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  1. Awesome. I look forward to going on the auction site to see how much you get for flipping your plugs.
  2. Don't feed the troll, sandbar. The more logic you toss, the more they troll.
  3. Classic winter troll. Speaking of....I miss Marty
  4. Scam. Wouldn't risk it.
  5. Going to open this back up. Reel has been on the shelf all summer/fall. Still new and unused. $230 PayPal shipped
  6. I'll take these!
  7. None of those laying around. Good luck
  8. I had the same reel bought brand new but in black. I agree w Beastly in that it probably just needs a tune up (send it to Philly and have them take care of it.) i will say that my reel came out of the box with the click/knock and felt geary. This reel is not a smooth spinner, wasn't built to be, but rather a tank that can take abuse above and under water.
  9. What size heads/tails are you looking for?
  10. I had 9' one piece from them as well. You should chill out....dude
  11. Every 3 years we f*%k this up....Worst part is that I'm always surprised that we effff it up.
  12. Adam Gase!? WTF?!
  13. Totally agree with you guys. I read somewhere (Skinner book, maybe?) that you should take the hook point and run it against your nail. If it easily scratches your nail then it's good to go....if it doesn't then it needs sharpening. Not very scientific but works for me
  14. We all want access to fish.....but if there aren't any fish to catch.....