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  1. If you can come up to $135 to take away some of the sting of Medium Flat Rate shipping, you have a deal.
  2. This jacket is in excellent condition with only a few outings on it. The cuffs remain in near new condition. I am 5'8" and 185 lbs and it is pretty much a perfect fit for me, and I am usually a Large tee shirt size. $150 local cash sale in South County, RI.
  3. I was at Peacedale Mill, yesterday. You can park right off Columbia Street where Kingstown Rd intersects. You will be outside the north edge of Whalers brewery and can park where I put the "X". You can walk up and drop down the stone wall, and you will see the bottom of the fish ladder. Be careful the kids don't fall in. If there are herring, they will be in the pool below the ladder. The windows to Whalers will be behind you. Low-ish light or cloud cover is better because the afternoon sun/shadows will flash on the water, making it hard to look through. Polarized sunglasses can help. Or you can just go up Rt.1 to Gilbert Stuart and park in the dirt lot across from it and wander the path that's right there!
  4. Did they raze the nest themselves or did NRPS do it?
  5. Turkey Vulture, maybe?
  6. I have had a lot of success. I still bow and do the three mississippi count, but all I do is lift the tip gradually and she feels it and runs. If it's in her gut already, it comes out and usually hooks in the side of the mouth on the way up. You can still feel the eel flutter, etc. It's actually way easier than the "rip its face off" technique, and I bet with all the miscalculating with bait hooks, probably just as reliable and way less harmful. Since you're fighting the urge to set the hook right away anyways with bait hooks, you are doing the same thing, just never setting it. It's actually easier.
  7. Out of curiosity, was there a bluefish winner last year? I owe a plug, if so. Gork, good to meet you last year and maybe see you out there soon. Welcome at my spot, anytime! Count me in again, bass and bluefish. -Lennon
  8. AWESOME! Thanks Tim, iputmyhoursin, and SOL! The bag is great and I need it badly!
  9. I'm in...gotta find one pretty soon, but I can limp through the start of the season with what I have if I need to. The medium is the largest one they made in this bag, I think. I've committed to iputmyhoursin, but I'd buy both, at this point.
  10. No thanks, gotta be the medium. Thanks though.