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  1. A 63” and a 47” ... it’s tough to put the boat away for the winter when you know there are fish around!
  2. Thank you! I appreciate it! Sunday’s forecast looks good, I was trying to end the season 3 for 3 on trips to the cape!
  3. Anyone know if pamet docks are still in? Or were they pulled? Trying for one more shot at tuna
  4. Were they on small 3” butterfish still? They were very picky before All the wind 2 weeks ago.
  5. Were they hungry Over there?
  6. Stay away from Saltywater Birds ... they taste like **** ...
  7. Some picky fish out there .. one finally bit
  8. This is it!! Same yellow lip and dorsal fin! Mine must have been a juvenile.
  9. It’s not often I catch a new species... but I believe it’s an oyster toadfish? What do you guys think?
  10. Same to you brother! Nice fish! Butter ball! I see we have the same filet table!
  11. 63”
  12. First one is the hardest!
  13. First one is the hardest!
  14. Thank you! I appreciate it!!
  15. I would love to finish some topwater plugs please! They look like awesome ! Can I request 5 poppers 5 needles 5 spooks * Thank you very much for this opportunity