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  1. Pretty much everything
  2. It works the same as with worms. My only problem is the occasional tangle.
  3. Not so sure it's climate change. I have been striper fishing for well over 50 years. The fish were seeing now we're once very common. I believe it's more fish management over the last few years then anything.
  4. No, thankfully. He had shorts on at that point.
  5. So about 3:30 this morning all by myself in Ocean Park ( or I thought so). I see this figure running towards me in the dark. They stop about 20 yards from me and stand there for a minute, turn and head toward OOB. They go into the surf about chest deep. I thinking this person is committing Harry Carrie or something. So they get of the water finally and past me to the brook. By now I could tell it was guy. 15-20 minutes later he comes back, stops and says. "Hope I didn't spook you earlier, I decided to take a naked run on the beach". I replied no, I thought you were another fisherman at first. Now I can tell by this time he's little light in his loafers. He introduced himself and ask my name. Against my better judgement I tell him my first name. He wouldn't shut up after the interdiction. Proceeded to tell me how he was conceive in a motel down the street by a married nun and a Mafia member. That he still live with his mom and she didn't think it was safe for him to be on the beach this early. So I reeled in and said guess I have had enough, he followed almost to the truck babbling the whole way. The last thing he said was " maybe we'll see each other again down here, I run often. Lord I hope not!!
  6. Picked up a decent one last Sunday Morning, close to 30. She hit like freight train. I got interrupted this morning, so I called it a day. I'll go into that in a new post. lol
  7. Plenty around, decent sized too.
  8. Well, you kept the language
  9. Same here
  10. Yessir
  11. Pretty much on time. It's normally the week of the 9th for me.
  12. Not that great only 3 in the slot one was just shy of 32 and a couple 28s, most were in the 24-26 range with a few little pukes thrown in. My biggest came out of a river in Portland.
  13. I live in OOB and have gotten numerous fish off the beach this year. Although most of my fishing is at night/very early AM.
  14. We're not all getting skunked.
  15. I saw pictures of multiple huge fish caught off shore in Saco Bay this past weekend. During the day in bright sunshine.