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  1. he's mad as a hatter. Nutter. complete TDS.
  2. they don't much like blacks either.
  3. No, that's not really accurate. The Supremes refuse to hear cases for a number of reasons: not a justiciable issue (in their opinion); not yet "ripe" for Constitutional interpretation; the province of the legislature; political issues; stare decisis; etc..... the 9th IS - in fact - the most overturned circuit in the Country. Comprised mostly of the looney-left, the 9th bases many of its decisions not in the law or precedent under Consitutional interpretations, but on social justice and the regressive view of "fairness" (equity).
  4. Ok - I stopped reading after page three. Frank started a thread railing against someone who constantly brings up homosexuality. In those same three pages Frank States/claims/infers his heterosexuality 7 times (Yes, I counted). Frank, you projecting? I mean...you WERE in the Air Force and all....
  5. Insane aren’t they? Star raving mad, the lot of them.
  6. "Im-pee fo-five...im-pee, fo five!!!" rinse, repeat.
  7. wow....just: wow. just what is the color of the sky in your world?
  8. "Tell Vlad, that after the election, I'll have more flexibility...."
  9. and the 30K wedding gown the Haitian relief fund bought Chelsea.
  10. concur. The first month is a bit hard. Once you transition, it is incredibly easy. I like the health benefits most of all. I also do IF (intermittent fasting); I don't eat breakfast. So, I stop eating at around 7:30 PM and don't eat again until after my noon work-out the next day. So, I am going roughly 18 hours between the meals and I am working out towards the end of the fast. I have plenty of energy and am not tired as I am running off of fats and not glycogen. Check it out. it is a high anti-carcinogenic way of eating as well since cancer feeds off sugars. If I had to stick myself with needles all day just to survive, I'd definitely at least try it.
  11. Not taking it as you being I dick. I've been eating Keto for almost two years now. No carbs, no sugars. 11% body fat; great blood pressure; don't get hungry; lots of energy. Try it - this is YOUR life we're talking about. if you like the needles and losing limbs and eyesight, by all means...continue to eat carbs.
  12. and when you think the idiocy can't get worse; Frank steps in and says: "hold my beer."
  13. why not cut out ALL carbs and sugars? (I'm serious) Just cut them all out? This is your health you are talking bout.
  14. well played!!! I wonder if Team Genius will get the nuance.
  15. it's learned behavior. Go to college and study victimhood. Graduate and either go look for victims, or create them. Simple rules that even the rubes can follow. It's pretty profitable for those with no skills. Look at all the millionaires in Congress.