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  1. After fishing when I get home I place my equipment in the shower and then at night while taking a shower I shampoo everything down and then rinse it off and leave it there until it is dry...
  2. From my main line to my leader I tie a knot but on my leader I take a bead shaped piece of rubber grub that a fish has destroyed and use it as a bumper between my swivel and the rods top eye. Because if the metal swivel hits the ceramic eye it will crack..
  3. And if you have a fine single cut file you can use the file instead of the emery cloth..
  4. Take a long screw and place it through the spool and secure it with the mating nut . Then place it in a drill.. Spin the spool while holding a piece of emery cloth against it.. This way the material that you are removing is remove uniformly.. Then just cover the exposed raw metal with a matching color magic marker..
  5. And then the police officer that rearrests him will probably get into trouble..
  6. So he can do this all over again...
  7. I own an 11 inch longnose pair of pliers that I use for removing hooks from gut hooked fish that I purchase at Harbor Freight for about 5 bucks.. I have them over ten years and all that I have to do is just wipe them with oil after every fishing trip if I use them..
  8. The jaws on longnose pliers should close completely and touch each other... Being that those pliers are made of aluminum they are weak and separated from squeezing something too hard.. That why I use a regular steel pair of longnose pliers...
  9. Would you ship both rods for that price to 11236???
  10. I have always thought that tapered shock leaders were for fly fishing..
  11. So how good is the J and J vaccine???
  12. I have my girlfriend carry everything that I'm going to use while fishing...
  13. What I have been using is the dead clams that the fish store is going to throw away. Most of the time I get a couple of pound for free.. All I have to do is shuck them and salt them down and then fill a zip lock sandwich bag and then freeze them.. When I decide to go fishing I take a couple of bags of clam with me.. A single clam will cover a 5/0 hook perfectly.. And the salt toughen the clam up so it doesn't fall of the hook.. A couple of times my girlfriend even cooked them and served them for supper..
  14. What I have been using is fish oil vitamins .. I cut them open with a razor blade and then squeeze them onto my lure.. But I will give anise a try, because who don't like anise?
  15. I also purchased 5/0 sabiki rigs from this company that has 2 circle hooks with feather on them that I have caught Fluke and Stripers...