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  1. Agreed ...No fuss, no mess and the price is right. Also no harmful fumes. For anyone concerned about longevity, after fully cured brush on a thin coat of uv resin & cure.
  2. Niice flies , I’m in , thanks.
  3. Never thought to do it like that thanks for the help.
  4. Are you rigging your teasers on a dropper loop in front of the lure? (Just trying to learn the sport...thanks)
  5. Agree with above. Strung saddle hackles, Buck tail (deer tail) or some of each. Flatwaxed nylon is my thread of choice and white can be colored with markers. Coat the threads with Sally Hanson's clear fingernail polish. You will need a rotary fly drier to prevent sagging if you using 30 min epoxy, envirotex, flexcoat or other resins. Good luck. FYI ..The tail hook can be a single hook, and is far easier to tie than a treble hook.
  6. Nice fly and fish. Welcome to SOL.
  7. After a brief cure with the UV light, I put all my flies in the sun to get a rock hard tack free finish. Position the top for awhile, then the bottom.
  8. Nice work.
  9. Thanks Vieteiro for the info I learned something. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
  10. How do you attach the hook?
  11. What brand and size hooks do you use? Also are the fish close enough for flyfishing say 80 to 90 feet?
  12. Tie them like Lefty Kreh and the hair will last longer. See video.. Tying the Clouser Minnow from the Handcrafting Effective Flies
  13. Thanks Slip.
  14. Anyone have a suggestion for a dye part# for dying the color lavender? Not interested in Rit or cool-aid. Thanks
  15. Eye Candy ...nice work!