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  1. Just local intel
  2. Confirmed by NOAA and URI as a great white, snapped I think off if one of the walls. 15' I think... https://www.golocalprov.com/news/great-white-shark-sighting-confirmed-by-noaa-in-narragansett-photo The article also mentions a 3-4 foot juvenile GW caught in Warwick a couple of days ago...
  3. Can't believe no one has chimed in on the GW seen in 'Gansett yesterday!
  4. I recently had an experience on a soco beach that inspired some of the research and conversations that helped lead to this new "guidance". It was about a month ago. I had an interaction with a property manager who claimed it was illegal to fish on his beach and that he could show me the law. I called BS and said go ahead. He called the cops. They came down and said as long as you are not endangering anyone, it was fine. My feet were in the water the whole time. There was not a single person in the water, and it was around noon on a cloudy day. I had a long talk on the phone with the chief of police who also assured me that I was in the right, and that going forward they were not looking to make any arrests, but were obligated to respond to the calls, and would intervene as mediators and educators as to what is acceptable for both sides. I was impressed that he had done a lot of research of CRMC laws, and state laws, which by the way state that the only areas restricted from fishing are areas cordoned off by buoys specifically at state beaches. Anyways, I am keeping the specific details a bit vague, but it was a pretty intense situation and I don't want to further any bad blood on this topic. I did feel at the end of it all though, that the SK cops had my back and I was treated respectfully and considerately throughout. I have shared the whole story with a couple of members here, who I know in person.
  5. I think the 4000, which would be comparable to the 100 or 150, is in the 15 oz. range.
  6. https://www.providencejournal.com/news/20190802/south-kingstown-police-change-procedure-in-wake-of-controversial-beach-access-arrest
  7. Hey T, Thanks for clarifying. You met me at Breachway B & T. Good stuff. The new rods look promising, too! -Lennon
  8. Supposedly, according to the rep, that is in the works, too. Folsom owns Bimini Bay, which owns Tsunami, if I have it straight. Bimini Bay's site is the closest you will come to a "Tsunami" website, but it is pretty horrible.
  9. Great video Scoob, I talked with the Folsom Rep and posted a short video of what I saw here at SOL. He fished it pretty hard with several fish about up to 35 lbs, if I remember. It was hanging in there great. Have to say I squeezed the outside of the rotor and man was it stiff. If it holds up in the surf like expected, and like my Shield has, it's going to be a fantastic product.
  10. Or the plain but nice dock at worden's.. .
  11. As with all well used FI reels, my knob is degrading. If anyone has a spare, I'd like to buy one. Thanks
  12. Sellers were supposed to start charging it on their own a couple of years ago, but it didn't come together. If you look back, there was a disappointing/less than projected revenue from it in this state a couple years back because of this. I know I never charged for it when I was supposed to in the states that required it when I sold to people in them. My feeling was how the heck am I supposed to keep track of what states I am supposed to charge tax for?!
  13. I can be in. Gill and Gill Jr. are friends and I've missed a lot of time fishing with Gill this season because of an injury. I can bring bait, or beer, or whatever, if you'll have me. Would have to be a Friday through Monday for me to be able to go. -Lennon
  14. Penn has a surf combo Fierce 2 rod and reel for around $120. I think the 4000 comes on an 8' and the 5000 comes on a 9'. I believe there is a 10' option too.
  15. Ok. No promises, but let me know, unless you're sure and want to put a deposit down or something.