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  1. Are you looking for an inshore or surf rod? I have an 8' SE Teramar and love it. It's my schoolie/Albie rod but can also handle the occasional large bass/blue. That said, it's an inshore rod, meaning, the butt is short and not going between my legs like a surf rod. A 9' might work well in your area but you have to decide on the style you want. I will say that even the smallest Z would be too heavy for my liking on an 8' inshore rod.
  2. Rivers End!
  3. Spot burn!!
  4. I've had good luck jigging diamond jigs. Same method that Mr White uses with the crippled herring. Metal is certainly easier than dealing with gulp however gulp and a spro gives you a great chance at sticking a fluke as well....you can effectively target both species. The diamond jig is less likely to grab a fluke (in my experience) although certainly possible, but is more likely to nail a blue or striper. Either way, finding them is key, they aren't very picky once you get on top of them.
  5. Offer $70 shipped. Immediate PayPal.
  6. Agreed. They are garbage. I bought a pack and just ended up throwing them out.
  7. Hey Ben, Tony - Hope you guys are safe and healthy. Any update from Penn as the States begin to formalize re-opening plans? thx
  8. Vigilant use of snap traps and PB will get the job done. Just keep the traps inside. No need to accidentally snap a skunk, coon or other critter that'll be running around at night. Good luck!
  9. Sure - I'll take the 15f. Please PM payment info!
  10. Hi - I'd like lot 2 for asking but wondering if you would replace the bullet with the jointed black bomber from lot 1? If yes I'll PayPal right away. Thanks.
  11. Willing to accept almost any color in trade.
  12. Herring!
  13. I have 3, 6.5" mag darters that I'm looking to trade for 3, 5". Mine are in great shape with 1 or 2 being new. I can post pics if there's any interest. Looking for bone, blue back, redhead, bronze or wonderbread. Thx
  14. What type of rod are you using? I found that I was getting the same type of pain every spring after any session that lasted longer than 90 minutes. My back bay/schoolie rod was fast action. The pain completely stopped when I started using a moderate action rod.
  15. I placed a small order last week and it arrived in 4 days. I wouldn't worry about placing a "standard" order.