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  1. It's coming soon.
  2. I might drop by for a bit, I'll bring a plug to throw in as well.
  3. Dude you must be old. lol
  4. Very cool
  5. I'd just laughed into my coffee. Don't mean to laugh at you, but I can picture it.
  6. I just read all three pages of this and all I can say is WOW............
  7. I know of a place that I catch a lot of fish at that's only a couple feet deep at mid tide. They go and Chow, it's a mud flat at low. So I don't think it's all that uncommon.
  8. Good opportunity for a newbie to learn from an experienced angler.My hat is off to you crossbow.
  9. Dude what is up with you???
  10. Almost sounds like this fourm is becoming somewhat of a joke, rather than the informative tool it used to be.
  11. Fishing off OOB is difficult at best right now, a LOT of mung washing in. Hopefully it clears up quick.
  12. No stripers in OOB, your best bet is to leave your rod at home. Just kidding, all kinds of fish here. Whatever you use in Mass will work here as well, they are the same fish after all. Live eel is pretty hot right now. Welcome to Maine and good luck.
  13. #5 Circle is a small hook, try a number 7.
  14. Lol.
  15. Maybe your getting old and the eye sight isn't what it use to be?