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  1. How did you make out last night? The boat seems like a pain in October when surf fishing is peaking but you probably aren't complaining in July, August, and September when you're netting 8# fluke!
  2. Thanks, Steve
  3. Marty, you're an animal! I'm fairly certain your family is planning intervention as I type this.
  4. Watched the video on YT but I think you only used 3 total. Are you saying 2 on each side of the first hook, one in the belly, and one in tail for a total of 5 nail weights? Just want to make sure I've got it.... This is a great thread....thanks to the OP and experts that contributed. I bought a pack of prerigged Sluggos about 3 years ago and fished them a couple times without any success. I read this thread last week and it inspired me to throw one in my bag for a "just in case." Fast forward to this AM.....I've been on fish at a spot, schoolies and small keepers, for about 4 mornings in a row. All action has been pre false dawn from about 3:30-6am and all fish have come on a blurple bomber or a mid size mag darter. So I start with a bomber which is (was?) my fish finder plug, fish it for about 30 minutes and nothing, not a bump. Move to mag darter, nothing. Tide is weak and wind shifted this morning so there wasn't much water moving so I'm wondering if the fish pushed off? So I grab a Redfin, nothing. I quickly cycle through my bag - small metal lip, swim shad, bucktail, nothing. It's now around 5am and I remembered this thread so I grab the 9" pre-rigged sluggo and clip it on. First 3 or 4 casts I work it slow with an occasional twitch, nothing. Much like the OP, the idea of working a sluggo at night like a pencil seems counterintuitive to everything I've learned over the past several years but, hey, nothing to lose at this point. Next cast, light pencil popping action, BAMN! Nice schoolie. Next cast, another. The bite died around 6:15 and I ended with 5 or 6 20-25" schoolies and one 30" fish. I stayed until 8 but couldn't raise another fish....the only thing they wanted was the popping sluggo! After the session i went and grabbed a couple new packs. Time to load them (all fish this AM were right out of the pack) and try them at my other spots. Thanks again to all.
  5. That's exactly what happened! I'm going to have to fill them in (as suggested) or only use on single hooks. It's too dangerous to use them as is.
  6. Thanks guys - I'll look into jb weld.
  7. Silly indeed! No lock but I knew that. Good eye.
  8. See those notches on each side near the tip? They do a GREAT job of catching the rear treble hook on a plug. So I'm standing thigh deep in my waders with a bluefish thrashing around when the rear treble of my plug slides into that notch and now I'm stuck. Left hand holding Boga, right hand holding Pliers that are now stuck to the back of a plug. No bueno! Happened twice in the same outing. These are now reserved for fluking or chunking. Just a heads up if you are in the market for new pliers.
  9. Bought a pair of these pliers and they seemed solid after an outing or two. Jaws are still aligned after taking the trebles out of a few gator blues and a couple dozen schoolie bass. They are a bit heavy but I like the weight compared to crappy aluminum pliers that flex and are misaligned after a night. That said - there's a serious design flaw with these. Can anyone spot it?
  10. Everything is great. Blues everywhere. Bass everywhere. Limits should be increased. Nothing to see here......
  11. I'm no geezer (yet) but this is always one of the first plugs out of bag.
  12. Great post. Congrats on the catch!
  13. This should get interesting....
  14. Sending a PM
  15. Let us know....good luck!