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  1. When Blues are around or when I'm targeting Blues I always use a wire leader with a strong clip to attach it to the lure and a swivel attaching the main line to the wire leader....
  2. Start fishing early in the morning or late at night and your fishing experiences will improve...
  3. My first lure that I caught a Striper on was an AVA 27 that I got for free for purchasing a fishing magazine subscription..
  4. Just by using the name Penn it has to be good..
  5. On the majority of fishing lures that come with treble hooks I cut off two of the three hooks making it a hook that is easier to remove from the fish's mouth.
  6. I will still fish the same way as I have been fishing for the last sixty years.. Mostly catch and release with no treble hooks and the barbs crush down..
  7. I have been watching the beach for Spearing swimming on the surface and that's where I toss by jigs or bucktails..
  8. How do you make the printed letters larger?? Thanks ,Sy
  9. You can beat your dog, you can beat your wife but nothing beats a good BJ...
  10. My favorite is any of the Penn 11 or 12 foot casting rods with a Penn 140 squider on it...
  11. Go to your shoe repair store and ask them to make the sheath..
  12. By draining the reservoirs it will concentrate the fish to the middle deep water areas...
  13. I seen them in the aquarium and the tour guide measured their voltage.. Over a hundred grand..
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