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  1. I have the Penn Bullnose as well and I don’t love them. I find the handles to be too skinny and provide an uncomfortable grip. I also hate the openings close to the tip of the nose. Why is that even there?? Multiple times I had a blue thrash and a treble get stuck in that hole. Not fun. Im now using Gerber saltwater pliers and so far I love them. Only been since November but have put plenty of time on them. I don’t rinse my gear and so far zero rust. Great grip and cutters.
  2. $580. Last drop before trying somewhere else.
  3. Well that explains it! Thx for posting the needle
  4. Looks great in the water. I would have thought it was a metal lip based on the action.
  5. $600 shipped
  6. I'm usually with you but I just can't get excited about catching 14" fluke. Hope the season starts strong for you!
  7. $620 shipped or $600 picked up. This is a beautiful reel!
  8. For sale a VSX 100 in black. I bought this from someone that only used it a couple times before deciding it was too small. I then spooled it and fished a few times but just didn’t feel comfortable with bailless (so I bought a bailed 100 on here.) The reel is flawless except for the mark on the base of the spool. It’s 100% cosmetic and can’t be felt. No other marks - not even on the reel foot. Also comes with the power knob and bag, no box. asking $640 shipped or $620 picked up in SE CT. Cash if pick up otherwise PayPal. thanks
  9. Hey HK - I’ve been dealing with the same thing for a few years. Couple things I learned: 1 - don’t fall for the cortisone shot. It only masks the pain and it comes back 2 - Get a brace and always wear it when fishing 3 - I have found that I can manage it if only fishing but a full day of yard work will set me back weeks (shoveling, digging, leaf blowing.) Feel free to PM me if you want. Back to Blackhole....
  10. Payment sent!
  11. I’ll take this per my post above. Please send me a PM with details. Thanks!
  12. Seconds if it falls through.
  13. I’m in.
  14. I drew such a bad number I just decided to skip the drive. I’d love to hear how the plug produces for you. Please keep me updated? Tight lines!
  15. I know it's a long shot but no harm in asking if anyone is willing to part with one. Thanks for rubbing it in, Cwolf....JK JK. I'm on the wait list and hope to get a couple sometime in Oct/Nov but would love to throw one on a calm summer night over a few boulder fields.