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  1. Hey whatever happened to keeping the dream alive?
  2. I catch and release
  3. Hey whatever happened to keeping the dream alive!!
  4. I support C&R!!!!
  5. Let’s keep it rolling!!!!
  6. I’m in for the scabelly! Sweet plug! Thanks!
  7. Hey SOL the winner of the giveaway is Buckscorider. Congratulations and send me your mailing info via pm!!
  8. Hey SOL members, just a reminder that last call is at 9:50 pm tonight and the winner will be picked at 10 pm! Good luck!
  9. Hey where can I get some surf candy and sand eel teasers? Gonna give them a try with an egg!
  10. Sorry SOL members, work has been crazy but as promised I will continue keeping the dream alive. Here we go! i will pick a winner on the 13th at 10 pm!! All you got to do is say I’m in!!! Good luck and tight lines everyone!!!
  11. Hey sandspike1 do you have a picture of this Carolina tandem rig? I’d like to see what it looks like , thanks
  12. Thanks Bill and pm is on its way. I will definitely keep the dream alive.
  13. I’m in thanks
  14. I’m in thanks
  15. I’m in thanks