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  2. I fished the 350gr last fall for Muskie in northern WI. No problems.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I just found a Sage 508 NIB that I am going to try. They were made by Hardy I think in the 70's, like the bronze anodized.
  4. I have been chasing trout and steelhead around the country for 38yrs. About 5 years ago I started to play around with styles of Euro nymphing. Just a few things I learned. Ditch the bobber, for long line nymphing grease your sighter with floatant. Tightline when you can. Cast up, across when possible. Fish close, you will be surprised. Jig hooks= easier hook sets. Ditch split shot, tie flies of different weight to match flow and depth. Have as little fly line on the water as possible, longer rods make this easier. Just because the fly does not look like anything in the stream does not mean fish will not eat it. Hooks get dull when bouncing off rocks, sharpen or change flies. If you never get hung on the bottom, you are fishing to light. Learn from competitive anglers, you may not agree with what they do but, you can learn something from everyone. If you are having fun, you do doing it 95% right.
  5. Looking at buying a new traditional “click and pawl” drag reel for a steelhead trip. I found this reel on Leland Website. Anyone tried these, first hand reports I like better than any online reviews. Thanks, Mark