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  1. Thanks, done....
  2. Personally I like and enjoy participating on this website... Stripers Online is the best for learning how to fish, Sy..
  3. Great forum. It contained plenty of information.
  4. I agree...
  5. I agree with your post.
  6. Through the tail section .
  7. Tools to expand copper tubing
  8. The best saw to cut a rod is a jewelers saw. It has very fine teeth and is mounted to a bow... It will cut very smooth and clean...
  9. Yes there are Triggerfish in Jamaica Bay...
  10. An aberdeen hook because it is very thin and it will allow the killies to stay alive. The aberdeen hook make a very small piercing..
  11. Come on, you guys are fishing at night because it is better fishing and most of you work during the day...
  12. Distance is a reflection on the ability of the fisherman..
  13. Someone gave me this left hand crank spinning reel...Can it be changed over to be a right hand crank reel for a lefty??
  14. It's all part of the game...That's why we call this sport fishing.... I have been spying for over 60 years...
  15. Wow, this was a great forum that made me reminisce a lifetime of being a fisherman...