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  1. True, but having home-schooled my kids for a while, I know that it isn't as easy as you make it. And yes....I was "itinerant." We were full-timing it in a RV, traveling the country and home schooling. Still not as easy as you think.
  2. Home schooling is heavily regulated so - dependent upon where you are located - there very-well may be no option for home schooling. and yes, every law, every SINGLE law....is ultimately enforced at the point of a gun. To say otherwise is seriously disingenuous.
  3. you can keep parroting your DNC talking points....doesn't make them any more true than the first time you stated them. You guys are just racist bigots. Through and through. Own it like a man.
  4. In the universe of stupid that is frank, this is quite possibly the stupidest thing he's ever said.
  5. Nope - you either buy into the system or you don't. Law schools ARE the system...if you let them pick and choose what laws...what system...what "Amendments" they will defend, you have anarchy. That is NOT the mission of law school. This deans actions exposed the hypocrisy of the Harvard snowflakes. You don't have to like the guy or even believe in his innocence. You HAVE to apply the rule of law against his actions and allow him Constitutional protections. There is no other way.
  6. Kind of looks like Frank.
  7. Dude - you freaking broke the internet with this one. How'd you get ahold of his home movies?
  8. OH....this will be rich. Please elaborate....please.
  9. Massive problems with this case: the prosecutors engaged in prosecutorial misconduct; and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) applied the wrong legal standard in review. HUGE issues for our troops going forward.
  10. Just ask Frank how he felt. I'm sure he'll be truthful.....
  11. You used Dipchit and Connecticut in the same sentence. Why the redundancy?