. Sp minnow and I just knew it was a fat keeper so didn't measure it. I'd say probably 36/38 inches. Had 3 big macks and 2 shad in its belly.
  6. Had some luck today, got out after work. Hit a few fish. So maybe it's picking up. To inconsistent to say for sure but at least I caught dinner!
  7. From the album North Shore Report

  8. Still have some lively big fat worms so I'll probably just troll a tube and worm some more. When I get a more time I might chunk or try and get some macks and live line em.
  9. Well I think when I go out again I'll launch and head north instead of hitting nahant beach and lynn shore. I spot some top water bass a few weeks ago but nothing lately.
  10. Was out again tonight till about 5 min ago off swampscott again. Trolled the worm slow as far down as Redrock and up through marblehead. Throw an so minnow for a little all from the kayak. I had big worms left over from father's day so I wanna use them up. I had a Kate Starthe and didn't leave shore until 830.. maybe the low tide, maybe the next to no moon out.. but I didn't see, hear or or feel any action. Monday I had a close to keeper schoolie.. I'm getting really jealous of some of these fish I'm seeing.. haha I'm gonna try and jig some macks next time or just drift with some frozen mack chunks.. only one keeper this year so far and it was weeks ago... anyone near swampscott wanna get out in the yak???
  11. I gotta get like a sabiki rig setup but I also don't have a bait well either.. any suggestions?
  12. Haha, ya there's an app on my android. I need a fish finder but I'm not ready to shell out the $$$. I went with a hobie and went broke so I have to wait to do anything like that to it. So the phone in a zip lock is my tool for now!
  13. I don't have a fish finder yet so I use my phone as a speedo. Not sure how accurate so I try and go by it and just feel for the tube to bounce off the ground. Only reason I bring it up is I feel I could be doing something wrong since the bit has been so slow, maybe I can pick everyone's brain to see what is working for anyone else.
  14. Meant 1 to 2 mph*
  15. Cool, thanks. Ya I use primarily tube and worm on my kayak too. Troll around Slow like around 1/2 mph and it's been slow... I decided on a recent trip to troll and then go for flounder and all I caught was skate after skate.. maybe it's me . Haha