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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the head's up! I really want to get to the squid if they show up, and maybe some stripers too. My avatar was a fish I caught on May 15 in 2009, so I know they can show up at least that early.
  2. Bummer. Thanks for the head's up. I don't want to spend an hour+ heading down there only to get turned away.
  3. Many years ago, I used to park (no sticker) at a lot near the Duxbury wooden bridge and do some jigging from the bridge itself. This was always off-season, I suppose before May 15? Does anyone know if I can still park there now? Can I walk out on the bridge and fish (given Covid)? If not, are there any other good spots on the south shore area that I could hit? Not asking for a spot burn, just somewhere to go. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the report! Glad some folks got out. I'm nervous for my annual trip up/around P-town in a few weeks. This weather pattern has really kept the water temps down, can't imagine the big fish are moving in locally. Any sign of bluefish? Those are always a blast to catch.
  5. Ticks are no joke. Those sores sound like you might have Lyme disease (typical sores look like a large ring, often resembling a bull's eye). It can really knock you on your ass. I've had it, and it was devastating until I got the antibiotics needed to treat it. I highly recommend you go to your doctor and get checked out right away. The longer you wait, the worse it'll be. The treatment is a course of doxycycline, which isn't the most pleasant antibiotic to take but it works.
  6. So I called, but no one came out. I wanted to approach them and tell them, but my buddy didn't want to get into it with them, so I didn't get confrontational. I did find someone else's lightweight rod. If its yours, please PM me and I'll get it back to you!
  7. so, we made it out to plum island around 5 after stopping off at surfland for some bait. sad to see that their awesome maine coon cat, mackerel, had died in the spring. =( anyway, loaded up on sand worms and clams, headed up to the mouth of the merrimac and had a slow start until the tide switch, when we hit up a handful of schoolies. none of any size, fun though. saw two guys catching and keeping schoolies, i called the mass epa police, but they didnt show up and the guys walked away with their illegal catch. i wanted to confront them, but as i was with a buddy who was nervous about getting into an argument, i opted to not approach them. and, no good deed goes unpunished, as we were about to leave, i couldnt find my phone. after a search of the car, we went back to the beach, didnt find the phone, went back to the car, didnt find the phone, went back tot he beach again and still didnt find the phone (but found someone else's lightweight rod - if its yours, please PM me!). so we left and i was devasated as the phone had 2+ years worth of pictures of my kids that i didnt have backed up at all. luckily, i did find the phone in the car once i looked IN my kids carseat base (still have no clue how it got there). end of story, my pictures are now backed up on the cloud! hope to get out again some time this week - perhaps the canal as i've heard that it has been hot lately and i'd like to catch a keeper!
  8. What's the number to call?
  9. All, what's the number to all to report short fish being taken? I'm at the mouth if the merimacn and some jerk are keeping every school they see. They're sitting on a white 5 gallon bucket, on the south side, North end of plum island. F those guys!
  10. good calls. thanks for the suggestions, we'll head up north. probably set up one rod with bait and try some lure action with the other.
  11. Hi All I'm leaving straight from work this afternoon/evening to get in a few hours of surf casting. Sadly, this will be my first trip out this season as I have 2 little kids that prevent me from doing anything (got the go ahead from my wife to go out tonight). So, can anyone suggest which direction I might go for the best possible action? I feel like going to the North shore area (rockport, ipswich, salisbury beach), but thats just cause I have hooked up there in the past this time of year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated. Thanks! G
  12. disgusting. lock em up
  13. all i caught was a crab and i snagged some tiny little bait fish that was very colorful. still, i was at the beach with my family and had a great day, hope others did better.
  14. yeah, i was thinking the same... thanks
  15. taking some family surf fishing for the first time tomorrow, likely mid-day. i have two spots in mind, one in an estuary of buzzards bay and the other to a south cape beach. i've done ok in both places in the past, but its my first trip out this season, so really don't know which to take them to. any suggestions? the tides are total opposite - low at 1pm in buzzards bay but high at 12pm on the cape. thoughts? thanks!