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  1. Yes, learn to do it by feel. And in the dark because they're in close you won't need to cast so far. Usually at night i'll start with only 50' of fly line off the reel. I also use an Outbound Short (floater), the 30' head is so thick that its easy to tell when you're into the running line by feeling the thickness in your line hand. You'll know when you don't have enough line out because the rod won't load well, so then you'll need to shoot a little more line. After a few night sessions it will start to make sense. Casting in the dark will become surprisingly easy. I think the dark makes it easier - you're not trying to bomb 90' casts, and the lack of visual signals makes you rely on feel so you don't start your forward casts until the backcast is straightening and tugging on your rod tip. I think my casting form is better in the dark than in daylight. And cheap clear safety glasses in the dark, i get some at Home Depot made by 3-M for under $20. Learn to cast with your non-dominant hand for adverse wind days. It just takes practice. Check out this thread:
  2. Tenkara!
  3. McCane’s Standard Fishing Encyclopedia (copyright 1965) says about bluefish: “Because of their voracity, the fish at all times will strike at anything and everything. However, they can also be extremely selective in their eating habits.” (From contributor Henry Lyman.) My Dad thought that was a riot. I didn’t get the inconsistency until years later. I spent hours and hours reading that book. I was maybe 12 years old when my parents gave it to me for Christmas.
  4. I have 2 hats for fishing from shore. If I caught last time out I keep wearing the same hat. If skunked I change hats next time out. I have different hats for sight casting and for trout fishing that aren’t in the rotation.
  5. Yes 10 wt will produce more stress than the 8 wt. Yes continue with the PT. Yes work on your haul. Line speed should come from your line hand on the haul, not from your rod hand. Practice relaxing your rod hand and arm when casting. If your rod arm is getting stressed or tired you’re pushing too hard. The rod arm motion should be effortless. You have to overcome the natural tendency to try harder. My form gets better when my arm starts to hurt...it reminds me to relax the arm or I won’t last the day. Yes a casting lesson or 2 might help you develop a low stress casting style. Yes teach yourself to cast with your non-dominant hand. It’s doable if you put in the practice time. Good luck!
  6. We used to take family beach vacations in fishy places. I would fish at dawn every day for an hour or two, I was usually home before anyone else was awake. Rest of the day was family time. Now kids are grown and I fish whenever I want.
  7. After you’ve read Tabory, Daignault, Abrames, Bondorew and Caolo, try “Greased Line Fishing for Salmon [and Steelhead]” by Jock Scott. (Greased line = floating line.) It will change the way you think about retrieving the fly. Both Abrames and Bondorew incorporate some of Scott’s Greased Line Fishing techniques in their books.
  8. Orvis has another fly called the Kinky Muddler that is a less bulky version of Lou Taborys Snake Fly. I like it in chartreuse in the ocean surf.
  9. Looking good BFD! Keep on fightin’. I’m looking forward to reading your entertaining fishing reports again in the future.
  10. flats

    Do you want parking access or beach driving access? Note: all the towns from East Hampton and Sag Harbor east to Montauk are part of the town of East Hampton. So you need the East Hampton parking or beach driving permits for these locations. East Hampton Non-resident parking pass i believe is $300. EH Non-resident 4 wheel drive beach permit is $275. Sold in EH town hall. Residency in East Hampton is the criteria. The NYState Parks 4 wheel drive beach permit is (I think) $110 for non-residents (non-residents of NYState). Cheaper for NY residents. You can get it at Montauk Downs or Bethpage NYS Parks HeadQuarters after Labor Day. If you want to drive on the ocean beaches, the EH 4wd permit plus the NYS Parks 4wd permit would let you drive all the way from East Hampton to Montauk on the sand. As mentioned above, you can park in the Montauk Point State Park lots and walk North side and South side without any permits. The Camp Hero Non-Resident fishing permit is $75. Sold at same locations as NYS Parks permits. Allows you to park at the dozen or so spots in Camp Hero down below the Camp Hero bluffs parking lot, plus after sundown parking in both parking areas. No permit needed to park at the Camp Hero lot on top of the bluffs before sunset. The permit will save you the 1/4-1/2 mile hike down. I think this one is worth it. Although if there's a fall run all those spaces will be taken on the busy weekends. If you want to park in the half dozen spaces at Turtle Cove you need the East Hampton pass (its complicated). The gate leading down to those spaces is locked until around Sept 15. The parking signs here are unreadable so I don't know if it matters. Driving the beaches on the north side of Montauk Point you will need the NYS Parks 4wd permit. Then as you head west you will eventually need a Suffolk County permit. I don't know much about the Suffolk permits. At Gin Beach next to the Montauk Harbor East jetty you need the East Hampton permits.
  11. Summer pattern stuff. The fish will be around MA all summer. Fish an hour before and after sunrise and sunset, and at night. Estuary water might get too warm, fish deep holes or inlets or ocean beaches where there’s cooler water. Find the bait and you will find the bass. For ocean surf fishing learn to read the beach, identify troughs, cuts in the sandbar, rip currents etc where the fish will be ambushing bait caught in the currents. Search “reading the beach” on YouTube and watch some videos.
  12. Duff, Been fishing since 1967. Does anything in my post above suggest otherwise? RH37
  13. In late May, cinder worm hatch! Same thing happened to me last year, at a LI East end bayside inlet, outgoing tide, started after dark.. Pop-pop-pop. Very frustrating. A local guide clued me in afterwards to the worm hatch.
  14. First week of July on a Long Island ocean beach, stripers started chasing small bait in the wash around 8:15pm, 3 nights in a row. But they wouldn’t touch a fly until around 8:45pm, then the window was open for about 15 minutes before it got too dark and the fish shut down. Same thing each night. It might still be going on, I had to head home and haven’t been back yet. couple of years ago in the fall I had keeper bass in the surf between 6:15am and 6:20am for a few consecutive days. As soon as I thought it was dialed in, the pre-dawn bite ended. i don’t think they’re watching the clock. Probably keyed in to light levels.
  15. Anyone have experience with a 10’ 10 wt? I think Kenney Abrames recommended that in his book Striper Moon for mending on an ocean beach. But I’ve been told that it’s too long for one-handed and will tire you out fast.