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  1. Not trying to be funny but you can cut the dorsal fins off before putting them in the backpack if that is your biggest concern.
  2. Great, thank you very much.
  3. I have a large bge and I never have to add lump during a cook. Fill it With the bigger lump you have and you will be fine. I light a half full chimney to start, dump it in and dial it in about 225 degrees. I use a dry rub for my pork butt and make a vinegar/ ketchup based bbq sauce a few days before. The butt you are smoking is pretty small so I would not wrap it on the grill. I usually pull mine about 195-200 then wrap in foil/towels for a few hrs until ready to pull. As far as sides, coleslaw and baked beans a must.
  4. I placed a decent order of stuff I can’t get locally last December or January, fast delivery, no problem. Placed a small order last week and it arrived today. Received email updates about when it shipped, another this morning saying it should arrive today. I have been very happy with them.
  5. Is Penn servicing these reels anymore? I tried calling but had to hang up after being on hold for about an hour. I have six of these reels that I would like to get back in rotation. Thanks
  6. I have an old saltiga z 4500 loaded with 30 lb power pro. I will need a new reel as a back up also.
  7. Hoping to come down and chase some tarpon in late summer/fall. What spinning rods are you guys using for open beach and inlets? I have an 11’ CTS S7 that can throw 2 oz Hogy pro tails to 4 oz crippled herrings. I plan on getting a 2nd rod, any recommendations? Thanks.
  8. Looking for 4/0 trebles to put on some old Gibbs/SS darters and bottles. What brand is best these days? Plugs will be used for red drum and hopefully tarpon?
  9. Find out how he will be fishing for them first. Sightcasting w live crabs On the flats? Anchoring in a Back country channel and drifting back crabs or pinfish? Mullet on the bottom? Crabs on a bobber in a well trafficked channel? Also does he have any idea of size being targeted? Start w these questions and go from there.
  10. If you guys like soft shells not fried, try it on the grill. I only had it once and the guy who cooked it owns a restaraunt here on the OBX. Pretty sure it was rubbed with olive oil, garlic and herbs and then thrown on the fire. Much different take then your typical fried softshell.
  11. I use an old 9’ Lami w a sustain 4000. The sustain is about 39-41” per crank which is good for Spanish. I borrowed an 11’ CTS Vapor Trail, pretty sure it was rated 1-3 oz. It did get better distance and I will probably upgrade at some point.
  12. Use an offshore swivel knot to attach it. Google it, easy to tie and exceptionally strong.
  13. I moved to the obx in 2000. The Lamis were becoming obsolete by then, All Star 1509 was my first heaver.
  14. mml4 - in regards to drum fishing rods, distance is the only factor, nothing else matters. Casting distance is the difference between catching 10 drum vs 2 in a bite like that. I have purglass heavers (South African company) that are my favorite to fight a fish on but have not been used in 12 years.
  15. Call Red Drum Tackle in Buxton, NC. They are blowing out the Gen 1 Penn Fathoms at $99. You can get 2 reels so you spend more time fishing and less time re spoiling on the water.