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  1. I use my cast iron on the glass top electric stove with no issues. Just don’t drop it on the stove top and you’ll be fine, can take all the heat you want to give it LOL
  2. Marine forecast is looking ugly. High tide is 9 am and you will be 1 day after new moon. I would stock up on groceries in nags head and make your way down in the afternoon. If Avon floods you don’t want to be running back and forth to food lion. Enjoy.
  3. I do the same. Brand new - aqua seal on all seams especially where the boot and wader pants meet. Then twice a year I spray all of the breathable material down with marine fabric protector 303. It seems to have extended the life of the last pair of breathable waders I bought.
  4. I use 30 lb Daiwa J braid 8 strand on one of my spinning reels fishing the open beach in Florida. Plenty strong and pretty thin in my opinion. No issues with wind knots.
  5. I love pork chops all ways but when short on time I will get a value pack of bone in thin chops. Season with some Tony Chacheres and drop them on a ripping hot cast iron. Top w carmelized onions and any juice left from the pans and life is good.
  6. I have a 9 foot bay caster rated 2 to 3.5 oz. I just started throwing it this year on my occasional trips to Florida. As of yet, I have only thrown it on the open beach using a half ounce No Live Bait Needed Jig head and their 5 inch swim baits. The swim bait combo is bulky with an 8/0 hook and over an ounce. Excellent Rod, it throws that combination just fine. I have caught Snook up to 15 pounds and a tarpon estimated at 70 pounds on that rod. It had no trouble handling either.
  7. It was sunset and lasted a good 45 minutes. I did not see any tarpon in the mix, mostly snook.
  8. I found myself in a full on Snook blowing up mullet blitz last week. They were surprisingly picky, I saw five or six caught on live mullet and I got a nice one on a swim bait. It lasted about 45 minutes right before dark. I grew up on Long Island and anytime I found Stripers or blues on bait like this, most times it was game on. Definitely not the case the other night.
  9. Looking for new condition only. It would have to be shipped to the 27949 area code. If you are coming to the outer banks area anytime soon it could be in person. Thanks
  10. What state are you fishing? No need for the fluorocarbon. 100 lb leader material is pretty standard in NC, I use billfisher brand. Snell the hook and crimp the swivel.
  11. No, Nick Walke
  12. I do not have one for sale but I did just have one built about a month ago. My buddy here on the Outer Banks builds a lot of CTS rods and I think he might have one bay caster blank available. P.m. me if you want his info, if not good luck with your search.
  13. MICA guides - yes! It was an amazing 6 hr hike with stunning scenery. I think we did the intermediate hike , four hours into it and I was comfortable enough with them to do a bit of rappelling lol. Guides were extremely knowledgeable. Enjoy your time in Alaska.
  14. I am pretty sure we also did the ice climbing on the glacier where your son guides out of. Another amazing experience and as stated when talking with our guide they live in some rough conditions. Hope he is getting tipped well, I know ours made for an amazing experience
  15. The short version is definitely go fishing. If you want to keep your catch, there are plenty of options where it will arrive back to your house in top quality shape. The scenery will be amazing and as stated the halibut will fight like an overgrown fluke.
  16. My family and I took a three week trip to Alaska two summers ago. Our halibut/rockfish trip was about 10 days in. The fish processing and handling throughout Alaska are top notch. We chartered a boat just for us and the mate filleted all of the halibut/rockfish as we got in. They transported it to the local fish processor who vacuum packed and froze everything within the hour. The day we were leaving we were able to arrange to have that 50 pound box shipped to the airport which also has on site freezer storage. We checked that as baggage. My son and I also did a fly in salmon trip. Same experience. The outfit we fished with filleted everything. We took it in a cooler to a fish processor who vacuum packed everything for us and had on site freezer storage. When we left town two days later we brought it with us and found another place where we could pay for on site freezer storage. When it came time to fly out, we brought that to the airport with us and placed it in there on site freezer storage. That also was checked in as baggage and arrived at my house rock solid. We ate the halibut and rockfish until it was all gone one year later. My wife is the only one who likes salmon and the king salmon we caught was far superior to any salmon she has ever tried in a restaurant. She ate that for eight months until it was gone.
  17. I have been using the pro spec chrome for a few yrs now, very happy with it. If you can get the suffix tritanium in gold that was an excellent line. A lot depends what your priorities are.
  18. No thanks
  19. 16 bags of pre-rigged swim baits/shads ranging in size from 4 to 6 inches. They are from tsunami and storm, total 84 baits. Colors are pink, chartreuse, golden mullet. A few bags have been opened and carried. $65 shipped in USA
  20. The cts you had built would have been a 1305, not a 1505 in case you try to order another on your own. I don’t know anything about the rod geeks but I know one guy who has a few of the 12’ black hole heavers and it is a much different action than the CTS.
  21. Let it flow Let yourself go LOL
  22. I just keep a folding table set up permanently. I have bluestone squares covering it so I can put a hot cast iron pan on it temporarily. I also leave a small kettle grill on it that doubles as my beach grill.
  23. Water is/will be a little cold in that area. You might have a shot at some puffers or sea mullets. If you want to surf fish I would start at Buxton and go south from there. You would be looking at a close to 3 hr drive depending on where in Carova you are staying.
  24. I have never made a whole tins worth but I have mixed some and cut it with honey or some boars head honey mustard.