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  1. The Other day I posted how successful I was at a specific fishing spot on long Island buy my story was locked because of that. It's a Big Freaking Ocean and it's time that this site grows up! Wow I lost my phone or some ass got this car stuck in the Dunes that's fine but, what's that got to do with fishing? The guy that monitors and takes care of this site should read what the headline states "Stripers Online "We'll Help you catch more fish" My question is how, if we can't state and area? I'm 60 a young 60 I've been fishing since I was 5, I've forgotten more than many of you will ever know! Sorry but it's goodbye I really thought that I could help but, I guess I can't! Hey I have my phone, I didn't forget my bag with all my Lures & I've Never gotten my Truck stuck on the beach! Oh but to talk about "Ray Rice" on this site a Wife Beater that flies here you have your priorities all up you know where! I'd say it's like a bunch of Old Ladies here but that would be an Insult to them. It's sad but, I know I'll get my fish I'll be out in the morning all I did was try to help, too share that's the way I was brought up but I'm sure that this will get locked out by the Big Bad monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. *Edit - Spot-specific reports are not allowed here. - LF
  3. From the album TOBAY Fishing

  4. From the album TOBAY Fishing

  5. In between heading to the shore at night to relax and fish? The relax part has been fine the Fish part that's another story. I've gotten involved with my Nephew & his Partner in his new business "OurHarvest." It's an online Fresh Foods business that features Fresh Fish most of which is from our Long Island Waters. There's Fresh Organic Veggies that are ONLY from LI. Fresh Chicken raised locally without any additives! Packed in Shrink wrap Bags at the Farm! Now here's the BEEF! The Beef is Grass Fed from Pennsylvania and aged for two weeks or more. I personally make the drive it's 500 miles Round Trip every Tuesday @ 4am all the beef is in Shrink wrap packages, the beef has USDA stamp approvals and again I'm there I see the inspectors. We've been doing this for almost Two Months and the feedback has been 100%! Now here's the best thing about this business: For every order over $25.00 we donate a meal to the hungry! So far over 1000 meals have been given! It's a win win for all of us. We have various locations where we set up from Wed - Sat. at Churches, Synagogues, Family Centers that's where we help their Food Pantry's! We have been in Hicksville, Huntington, Roslyn, New Hyde Park, Port Washington, East Meadow and soon Woodbury and Merrick. Here's how it works: Log on to "" Set up an account Order your food and Pick a location that is near you its pretty simple. The Prices are great I shop and I had a restaurant many years ago in NYC so I know what I'm talking about! To get this quality in a Store you would have to pay Almost twice as much! The Only reason that I'm reaching out to my Fishing Community is because we was fisherman care about our world and we as fisherman See first hand what is really going on with our food chain. The lack of catching isn't because of us with our rods and reels it's the trawlers that take any and everything in their nets! I know it's weird to order on line I had my doubts as a Foodie but, once I started this you figure what you need for the week or so and it really works! We're also helping LI farmers with another way to help sell their products and keep them in business. The be all and end all Please remember: We're "Paying it Forward" (one of my favorite movies) while we get to eat great really fresh food someone or a family gets a meal. There's A lot of families here on Long Island that are really struggling to make ends meet from all walks of life Hunger effects us all! Any Questions Please Feel Free To Contact me.. Good luck out there be safe on the water & tight Lines! Peace
  6. That's the ONE Good I have going for me. From my house to Jones Beach is only 15 miles and NO Tolls! Just Gas! and Sunflower Seeds!
  7. Less! Just For Bait! Most of my equipment I buy on line. Line, Hooks, Lures, Sinkers if they have FREE Shipping then I'm in! I believe in supporting the Local Business (which I do) but, my bottom line is my Wallet.
  8. Went out to TOBAY last night just before the sun went down the tide was at High and the surf was calm. Perfect night with the Full Moon. Perfect except No Fish! Plugged for about an Hour had One Small hit maybe a Cocktail Blue? Maybe I'll get out there tonight if I have the Time?
  9. There is a Guard at Field 6 when you pull in after Dark they request to see your Night Fishing Permit. I get Stopped every time.
  10. Well I had to leave the State and JB6 to catch a fish! Went down to Ventnor City, Southern NJ to visit my friend who lives on the bay side. We went down to the docks out back of his condo on Saturday night after Hurricane Arthur passed and just fooling around with my Surf gear at sunset nailed a 5 pound Weakfish on an "A17" with a green Tube. My buddy was shocked in the 4 years he's been there he's never seen anyone catch there. Nice to know I still have it! I think I'll hit JB 6 later in the week on the ebb tide at night..
  11. From the album Jones beach area

  12. Night Fishing Permits aren't available at this time Dates of sale: Jan 2nd - April 30 and the Tuesday after Labor Day - Dec 31. What you can do till Labor Day is hit the South Shore Beaches after the beach closes for swimming (when the Life Guards pack it in) around 5-6pm till Dusk at that point you would need the permit to stay but, you can get in up to 2 hours during the Summer. Plus if you get there late you won't be charged a Parking Fee. I guess the Same would hold true for any of the North Shore Beaches?
  13. Fishing to me is better that seeing a "Shrink" it's like going to a house of worship! The time we spend at the shore Catching or Not is time I bond with Nature and I remember the times that I fished with my Dad and my brother. I still get out with my brother a few times over the summer to wet our lines but, the only day fishing I can do is on the weekends and he's retired and hates the traffic on the water those days. But there's something really special about Surf Fishing at night with the Stars out and the moon at times, when you really think about it we as fisherman are very religious and we Pray a lot like "God Please get me Bite" or "God I'm a Catch and Release Guy how about Fish" and then there's "God Please get me off this beach! The tide rolled in and there's a Saltwater Lake between me and my Gear Bag and it's Dark and it's Deep!" So The Next Time Your Wife or Friends ask you where you're going tell them Church or in my case Temple. I'm Getting ready to hit the surf in a little bit hope the "Gefilte Fish" are Running!
  14. Drove out at about 9:30 pm to JB to take a look at what's going on. Low incoming on the Ocean Side Two guys were packing it in so I didn't bother to suit up. Then went over to the Piers on the Bay Side and the same results. Two guys nothing in their buckets, so I decided to go down to the last pier to the East and threw a chunk of Clam out got a good hit and that was it for the next 30 minutes so it was off to watch the western NBA finals. Man it's been Really Slow!
  15. Hit the JB at 7 am incoming I was plugging and guys near me were Bait all I saw was 1 Skate brought in gave it up by 9 am. Maybe I'll hit back later?