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  1. Hard to tell from that pic. There is a good pic of one on Alan's site from 2011. I will try to find the Boca bearing part #, it might take a few days. In the past, Penn would not replace just that bearing, it had to be the whole frame. I still have 3 525's NIB and 6 in working condition. Excellent reel but I tend to reach for my fathom 15's the last few yrs.
  2. Just a somewhat educated guess but it is probably not the gears. There is a bearing that is stamped into the frame. I have had to replace that bearing on 4 of my 525's. It is a part you can get from Boca bearing.
  3. Yes, the Lami's used to be popular before I moved here in 2000. I know a few of the local rod builders and most of the guys that fish here regularly, it is a pretty small group LOL. Since then breakaway, WRI, century, ccp and CTS. I have even owned a few purglas blanks from South Africa. I really do not know of anyone who has had an 8n bait rod built on a Lami blank. Diawa even has a red and green blank you can get built custom or stock that more than a few guys use.
  4. I grew up and started fishing on Long Island in the late 80's. All of my custom spinning rods are Lami's. I have lived on the outer banks of NC since 2000. I do not know anyone who has considered a Lami for 8 n bait fishing this whole time. They have either ignored this market totally or have done a terrible job marketing to it. I know it is a very small market but they have lost it.
  5. That looks a lot like my old rod. I can't remember who I sold it to. If it is, it was built by Joe Mullet. Very versatile rod, I caught everything from sea mullet to big drum on it.
  6. When figuring capacity, you have to look at the size of the line not the pound test rating. The capacity for the 525 is 275 yards mono using a size of .016 inches. That is equal to the size of 17 lb suffix tritanium and 16 lb pro spec chrome mono. I have used 525's for years 8nbait fishing with those 2 mono lines, line capacity has never been an issue.
  7. 25 big game is thick, that will cut down on your distance and line capacity. 17 lb hi viz mono w a 50 lb mono shock leader is standard here.
  8. I use 525's and fathom 15 w straight 17 lb prospec. I have landed Cobia up to 77 lbs, red drum in the 50 + lb range, larger rays and sharks all from the beach. I have not come close to getting spooled by anything I want to catch. Very large sharks and 1 porpoise have emptied my spool. A friend of mine uses a fathom 12 w braid backing and has not had any issues. I am a better than average caster w bait, 140 yards w 8 n bait would put you in the top 1% of beach casters
  9. If you have never caught a tarpon before, you will want to fully witness all of the jumps, etc. I would definitely recommend your first trip being when you can see. Either way, decide what you really want out of the trip and express that to the captains. Of course it all boils down to the weather you get that day. I have caught Tarpon in full sunshine and darkness, amazing fishing either way.
  10. Yes. It seems like they catch more out of Hatteras compared to Oregon Inlet.
  11. I do not use that reel but I fish around 1 guy that does. He throws 8oz and bait pretty much exclusively with it. He does not blow up or crack off and throws it a pretty good distance. Wish I could be more help, just letting you know the results I have witnessed.
  12. I live on the OBX, there are numerous watersport shops that sell their rental inventory at the end of the yr. Might be worth looking into depending on where you live.
  13. Check out Capt. Pat Bracher of fishovertime charters. Over 5,500 tarpon releases and 1,000 grand slams. I consider him a friend and have fished with him the last eight years or so in July. We have caught them sightcasting and channel fishing with live bait. He fishes from the middle keys to key west/marquesas.
  14. He might not have measured any but there has been 7 or 8 big drum caught and some puppy drum. Check the NCBBA Facebook page for results. Good luck, weather is about to get sporty.
  15. Try to demo them all. I fish cts s7 1305 currently for 8nbait. Light for a heaver and I get as much distance as I am capable of. Handles big fish in current with no issues. I know a couple of guys who use the ballistic and get good distance, easy to load. I have fished wri, purglass and breakaway, it boils down to personal preference.