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  1. Stay away from Saltywater Birds ... they taste like **** ...
  2. Some picky fish out there .. one finally bit
  3. This is it!! Same yellow lip and dorsal fin! Mine must have been a juvenile.
  4. It’s not often I catch a new species... but I believe it’s an oyster toadfish? What do you guys think?
  5. Same to you brother! Nice fish! Butter ball! I see we have the same filet table!
  6. 63”
  7. First one is the hardest!
  8. First one is the hardest!
  9. Thank you! I appreciate it!!
  10. I would love to finish some topwater plugs please! They look like awesome ! Can I request 5 poppers 5 needles 5 spooks * Thank you very much for this opportunity
  11. I’ll take both for $30 pp and shipped please
  12. Small bass feeding around the Island... mostly 22”-32” fish... action seemed to be spread out... bonus trigger!! Delicious!! Next time I’ll be bringing the mask and fins and shoot a couple!!!!
  13. Great idea! I’ll be reporting on what I see after tomorrow’s trip to the island!! Hopefully I can find a few bones mixed in!!
  14. What a beautiful day! Thanks for the report Capt!