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  1. Tiderunner surf belt. Goes for about $45 and is bulletproof. You can search SOL and you'll find a bunch of good reviews
  2. Kil, I'll gladly be your camera man free of charge. You just have to pay for my travel everywhere you go and allow me to fish half the time
  3. You should probably ask this in the NY forum. The few times I've gone in the winter the NY plates outnumbered CT 3 to 1!
  4. Both payments received. Thanks SOL!
  5. Thanks. I'll let you know if it falls through
  6. Yours. I’m out now. Will send PM later
  7. Time to sell some gear I don't use. All prices are PayPal only and includes shipping cont US. 1. Brand new in box Gosa 6000sw. Includes spare spool with 40#pp. spare spool has a little rash but doesn't catch the braid or effect performance. $205 2. Nasci 4000. Used from shore a few times, never dunked or splashed. 9/10 cosmetically (very small scratch on bail arm, pics might show glare from the light) and mechanically perfect. Loaded with 20#pp Slick. $50
  8. All of the rods you mentioned are affordable, quality rods. Check their selection and pick the one you like best. I think the Tsunami will be the cheapest price wise but you'll get a great 5 year warranty with St Croix. All good choices
  9. I really hope they keep the service center in Philly. They do a great job and have a very fast turn around time.
  10. You should post this in the CT forum as many of the guys there fish over the winter for stripers. It's actually pretty easy to find this info....google and YouTube are your friends
  11. Check out Nikwax tech wash. This worked on an older, breathable jacket that lost its waterproofing. The wash worked great. About $20 at cabelas but I'm sure you can find it cheaper.
  12. Boat - Drifting live eel on a 3-way - 41# Shore - CCW Danny - 47", bottomed out 30# boga
  13. I prefer organic maple syrup. You can't be too safe these days.
  14. It's over Mugs. You lost your cool once you start telling people to F...k off and calling them d...heads. You started the ultimate troll thread and lost at your own game. Pack your bullsh*t up and quit. Pretty sure your true colors are showing.