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  1. That second one down is definitely a repaint (white and silver), and there was a strip of fabric tape that fell off of it.
  2. Awesome! Thanks!
  3. No bites on my large lot post, so how some ID help on these six?
  4. The wooden one at the bottom piques my interest most...Capt Tom Nantucket somethingorother... I'll post as a lot in the BST if I can get an idea. I know not all are vintage. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. I've got several posts out there declaiming the durability of mine. I won't disagree that the bail arm got a little soft after months of hard use, but I switch to bailless anyways. I pounded the hell out of that reel and it is the backup for my van stall which gets really, really wet.
  6. I'm around for the first half of the day tomorrow if you want to figure something out. Send me a p.m.
  7. I'm game for hashing out a deal...I go through a ton of equipment, so I'm sure we can figure something out.
  8. hahaha...That guy had more keepers by age 20 than you'll ever get. He is one of the most experienced and fishiest guys on this site.
  9. Careful if you're putting them in your box next to hard baits or even other soft baits... The rubber on the zman will interact with the paint and turn it to goo.
  10. I caught 5 fish 18"-22" and dropped two micros from a sandy beach yesterday between 5:45 and 6:45-ish. Steady retrieve, nothing fancy.
  11. Tim already chimed in on this. It's the site's policy not to post pictures of fish with distinguishable landmarks visible. I'm on board 150% with that, so let's be done with it and move on.
  12. Man that is the absolute truth. Sometimes I can't even share sensitive info within my own tight group because it travels so fast. I went dark about 2 years ago and now only text info/pics directly to my close sharps. Places pile up in a flash when word gets out on the interweb. It's the truth, WalkDa.
  13. Did you get a ballistic? Oh...I don't think the 4000 goes bailless.
  14. These are new takeoffs. Never used. Carbide tipped studs. $32 shipped. PayPal or MO. M 9.5-10/W 11.5-12 F-10