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  1. freaking post of the year so far. !!!! "awesome"
  2. yup - idiots just can't leave these "morans" alone. Like moths to a flame.
  3. you seen the pictures of that idiot in the cow suit? This guy may be dumber than AOC.
  4. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Just hood rats ratten.
  5. don't count on it. He still has a full-blown case of "the dem." Scary and oft fatal.
  6. problem is, he never said that. You know EXACTLY what he meant and the entire thing was taken out of context. Anything to say about the topic or just another B...B...But Trump?
  7. in fairness, they had the jews of the NYT covering for them and refusing to report on it. Same as today.
  8. yup - that and the fact that they are surrounded by Islamic savages who have attacked them relentlessly in the past and continuously scream to push them into the sea. Kind of clarifies matters a bit.
  9. Yeah, but I lived in Egypt (Sinai peninsula) doing the MFO mission for six months. traveled extensively all throughout Israel and Egypt. The Israeli Jews are a different animal than the sycophantic, weak-kneed, bed-wetting, poodle-walkers here in the States. There, they actually believe in fighting for their freedom; they are pretty tough and don't put up with BS from non-producers. it's a very interesting dichotomy.
  10. I can't wrap my head around the support Jews give to regressives. One would think once in the ovens was enough for them.
  11. absolute skate-board riding moonbat.
  12. You know why divorce is so expensive...???? it's worth it.
  13. Like I always say - if they quit fabricating data; putting sensors behind HVAC units; ocean boys in known hot spots; and outright lying about studies, I am open to the concept. Until then, the hysterics amongst the windshield lickers of mother-gia are proving to be entertaining. We've been keeping records for a little over hundred years. A cold winter or a warm summer and flagellants start beating themselves bloody.