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  1. Out of curiosity, was there a bluefish winner last year? I owe a plug, if so. Gork, good to meet you last year and maybe see you out there soon. Welcome at my spot, anytime! Count me in again, bass and bluefish. -Lennon
  2. AWESOME! Thanks Tim, iputmyhoursin, and SOL! The bag is great and I need it badly!
  3. I'm in...gotta find one pretty soon, but I can limp through the start of the season with what I have if I need to. The medium is the largest one they made in this bag, I think. I've committed to iputmyhoursin, but I'd buy both, at this point.
  4. No thanks, gotta be the medium. Thanks though.
  5. Ha. Sorry, just don't have time to make a 3-4 hour trip to Boston. I'd do $65 shipped the cheapest way you can find, if you can motivate. If not, thanks anyways! -Lennon
  6. Awesome! I'm in South County, RI.
  7. I'd say they're similar in size...not that that matters if you watch the blackbirds harassing the osprey!
  8. Captured this on the Conanicut cam the other night...
  9. Lemme know if you change your mind!
  10. I mostly throw soft plastics. Just went to rummage through some gear, but it is pretty much like I thought. That said, I have a shop nearby I can hit! LMK
  11. I doubt I have anything interesting, but what are you looking for?
  12. Ran mine over by accident and it is barely hanging in there. This is the old style one with 8 tubes as pictured...