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  1. This was the first time that I read to look behind so you so don't catch anything was the most important statment in this forum... Safety first...And fellow members stay safe..
  2. Go to your local hobby shop and they should have a small size split ring pliers at a very reasonable price..
  3. Buy a smaller pair of split ring pliers...
  4. After each saltwater fishing trip I wash all my lures with soap and hot water.. And if any of the hooks start to rust I clean them with a brillo pad and remove all the rust and oxidation making the hooks shine.
  5. Go with a Penn and you can't go wrong ...
  6. On utube there is a gentleman who does videos on disassembling and assembling and repair of reels.. It's called '' Second Chance Tackle " He has done that reel.
  7. NYC, the five boroughs are the cesspool of NYS... I live in Brooklyn which is the worst.. All the fishing piers are contaminated with defecation and urine..When I get home after a day of fishing I leave my shoes at the door even before we had corona 19.. Today I didn't go fishing because of all the looting that went on last night . It makes me feel like i'm a prisoner in my environment.....One day I will escape this jungle...I wish every civilize person who live in this rotten apple luck ..
  8. Now the limit for Blues is three fish any size in N.Y....Not fifteen Blues anymore ...
  9. I still have my bamboo boat rods that has brass ferrules and a brass reel seat..
  10. I would use 100 pound mono for the Blues and the Stripers because the Stripers are steel leader shy..
  11. Since 9-11 you can't fish under any bridge...
  12. Now the parking lot that is opposite the entrance to Floyd Bennett Field is also closed because they don't want anyone to get access to Floyd Bennett from under the Marine Parkway Bridge..
  13. Run a couple of drops of crazy glue along the spit area.. Just fill the void. You can even use clear nail polish..
  14. What I use to protect my fore finger that I use for casting is my girlfriend's leaky dish washing gloves. I cut all the ten fingers off the glove. When one of the fingers wear through from casting I use another....Now the rubber part of the glove that covers my wrist I cut them 1/2 inch wide circles that I cut open and then in half on a diagonal which I use as a streamer on a hook or bucktail...Nothing goes to waste..
  15. Very good advice...