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  1. 2x
  2. Successful pickup. Thanks SOL and 75!
  3. I’ll accept $250 for both. Sending a PM to work out pick up.
  4. Cool. PM on the way.
  5. No swivels, jus hangers. Here's a pic...
  6. Yes but hooks aren't included. Let me if you want it. Thanks
  7. Brand new jetty swimmer and used but very good condition small Danny. $42 shipped, immediate PayPal. Thanks
  8. Welcome to what hopefully (or not) turns into a life long obsession! My advice is to start scouting locations in the day so that you get a good lay of the land. Also, when wading a new location always do it on a dropping tide.
  9. Got it. Thanks SOL and Reed!
  10. Sure. PM coming
  11. One more time...
  12. PayPal received. Thx SOL and wtf!
  13. Sorry I missed your question earlier. Yep, 165f. PM coming.
  14. Payment received. Thx SOL and ANG!
  15. Sure PM coming