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  1. I purchase the imitation Kastmasters by the pack of 10 what I would have to pay for one real Kastmaster.. And when the imitation is broken or bit off it doesn't hurt my pocket... Plus the ones I purchase swim very well.. And on all my lures that have treble hooks on them I cut two of the three hooks off the treble hook and fish with just a single hook..
  2. Go to your supermarket or fish store and purchase their dead clams that they are going to discard.. They will be cheap if not given to yo for free..
  3. And Shrimp is legal to use in New York
  4. I use the Shrimp that the fishmonger is going to discard..
  5. I didn't buy my wife anything this year for Mother's Day because what I purchased last year she didn't use.. Last year I purchase her a funeral plot ..
  6. Defiantly the wrapping of the shock leader around the spool will prevent the leader from breaking at the knot because the shock of the cast will not be generated at the knot but on the leader material..
  7. I live in Brooklyn NY and fish all winter long... You just have to dress for the weather and wet your line.
  8. Thanks for the post..Sy
  9. Best time to dig is during dead low tide above the water line area...
  10. So simple just move to a different location..
  11. What should we do to police for doing their job?? The eight year old kid stole a bag of potato chips..
  12. To identify the approximate distance in the backing how about using a magic marker on the line as you are winding the line onto the reel..
  13. When I'm done using my lures I wash them off with soap and hot water.. Then I dry them off and give all the lure a very light coat of olive oil... I have lures that are all dinged up from years of very ruff use but not a drop of rust on them..
  14. Dual saw straight and cross cut saw
  15. We need the vigilantly back in New York City