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  1. I lost plenty of bucktails over the last 55 years... Just keep on wetting your line.. Good luck with the sport..Sy
  2. There is no tool out there that can take the continuous abuse of being exposed to salt water and not freeze up or corrode out completely. Your statement sounds like torro mielda . Tools must be maintained by cleaning and lubrication to extend their lives..
  3. Gentlemen the best pair of pliers that I carry is the 9 inch long nose pliers. They are very strong and when you grab a hook they hold on tight allowing you to twist out the hook very easily. And they have cutters that have the ability to cut large size hooks and monofilament.. At the end of the day I throw them in the dishwasher and then spay they with some oil...
  4. Eleven inch long reach needle nose pliers Item number 64089. But now they are selling for 3.99 a piece...
  5. I purchased three pair of eleven inch long nose pliers in Harbor Freight for ten bucks...And I maintain them the same as I would a four hundred dollar pair of pliers...I have a pair that is over ten years old and still in great condition...
  6. The Penn 350 is an excellent reel.. It is my go to surf casting reel..
  7. Or just a piece of wooden broom stick cut to length..
  8. What I have been using is bicycle spokes for threw wiring a lure...I get the spokes for free from a bike shop in my area... And once in awhile I give the guy in the bike shop some of the lure I made..
  9. Lets keep the dream alive... Sy
  10. From diamond jig to spoons to kastmasters they are all almost the same.. What makes the difference is the way a fisherman casts them and retrieves the lure.. Every metal can be made to flutter or swim...
  11. I purchased them in a flea market for less than a buck a piece....
  12. The retrieve was short twitches of the rod while winding in.. I do this with all types of metals.. The depth maybe fifteen feet deep off the surf and maybe hundred foot from the beach...
  13. Last summer I started to use flutter jigs made by Profishco in 2 ounce hammer finished and found them to be very productive catching Blues and Stripers on the drop and when I retrieve the jig caught Fluke. It is an amazing lure.
  14. I have seen them on E Bay for about 10 bucks for a set of internal and external pliers with removable tips...
  15. I use refrigeration oil called PAG. It will absorb any moisture in the reel and prevents rusting and corrosion.....It is a very light oil and doesn't have any negative effects on the anti reverse bearing..