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  1. Maxel hybrid 20 star drag w. clicker for deadsticking if needed thats what i just picked up for this spring
  2. i had the same question but with the "11ft rods and after seeing them in person the airwave elite was the winner. it has a deeper bend so i can get more play on the fish if thats what your looking for...
  3. thanks i will be going with the revo 3rd gen winch to try
  4. i'm looking for a low gear low profile baitcaster to go with a very light action blank to fish the bay with bucks under 2oz would you recommend the mentioned regular sized revo beast or the revo3 winch?
  5. not sure if this was asked before but OP is the revo beast significantly larger then the revo3 winch?
  6. I believe i was testing the 8000 demo model w. kilsong while popping for YFT at Northern Canyon's over the fall. Although i didn't hook up the reel seemed very smooth but may not hold up in the long run with drag abuse from tuna. For stripers and smaller fish i think it would be perfectly fine...
  7. gold hammered jigs work better then silver hammer might be something to it after all
  8. reel is no longer available please close
  9. reel is still available
  10. not looking to trade at this time but if you have a 50lb boga i would be interested...
  11. In Queens area... where are you located?
  12. Includes box, papers, original handles and upgraded power handle. Reel was lightly used and handled w. care 9/10 One of the smoothest bait casters in its class and now discontinued and no longer available $250 shipped or $225 local pick up in NYC area
  13. but the feels of owning your own boat