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  1. Respectfully offer $175 without the line, shipped to 02879.
  2. I have this box of 54s and 59s still hanging around. Most of the top names I sold back in '01. Had near complete sets from 53-59. If you are interested, let me know and I will get you more details. Probably looking more for $$ than stuff, though. The 59s will grade mostly between 4 and 7. The 54s probably closer to 2-5, since my dad was 11 when he collected those! I'm in RI.
  3. Wha nawt. Bass and blues for me too. Get Gill in here...he's been hitting it hard.
  4. Great shape and well received! Thanks, and thanks to Tim and SOL!
  5. I gotta get these DAM pants on the line first...then I have to sell my own DAM reel!
  6. Ok. PM incoming.
  7. Respectfully offer $150 shipped to 02879, PP
  8. I bought this reel new some years back. It is a bit big for my tastes, but I used it in the surf, figuring I'd have some fancy German engineering to add to my palate of gear...lol It got wet one night and the bearings are not as smooth as when new. I may have packed the case with grease after, but it has been sitting for a few years and I just don't remember. Take a look at/listen to the video link WAY AT THE BOTTOM and you can hear the bearing noise some. Cosmetically the reel is in excellent condition. Anti-reverse is normal, and line roller rolls. Bail moves well and handle removes (tested it to be sure) to become left or right handed. Extra spool is included. This reel is fishable out of the box, just add line and go. I'll leave the mono on it for your backing. I think weight on the reel is 578g. $75 shipped PayPal. VID_20200505_110153~2.mp4
  9. Seems like I'm catching a 23-25 inch fish or two almost every day. Smalls and micros mixed in as well, of course. Probably catching at an average rate of two or three an hour, some days four an hour. Haven't had any high number days yet, but I'm standing on the same plot of sand, not on a wall or jetty, letting the fish come to me. I fish for around an hour a day, sometimes more, sometimes twice a day. Always out front as I am lucky to have easy access. Cocahoes on a slow retrieve, and when it gets rough, or I need a change, bucktails.
  10. Out front is consistent for me. All on cocahoes, but I haven't really thrown much else. Fish from 14"-23" so far...catching 1-5 fish per outing...outings are about an hour. Hands still suffering badly in the wind and cold. Only fishing one spot that I have easy access to. Standing on the beach the whole while. Yesterday for example, no fish at 6:30am-7:15am. 4 fish from 2:30pm-3:30pm. lol
  11. Thanks Cap'n. I think the police went down to Matunuck Monday and pulled surfers out of the water...not sure if it was because of parking or what, but there are none on the surfcam anymore.
  12. Yep...looooong hours of prep and tedious attention to clerical items, technical details, etc.
  13. I saw them too a few days ago when i was there. No fish (SB) at that outing, though. Look to the left for the eagle (s?)
  14. Fish will be out front soon, and I know I could use a fish topic laugh, while the last few fishless days of social distancing dwindle. Here's one of my old time favs:
  15. Woohoo!! Thanks for the update!!