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  1. I love that this specific forum is tight lipped and we almost never burn spots (CT is just too limited in shore access to take the chance of losing a spot.) That said, the fish are here....plenty of them. Splash the boat now and go catch.
  2. Small metals - deadly dicks or epoxy jigs realed fast. Some people keep them just under the surface while others literally skip them across they real so fast - both work. Albie snax also work well when they won’t hit metal. They are most fun on light tackle. 3-4K reel with a good retrieve speed and a rod that throws up to 3/4 (give or take.) I use a 4k Stradic and a 7’11” Loomis Greenwater for reference. They can be leader shy so be prepared to go light. I use 20# braid to 20# floro but also carry 15# floro. You’d be surprised how sometimes changing to 15# will work wonders. I have a love/hate relationship with these fish. When you find them close to shore and they eat it’s really amazing. However nothing is more frustrating than chasing them, finding them, and throwing through them for hours while they ignore everything you throw.
  3. Following. Much like the OP, i'm also willing to put in my time and learn new spots but only if you tell me when to go, where to go, the best conditions, and what to use. I only want to put in my time if I'm catching fish. Thanks in advance.
  4. What I saw was final for 2022. I could have sworn that a couple tackle shops posted it on Facebook but I can’t find them anymore. Google CT Marine regulations and it should take you to the deep portal. I hear you on sea bass.
  5. I know I saw them recently but now I can't find them. Only a couple of changes that I recall - porgies went to 10" and fluke went to 18.5" and sea bass at 16". Hopefully someone will find them and post.
  6. Sure. PM coming
  7. You got it!
  8. 1 used, 1 new. Both are around 2.5oz. $70 shipped PayPal only.
  9. 2 new, 2 very lightly used. $80 shipped, PayPal only
  10. Haha. You got it. PM coming
  11. Spring cleaning! Letting this go as I have way too many 3k/4K reels. This is the old model but it’s in great condition. Just received it back from Shimano service and hasn’t been fished yet. No box but I’ll ship in another 4K size reel box. $225 pick up in CT or $235 shipped. Cash or PayPal.
  12. Welcome Tbone! Things already started popping off....just have to know where to launch the boat (look a little east and a little north
  13. Right, exactly. That's a HUGE difference when a stock is crashing. Every fish harvested is dead. 9 out of 10 of fished released live (if you believe the reports on CnR.) Now multiple by thousands and you have a dying fishery.
  14. Agreed on the Blackhawk. I went out with them this past Nov over Thanksgiving break. Motored out to the windmills off Block and had non-stop sea bass, porgy, and tog. As soon as the bite started to die down or we started hitting shorts they moved the boat. It was pretty damn rough out there and there were some women and kids that paid to fish but never came close to getting on the rail. The mates were great and fished hard with everyone to fill up everyone's cooler.....so that everyone could go home with full limits of sea bass (and some porgies as well.) Highly recommend them.
  15. No problem at all. I’ll send a PM and we can coordinate from there. locking this up.