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  1. Holy ****!!! That's effing dangerous right there!!! They'll eff that cat's leg up with the ****. Who thinks of this ****? If this is what we will face, it won't be much of a contest.
  2. yeah, you should go read how he explained it to his mom. "You see I was running away..." pure gold.
  3. this dude actually caught a tear gas round in the eye. He lost the eye. Too effing bad.
  4. In diving cold/extreme conditions, we used 'BUNNY SUITS" under the dry suits. a bit of bulk, but stayed warm, especially when dragging a rucksack.
  5. "Well, the cops acted stupidly."
  6. FWW - a relative? Hook him with som proper fire power!!
  7. same today Char. The 82d has a DRB (Division Ready Brigade) for overseas contingencies; and there is a brigade tasked for that conus in regular Division(s). There is usually a Battalion on RTD "ready to deploy" status. They rotate the requirement due to the "horse-blanket" of our forces at present. I didn't read this whole thread due to the side-tracking, but watch tonight. Things are happening.
  8. Hell, burning Newark would be an improvement.
  9. Dam...., Hugs Man. That's all I can say....
  10. In fairness Gami, it takes a lot of effort to get out of mom's basement to go down and actually vote. And no one is even offering to pay them...!!!! No wonder lefties don't participate. But they DO like to bitch about it.
  11. This was downtown Fayetteville, NC on Hay Street. What they were burning was the historic slave market. Democrats literally used this platform to auction off claves up to about....., what?....a few years back?
  12. I believe they were all Colt.
  13. Dam!! Before I die, I want to party with them!! That's professional0level partying right there.
  14. It's hard to intelligently discuss issues with folks that are willingly ignorant.