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  1. P, you will find lookout about like A.I., should be lots of puppy drum, sea mullet, sm. Black drum, if lucky a big drum or 2, take a flea rake, some times all they will bit are fleas, fresh shrimp, some lead heads w/ gulps, shrimp flavored fishbits[most colors will work] , maybe some frozen mullet,and lots of bug spray. They do have a great back road to get south. Be careful of speed, use seatbelts, and remember they have an open container law in N..C.
  2. Gave me a estimate of $3,000 a couple years ago to replace my tub with a shower, read reports on Internet most were bad, decided not to do it.
  3. Missed out on the Oct8-15 trip due to the storm, will be going over to P.I.on Oct 18-28. Fishing should be great bill
  4. Deb, hope you can make. I know I can speak for the rest of the guys that we hope to see you. Billy g
  5. Longgone,we will be at P.I. in Oct 8-16, hope you can make it bill
  6. Wanted to add to the post that we still had a great time and can not wait for the spring cleanup. Any of you that go to P.I. need to belong to the club, clms, we have a great group people. And a great time at the cleanup.
  7. Carl and I went over to te island on the 9:00 ferry, used my old truck poup camper, went north as soon as we got set up. Met up with our buddys, Richard and Susi, at MM4 and started fishing, we caught a lot of small black drum,sea mullet,blues,and toads. Had nice weather for the next couple days and caught the same type fish, all small. Sunday was up early and caught a 26" puppy drum, rest of the day we caught a few keeper sea mullet, and toads, look like we were getting enough for a fish fry. Monday we moved to MM3, the weather turned windy and cold, fish turned off just like a light switch. Tuesday was much the same of Monday, Wednesday it rained and rained (the radio out of Morehead said we got 8" of rain, and .I believe it. Stuck in the cab of the truck all day, then finally moved back to the camper, it is really tight. Man did I really miss my big camper, got to get to work no it. Thursday the wind was blowing better than 40mph (radio again). Can not fish in that wind. Friday it rained again with lots of wind. Saturday it was back to MM4, finally got weather that we could clean our fish, but still not good enough for a fish fry. We caught a few more sm black drum, some good size sea mullet, and more toads, some under size flounder, and Susi caught a 18" flounder. Sunday we saw a friend, Burnie Davis wend up to MM3 and caught 16 nice size toads, go figure. Monday was back to showers and getting reaready to catch the 9:45 ferry on Tuesday. On the ferry back the mate (Kori) showed us a photo of Burnie with a 50+ inch drum he caught during the day Monday I guess at MM3. We were relieveed to get home, mainly because of the rear end off the truck,which we had to fix a leak in the front bearing, but also the bad weather.
  8. Coming off the beach to the showers for the ride home on the may/june trip we hit a small bump, when we got to the showers we found that our right rear jack had been broke off its mounting, had some rachet straps, racheted it back in place and got home, started looking under the covering a saw a lot of rot, looks like it came from the hot water heater. Just have not had time to fix it yet. Hope to gave it fixed by the Oct trip. The rot has gone even under the back of the under the door way of the camper.
  9. Just got back from 12 days on P.I., fished the clms labor day touny (Carl, my son won the largest sea mullet forv $150), had a great trip (even if we did have to use my old camper), caught lots of sea mullet,spot, sm blues, and pin fish, no red or black drum, mostly hot hot hot, glad for air conditioning, shrimp and fishbits bait of the day, hard to find any sand fleas, lots of tourons stuck in sand, mostly using 2whl drive cars. Looking forward to Oct 10th-17th for next trip bill
  10. Looks like Carl & I will be going over April 8 & coming off on the 20th (subect to change). Look for us, 2006 green ford f350/big camper w/Delaware tags. Bill Graham Will most likely going north
  11. I can remember going to Hatteras with my family back in the late 1940's and early 1950's, camping at the foot of the Lighthouse [it was at the point in those days] and seeing drum like those in the picture above stacked on the beach like cord wood, big,big drum. locals would come out and pick them up for drum stew. Have pictures somewhere, if not lost, hope I kin find them.
  12. Just getting caught up with the internet post, to let you know about the north end In Oct we were going north and almost to the entrance to the village on the north end, saw a truck and camper with the hood up, stopped and asked if he had a problem, he did, the transmission had boiled dry. I had some trans fluid [ford], we put 3 qts. in, did not make any difference [his wife had run all the way north in low gear [not low range]. He called the marina to get a wrecker. Later pulled him over the the posts so as the tide would not get him. He wanted to pay for our help, told him we all work together out here, just help someone else' To get to the point of this post I did ask him to call me and let me know to cost of the wrecker here it is wrecker to north end- $780.00 ferry for wrecker- $200.00 I guess he had the wrecker com. fix the transmission - Total $4100.00 + what ever the ferry cost for him Just thought this was interesting.
  13. We [Carl & myself] went over to P.I. on Wed Nov 5, had a great trip came home on Nov 15, most days where really very nice, shorts and t shirts Wed. After setting up the camper and showers we headed south, stopped only long enough to eat lunch then headed north, met up with an old friend at MM 5, had a nice hole and we caught fish [flounder,sea mullet,toads,blues, black drum, puppy drum, this was the way it was for almost the hole 10 days]. Thur. Went north all the way, could get there only at high tide, looks good, but decided not to fish there after looking for bait [there was none]. Talk to a few people up there [there was a lot of them] We headed back farther south. Fished at MM 5, nothing, wind picking up. Fri. Moved to MM10, met up with another group of friends, good day catching fish Sat. still at MM10- still catching fish Sun. Back to cabins for showers, then back to MM10- still catching fish Mon. Still at MM10- not catching many fish, just enough to keep from moving Tues. Still at MM10, Raining and windy, glad I have the big camper , lost day Wed. MM10- back to catching fish:D Thur. MM10- catching fish, still windy, then moving south to get ready to leave on 7:45 Ferry Fri. Up at 6:00, really windy and cold, again really windy and cold, did not think the ferry would be running [did not take any campers off Thur. as they were only running the Green Grass and it was so windy, using the Donz Lee for govt. work. But it did come and we got off on time. Over all of the 5 trips to P.I. this year the 1st of April and this trip where the beast,with the most caught fish.
  14. Good report Byron, one thing though,t the ferry times at Morris Marina are the leaving times from the marina - mostly 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm if they are running all day, mostly only Friday and Sat. in Oct and early Nov the leaving times on the P.I. are 45 minutes later than the leaving times at the marina .
  15. Good report, Mitch. Had a great time, Carl still talking about flounder gigging, also about Bump and Apple Pie. Really funny. Going back Wed 11/5. Hope to have a great report Bill