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  1. Interested in what I believe is a 704z? I converted to manual. Basically new, only fished a few times.. $70 shipped?
  2. I would take them all, if you would be willing to ship them. At my expense. I understand your disinterest in shipping, but can’t hurt to ask? Right? Thanks
  3. Old Nike sneakers in the summer.. I just picked up a pair of knock off crocs to try this season
  4. Closed for lack of interest
  5. Last drop.. $70 shipped and PayPal
  6. Lot #1 and Lot #3 are still available.. Thank You
  7. Dropped $80 I’m going to the post office Monday to ship a few other things... I would love to throw this in the mail too.
  8. Few scuffs from storage, converted to bailess with original roller... only fished a few times... always packed with grease.. never submerged, brand new inside $ 90 shipped and PayPal
  9. All yours! Thanks. Send me a pm
  10. Sounds good, send me a pm please. Thank you!
  11. Lot 1 - Gibbs Danny 2 1/40z Gibbs bottle 3oz+? black swimmer.. 1 1/2? Shipped and Paypal $25 Lot 2- Bombers and yozuri crystal minnows $20 shipped and PayPal lot 3- creek chub pike large rapala Diving bunker Popper $20 shipped and PayPal lot4- 2 creek chub 2400 smallest 5/8oz? 3 creek chub 2500 poppers 3/4oz? $15 shipped and PayPal
  12. Nice meeting you the other day, the 2 rods I purchased are 10 out if 10 condition! Thank you! GLWS on the rest of your gear
  13. I will take A ghost hunter 200 and The ghost hunter 300, (rods only).... thank you! Looking forward to meet in Boston, Tuesday! Thanks.
  14. Sold! Sounds great brother! Thank you.. pm coming.
  15. Wow.. great prices and top notch gear! Good luck with sale.! If you break up a combo, I’m interested in a ghost hunter popping rod... any interest in a Penn 704z and $200 for a ghost hunter 200?