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  1. Ocean water temps can be 10 degrees warmer from Buxton south that time of year. Buxton will be a 1hr 15 min drive from Kitty Hawk. Hope for s or sw winds and 60 degree + water temps. That will be your best chance for a big red drum.
  2. DZ - try some of the 1/2 oz tin jigheads from nlbn with the 5” bait in those shallow boulder fields.
  3. I own two of them and pair them with a 6000 Stella. I am only fishing from land.
  4. CTS baycaster 904. It is a 9’ rod rated as 2-3.5 oz. It is a fast action rod. I throw a lot of the Nlbn in 1/2 - 2 oz and throws them fine. I have landed tarpon in the 80-100 lb range and have had no issues. You can check out Nicks custom rods for a blank or to have one built, he is on the outer banks of NC.
  5. Are you able to mount a ski rack up top? Access with a ladder? Any chance of getting a cooler rack/rod holders? The outer banks have some great fishing with good 4x4 access. Sounds like a great adventure, enjoy.
  6. Excellent product. I bought them to use on my numerous trips to the East Coast of Florida. They make a half ounce tin jig head that is perfect for shallow water and no current. I don’t know how many companies offer that. Their jig heads go up to 3 ounces I believe and are designed to be fished with their swim bait. Their paddle tails are a bulkier profile and fish well in shallow water/no current up to a full ripping inlet moon tide. I have landed beach Tarpon up to 100 pounds or so, heavy drag and have not bent a hook on them yet. If you are worried about them ripping get mend it glue and repair them. If you are fishing them exclusively for stripers, there are other hook options/swim baits etc. that would probably be just as good.
  7. I have an 8000 size twin power I might be interested in trading. It was used about 15 times last year. Serviced by shimano over the winter and used about 4 times this spring. It would come spooled with Diawa x8 30 lb braid white. Not set on trading it but something for you to think about.
  8. Awesome, I appreciate it. I will PM you the PayPal info in the morning.
  9. Can you confirm that the gear ratio is 6.2? Does that price include shipping to the 27949 area code (outer banks nc)? If so, I will take it. Thanks
  10. I’d like to place an order for the bullet head bucktails. I don’t want any of the heads painted.. Can I get 18 1 oz, 18 1.5 oz and 18 2 oz. For each batch, can I get eight white, eight purple, and 2 chartreuse? I would also like to get some of the teardrop bucktails, again none of the heads painted. Can I get 4 1 oz and 4 2 oz, again split between white and purple. Thank you very much. Just let me know a total and how you would like to be paid
  11. Look up nicks custom rods on Facebook. He builds a lot of CTS blanks here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have a 9’ baycaster that he built for me and will be picking up its twin in a few weeks.
  12. The old ramp 45 is currently closed to all access.
  13. If you are looking for 13’. Purglas Rod that is capable of throwing 6 to 8 ounces plus bait then the model number you are looking for is 400-4. Post something on the OBX board and check some of the southern forums. They were semi-popular here probably 15 years ago or so. I owned two and and a 400-5 but I have given them all away. I will check with a friend of mine, he built a bunch of them in the past
  14. You seem pretty happy with your CCP rods. I would stick with them. They are a much slower rod than the cts and others. When casting bait for distance you want consistency in your form etc. it would be hard to do in my opinion with rods that load so differently.
  15. Love them! Screw lock jig heads that are strong enough to handle land base tarpon in current. They offer a 1/2 oz tin jighead with a 8/0 mustad - not finding that anywhere else. 5” baits have a fatter profile than others and great action in ripping current or slick calm water. Smart marketing also with their custom colors. Wife makes fun of me, says my beanie babies have arrived when I get a package.