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  1. Another keeper in the upper bay from a boat! What nerve!
  2. That looks terrible. Bacon ruins everything....said no one ever...
  3. We had quite a few baits bitten in half by blues Sunday.
  4. Had some luck Sunday morning. My brother got a small keeper.
  5. From the album Any good reports?

  6. I know a few people that have much more luck fishing from shore than in a boat fwiw
  7. I'm not don't worry. I don't catch fish anyway but when when I do it will be on a boat!
  8. Derek Jeter loving mother ****er
  9. Fish is a fish. Quit your whinin.
  10. Love Kettle One also
  11. Goose
  12. Coordinates for's like battleship
  13. What shoreline might that be ....?
  14. I assure you the few times I've been out I have done nothing to hurt the fish population...not by choice of course
  15. I need to pick my days better. I get so damn excited to go out I can't make it past Saturday and get crap weather. Should have waited till today. I probably could have canoed to block island. Married with a newborn problems.