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  1. You think you'll find out and you should find out but those clowns won't tell you. They "fix" the problem, don't itemize anything, don't send back any old parts and charge you $45 to fix a $90 reel that should have been covered under warranty.
  2. Black or white. I've swapped out the rear treble and replaced with a same color flag.
  3. Captain Ian Devlin (Housy and Norwalk) just moved to 100% catch and release. These are legit fish catchers that are fed up with the state of the fishery and taking a stand. Hope others follow.
  4. Nice fatty!
  5. No problem. I only look for white and they had em. Certainly appears so! Also interested in the brand...
  6. I can only go off the information on their website which states "100% made in the USA." I just found some JRs online so if you search around you can find them.
  7. I love the Jr and it's still my favorite bay/river plug. My understanding is that they make these in batches and periodically ship them out. I usually buy them in bulk when I find them available. BTW - these plugs are made in the USA...can't say that about too many plastic plugs/lures.
  8. The parallel reel foot on a boat rod is definitely something to consider. I had a Gosa 6k for the boat and for certain applications it was nearly unfishable. When live lining bunker/porgies or throwing a doc it was fine but tossing large swimmers or heavy swim shads (or anything with a steady retrieve) the thumping was just too distracting. And as mentioned already, you can't feel your plug, you just feel the line hitting that first guide. The reel is great, silky smooth and great drag, but just difficult for me to use on the boat.
  9. More fires. Now the remaining trailers are ablaze. Hope they catch these guys....
  10. I'll take these!
  11. Good surf rod can be had for $500 but if you want great then you probably need to spend at least $1,000.
  12. 2x
  13. Successful pickup. Thanks SOL and 75!
  14. I’ll accept $250 for both. Sending a PM to work out pick up.
  15. Cool. PM on the way.