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  1. Yup, we’ve been fighting everyone’s wars since Bill Clinton in the ‘90’s. Screw that. None of our business. Eff em.
  2. funny to see people still too stupid to tie their own shoes ranting and hair-pulling about us being under water in a couple years. Didn't they see their Savior, "The One" bought a seaside mansion in whiteyville?
  3. I’m up in Chatham at present flogging the ocean to suds. Me and Patchy are going to hold a seance for her.....crystals an everything.
  4. let them fight it out to the last freaking believer. Not with one of our guys getting a hang-nail.
  5. Ya'll leave him alone, he ain't no-wayz tarred.
  6. yeah....kind of ironic isn't it? Entirely consistent with the mental illness that is liberalism.
  7. Cambodia didn't try hard enough to really implement socialism.
  8. toss a couple lie-plug gurgles in there. You'll get silver skid-mark to rise to the bait.
  9. chess, good spread on the umbrella rig. Trolled up three midgets. open the spread a bit and see if you can get any keepers.
  10. Classic “racist” response. Pure Dude. Thanks, you are pretty predictable.
  11. well, *derp*, ya see dis here....dem democrats dun flipped to dat 'pubbican overnight...like majik an stuff......*derp*. dose pubbicans be racis so weze noes dey cantz bee demucrtz. It bee clear in da buuks. you peeple is stoopid and eve-thang for not no-ing dis. you peeple idiitz. HA!!! HA!!! Iz smart..... *derp*
  12. It’s nuts that we still have idiots so ignorant that they reflexively peddle that southern strategy crap. That’s a pretty high level of the “stoopid.”
  13. I find it hard to believe there’s idiots out there who still believe this stuff...... and then along stumbles frank.
  14. you fell for that old canard...?? You're not very bright are you?
  15. I see the idiots fell for the whole "Impeach Kavanaugh" fake news.....again. Just like the sun coming up in the morning.
  16. This is why we can’t have nice things, Buncha animal-husbandry studying fools.
  17. hey "moran," the 33K that she deleted, nor the classified one's were in that exhibit. Please try to keep up.
  18. it's fitting. Remember, all she did was to pay 15K to have a proctor review/change her kid's SAT scores. She was fined twice that, 250 hours of community service, two weeks in jail, a year of probation, and now is convicted felon. The other chick, aunt-spooge-face or whatever her name is, is the one going to rot in jail: paid 500K to get her idiot spawn into a semi-ivy league. She's looking at some serious penalties.
  19. K, I'll just drop this here and leave it. The Russians basically DID slaughter everyone. Still couldn't get it done. They dropped mines disguised as toys to blow kids up; they dropped poisoned rations; they poisoned water-sources; they did scorched-earth. Buddy of mine (actually, an old teammate), was fighting with the Muj and got caught in a Russian attack on the outpost he was in. Pretty interesting story. Russians are some savage bastards. The military will NEVER attack the people. Simply won't happen. Zack, I spent 36 years in and can state that it just won't happen. The problem will occur when the orders for confiscation occur. The cops going door-to-door and having about one out of every thousand gun-owners answer the door knock with a shotgun will end that crap. That **** will stop fast, quick, and in a hurry.
  20. how'd you jig him up? Bucktail? rancid bait? freebies?
  21. what kind of horrid beta could live like that??
  22. KAG!

    “Wise latina” freaking idiots.
  23. "s*itholies, homosexuals and franks" That's awesome!!!!