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  1. mass shooters are overwhelmingly people of color - usually black folk. Look up the definition of "mass shooter" and then look at Detroit, Chicago, NYC, et al. The media doesn't cover that as it doesn't fit the narrative. But almost exclusively within the realm of black folk.
  2. This is the challenge for real leadership in crisis situations. You are downrange monitoring different nets (local Tac/command/fires/SAR/etc) and something happens. There is an impulse to get on the net and start "reporting" to higher. The calmer and more professional warriors will get the facts, free from emotion, and deliver an accurate report as to the situation and what is needed: artillery, casevac, CAS, etc. Get someone on the net screaming about something going on and you can guarantee it is riddled with errors due to emotion and lack of critical thinking and analysis; they are under the stress of the event. You can almost assess the validity of the report in the shrillness (or lack of) in their voice.
  3. This was before his Seal epithet. He was Capper. Capper posted some awesome pics of women. Unfortunately some of them were "rather young." One thing led to another and he got the boot. Came back later on as a different name: Seal. This all came out and and an interesting discussion ensued. BTW, I just did a cursory search and please don't expect an apology anytime soon. Looks like I was 100% spot-on. Went back to a 2010 string where you pretty-much admitted putting some very young girls in here. So...Did the Police ball you up in some illicit picture scheme with young girls? Is that the reason for all the hate?
  4. OK. Like I said, when my GAS-meter isn't flat, I'll poke around a bit. Pretty sure my recall is accurate here though..... If not, public apology to you.
  5. Yup. That's what I had. Did you NOT have a discussion with Tim about some "problematic" pictures of young girls? Repeatedly?
  6. K. I will personally issue you a public apology if I am wrong. I recall it differently, but someone will remember, or I'll remember it when I find my GAS-meter isn't flat. I think I know the name but I want to ensure I recall it correctly. And...BTW, I pretty much recall the incidents with Tim as I found it amusing you'd continue to push that crap after he asked you to please stop.
  7. K. Then you have nothing to worry about. Are you saying you weren't posting previously under a different name and were kicked off due to inappropriate pics of young girls...???
  8. got his previous name on the tip of my tongue. There was even a huge kerfuffle about letting him back in and Tim said so long as he leaves out his previous perviness, it'd be OK. Someone will come up with it....
  9. The German's were bled of their warrior class. They are now a Nation of simps - skinny-jean wearing, poodle-walkers, sipping latte's and looking for the latest hair product.
  10. Don't forget his previous persona here and his getting the boot for posting pre-pubescent girls. I suspect his hatred of cops has a LOT to do with his fascination for little kids.
  11. First reports are always wrong. Always.
  12. Beautiful!!
  13. It’s just completely wrong. Not so much controversial as simply wrong.
  14. “He” stirred things up…..? Are you even remotely familiar with the events of the night ?
  15. If true, this is sad. The current TTP for a mass shooter is for the first armed responder to enter and engage. It makes the shooter defend himself and keeps his attention from the kids. You keep pressuring him until you achieve dominance.