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  1. I saw a nice being hauled off a boat in Camp Ellis on Saturday.
  2. "Sea Weed" for guys thinking something else. It makes the little pukes feel heavier. Was on the beach that I pay taxes on early this morning. Lots of small fish and plenty of weed. Almost unfishable by 5:30 am.
  3. Early morning, evening or at night. You can can fish during the day but the beaches get packed with tourist. I perfer incoming to a couple hours outgoing, but again you can get fish at all stages of the tide. Cut mackerel an sand worms are a good choice.
  4. Pretty much any beach front or river in June, Southern Maine will be productive for Bass. Macs are also plentiful, but easiest caught from a boat using chum.
  5. Played for me, congrats buddy.
  6. It is close, there might be a few in places like York. Two years ago my first one was May 9th in OOB.
  7. I heard they have be getting some on the North shore the past couple of days.
  8. It's coming soon.
  9. I might drop by for a bit, I'll bring a plug to throw in as well.
  10. Dude you must be old. lol
  11. Very cool
  12. I'd just laughed into my coffee. Don't mean to laugh at you, but I can picture it.
  13. I just read all three pages of this and all I can say is WOW............
  14. I know of a place that I catch a lot of fish at that's only a couple feet deep at mid tide. They go and Chow, it's a mud flat at low. So I don't think it's all that uncommon.
  15. Good opportunity for a newbie to learn from an experienced angler.My hat is off to you crossbow.