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  1. Vote for me because I’m gay. Yeah, that’ll work,
  2. it's even worse off today than when we were bombing. Go figure....
  3. Like I said, I'd argue with them but they'd choke me out in a couple seconds flat. wouldn't be much of an argument....
  4. agree. Having rolled with some pro MMA cats, I don't give them crap either. Call it a choke/strangle/whatever, if you're fighting the cops and crying about not being able to breathe, you're breathing. How about just comply and live?
  5. I'd argue with them but I'd be choked out in about 5 seconds.
  6. No, you misunderstand....I'm talking to the tough nazi-puncher who thinks he can just slap cuffs on a non-compliant 400 pound suspect without hurting him. I'll volunteer as a guinea pig. Guarantee the cuffs ain't going on as easy as some think.
  7. a choke hold cuts off air; a strangle cuts off blood flow. He was NOT being choked as he could still talk and breath. He was not being strangled as he was still conscious. Whether or not it was an approved restraint is irrelevant as it did NOT cause this fat phucs death. He was NOT brought up on charges, civil or criminal. He was NOT brought up on a 1983 (civil rights) action. The cops cut and ran when they should support the officer. Cowards.
  8. For the experts in here, I'll volunteer to allow you to try to cuff me with me NOT complying. I guarantee you at some point you're going to have to put a beat-down on me if you want those cuffs on. Guaran-damned-tee it. and....I'm not 400 pounds.
  9. simply go read Eric Holder's DOJ report on the incident. They tried every way to hem up Wilson. Even Eric Holder gave him a clean bill of health. Brown was an attacking, murderous thug who got what he deserved.
  10. Andrew Yang: "No more circumcision."
  11. Pretty much lore up on the Cape. As in nobody questions it.
  12. You have neighbors that still speak to you.......?
  13. Good question. My method of procurement most likely left no record.
  14. check the Coast Guard. IIRC, EPIRB's post 2008-ish completely changed (frequency/data transfer protocol/etc). But...I simply can't remember.
  15. My M-4 clone is an "anti-assault" weapon, defensive purposed only. You don't want me to have it. I will not let you take it. Your move.