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  1. yup - please leave that mentally ill skank off the pages of this august honorarium.
  2. they are purging down to the O-5 level now. It's crazy.
  3. wait for the chart......
  4. wait...Red's a dude..????
  5. I'd slap the accent out of the little ginger tosser.
  6. Nope - disagree. After reading his vitriolic, traitorous post, I'm thinking he's a minimally-intelligent Muj. In a world of simpletons, he's an idiot.
  7. and with this idiotic statement, you just made the list.
  8. not my take on reading the article. You may want to go re-read it. He obsesses over details to the point where he is in vapor lock; can't make decisions; gets angry and lashes out. Typical Alzheimers/dementia.
  9. man, he looks just exactly like our Gus!!!
  10. Yup - me too. No illusions with this dementia-addled, bowl of oatmeal. The "I get pudding on Thursday" president. But hey...no more mean tweets.
  11. Dude's back!! Welcome. Hey, your boy crashed the economy, our energy independence, world chaos, and further divided the Country. All in 100 days!! Pretty good work. Did you think he'd screw it all up so fast?
  12. Nope - the Muj always build Mosques on Churches or Temples they conquer. It's a Muj "in your face" thing.
  13. nope - we can't get these idiots to pick a freaking gender for God's sake. Pick up a weapon and man the wall...??? Oh hell no, they might break a nail. Like the paste-eating kind who talks tough behind the keyboard, they'd discover the right to remain silent if they ever had to spew that crap to someone's face.
  14. Dave - that idiot still thinks we're a democracy, despite having his butt handed to him years ago on this very topic. He's not too smart.