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  1. Thank you kclo Thank you SOL. Mike
  2. Ok deal, I am on Long Island. I can venmo you right now, let me know what the shipping is, thank you. .Mike
  3. I'll take it. Let me know how you will ship please. I have Paypal, Venmo and zelle. Thank you. Mike
  4. Fluke belly and RIBBONS, dont forget the ribbons
  5. The chicken rig is in fact used in the deep. I fish Moriches, Montauk and Nantucket all season for fluke. In Moriches and to some extent outside its relatively small water, inside 3-16 feet outisde where I hunt its up to maybe 70 feet, I will use 1/4 and 3/8 oz jigs inside, and 1-3 oz outside. In hte deeper water a chicken rig outfishes other rigs, and they do so even more so off Montuak and In Nantucket. I make custom jigs and teasers (poison tails). Its my favorite way to catch. You would be hard pressed to find any charter boat in Mtk or up on hte Cape not using chicken rigs. Here is a favorite combo for me, its one of my ball jigs that would go on the bottom, and one of my poison tail teasers ona dropper loop 16 inches above the ball jig. In heavy current and especially up off nantucket, most will fish a larger bottom ball jig and use 2 droppers each with its own poison tail, one 15 inches above the ball jig, the other 15 inches above that.
  6. Here is the hand out from that seminar I put together for Bill. He taught me about those sand flea bites back in the late 90's. You wouldn't believe it until you have witnessed it.. Forgotten Baits.docx
  7. Well, I make 19 sizes and have 31 colors, but that is mostly due to customers wanting the latest Gulp colors...I fluke fish heavily in Montauk and nantucket and I personally have about 6-10 must have colors which are all condition and bait dependent. So yes, color matters about as much as plug colors do for bass. As a side, I always have Pink shine(pink and white) and Pink glow, then there are the Fire tiger and Chartruesse green for that different look in stained waters..
  8. *
  9. If you are fishing in the daytime, I would suggest "stealthily" creeping into the back bay flats, staying in like 6+ feet of water casting shallow and working back to the boat. The shallows in the western sound are dark mud flats full of mussels/clams/worms, they warm faster and first and are a natural buffet in the early parts of spring. Keep your offerings small and slow, paddle tail rubber baits, 4-6 inch redfins. Water clarity is key here so if its blowing N-NW and its stained/muddy, fish chartruesse or Flo orange colors. You should score with schoolies and bigger, REMEMBER- keep your ears open and in tune for tell tale slaps, this moon brought in the bunker en massse. Make note where you heard/saw these slaps and bunker schools, go back at night and fish the same exact water with BIG surface swimmers, forget the mindset of schoolie fishing. Outside all the western bays are very very deep water, I've had mutiple bass nights every year with sizes from 15-42 lbs in March at night when I caught schoolies all day. Today the numbers are and will be different, but those large still lurk at night RIGHT NOW in the western sound bays, and trust me they are around. Then just wait for rd. 2 when the Hudson post spawn large show up in a few weeks..... Good luck! ML
  10. Hi bud!! Yes, very intriguing. I don’t get the brass slide...
  11. A co-worker of mine brought this to me, it’s been in his family for 40+ years and has no real knowledge where it’s from or even what it is. It’s made of a really hard wood, looks hand carved but has no identity markings. It has (pictured) a apparently brass slide in the bottom that has the number 18 stamped into it. This slides out about an inch but we can’t figure out what it’s for. The wire “wraps” around the nose of this appears to be soldered forming two loops. Overal this “plug” is about 5 inches long and ila out an inch thick. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!! mike
  12. He will not be back until the start of next season, he had reconstructive acl surgery and meniscus repair. Its said for him to take about 11 months recovery, surgery was 10/30.
  13. Joey Lamonica is one other I would very highly recommend. *
  14. It was just announced that President Trump has been admitted to Walter Reid Hospital