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  1. It is kind of odd for a 24-year-old to have a receding hairline. Maybe other factors are involved? Maybe he jumped ship before it sank? Maybe... who knows?
  2. Roger Goodell is a joke. The guy needs to go A.S.A.P.
  3. Get a Leatherman. They're perfect for fishing.
  4. I bet you that the Patriots would rather face an aging Peyton Manning, who has been known to struggle in the cold, playoffs and against Brady than to face against a MOBILE superstar-in-making QB in Luck who has proven himself to be clutch in the playoffs.
  5. Having someone in your life does not always equate to happiness. I'm married and I F'N hate her! It wasn't always like this. Enjoy your freedom and go fishing... for different species.
  6. No one is beating Seattle in Seattle in the playoffs. That stadium will be rocking.
  7. Jeff Fisher has Peyton's number dating back to the Titans.
  8. Favorite Movie Lines: Everything that came out of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's mouth.
  9. "Your rifle is only a tool. It is a hard heart that kills."
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Surf Hunter As far as the link goes, while not a spot burn, the SOL does have a specific no posting links to other fishing sites rule so I removed the link. BTW, we all know that site anyway and I'm sure Mooks might have something to say. That's unfortunate because like I have mentioned, it's a great resource for pier fishermen. Although a quick search on your favorite search engine for "California Fishing Piers" (include quotation marks) will yield the same result. Not everyone knows that site. Not everyone wants to...
  11. 11/11/14 I got to the pier early at around 11:00 p.m. Once again, there was hardly anyone fishing. I set up at my hot-spot. It took awhile, but I caught a few anchovies, soaked them for a couple of hours and nothing. I was tired and left way before the top of the tide with a skunk. For what it's worth, I don't ever recall the stripers and bait hanging around so late at this pier this late in the year. Maybe El Nino had something to do with it? For those who say my reports were a spot burn, I'd like to say otherwise. This pier is so big that it is a city in itself. It's common knowledge that the striped bass will make its way back up towards delta during the fall. This pier is part of the path. It's called the "Fall Run" for a reason. Any time from August to November, the chances of catching striped bass at this pier is pretty high. This was my last trip for this year, but what I find odd was the amount of shakers. In previous years, most of the striped bass I pulled up were keepers. This year seemed to be the polar opposite. The amount of small bass is a good indicator that the bass population is strong and healthy. Let's hope that the bass fishing remains good in the years ahead. Is the following link a great resource for the California pier fishermen or the ultimate spot burn? I would say it is the former. It is hard enough that shore fisherman like myself have to battle the commercial and boat guys with their fish finders. Let us be generous and allow us to share our reports to help each other. Good luck out there and tight lines. removed link to other fishing site. P.S. See you guys in March when the halibut show up.
  12. It's all about the blade. Invest in a Forrest or a Freud.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by SaltWaterRooky You're lucky I don't drive. Then you would have competition. Hahaha, if you can make it out to bart, I can pick you up.
  14. 11/11/14 I was running late and got to the pier around midnight. I knew my window of opportunity was closing. My peak time for landing a fish is usually around the third hour before the top of the tide. I set up at the spot where I had lost a bass last week. There was a 10 mph wind coming from the SW. The wind has been pretty tame at night for the past couple of weeks. With the wind and the resulting white caps, the "slaps" on top of the water were less noticeable, but they were still there, although, they seem to be thinning out. I caught a couple of quality-sized anchovies and loaded up my lucky rod. By lucky I mean that all of my previous reports of fish being caught were caught on this rod. About 10 minutes in, before I even had the chance to set up my second rod, my lucky rod peels out. After a short fight, this came up. The fish was half an inch short. Lucky fish on a lucky rod... Within the next three hours, I moved around a bit and caught a small smooth-hound. Before leaving the pier, I took a picture. Not a soul in sight. The only person with soul was me. I've got my groove on!