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  1. I'll take it. I use mine to hang hooks, would be nice to have a freshie for when I sell it.
  2. Where are you located?
  3. Should be...release date is supposed to be February. I talk to the Tsunami guys every year at the RISAA show and have communicated with JohnYaght extensively in the past through the messaging, here. I had a very early run Shield and he helped me through some issues. I am a big supporter since.
  4. I'm with you on both the bad memory and a vague recollection that the kit is included. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere before.
  5. Coffee, where are you? Find someone with a vs to try
  6. Here's one:
  7. agreed...i need a weight on the 4000
  8. Listen in on Joe O's videos...you can hear it snap like a thick aluminum Penn. He mentions how fat it is at some point. new video posted a couple hours ago...
  9. I can tell you that the reels will be different. I have a Shield 5000. I watched the Joe O video and the size in the 6000 is concurrent with the Tsunami sizing trend. There currently is no bailless kit for the 4000, that I know of. The bailless kit I run on my 5000 requires that I extend my finger further and higher, since the spool is narrower and taller (as is the carriage). My VS150 is more compact, and more squat, making it a good bit easier and more intuitive to manage the line. I freaking love my Shield and I have absolutely pounded it to death without it skipping a beat. BUT it is not the same reel and doesn't handle the same way. Just an FYI. There's a good chance I pick one up too, in the 4000 size. ALSO, asked Joe the weight on the 6000. He responded with 19.3 ounces, filled. That is a bit of a load.
  10. It was a special but one day only...I got a code in my email. expired now and I didn't pull the trigger... ?
  11. Plus the customer service is fantastic. They don't say things like "yes, there is a confirmed hitch in the retrieve at the top and bottom of the oscillation that we are aware of", and then pretty much say good luck with that on your $250 reel. TD has a 20% off coupon and that reel can be pre-ordered for pretty damn cheap right now: $279 for the 4k
  12. This is a killer DIPA!
  13. Payment sent for Ultegra. Thanks!
  14. PM coming...
  15. So do I have the Ultegra for $90? Getting confusing here! Can PayPal you asap.