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  1. Okay sounds like a plan. I’ll pm you my number to text me the pick up
  2. Okay thank you and id like to respectfully offer 250 because of its I’d want to replace the guides on it. If your interested in that I can pick it up this week. Thank you again
  3. Delete
  4. How much are you looking for? And any info on builder year etc thank you. Very interested
  5. Looking to buy a used or new 1321m rod, located on Long Island.
  6. I have a st croix LTIS76MF. 7’-6” 3/8-3/4 legend tournament. Great shape used a few times to target albies.
  7. Willing to meet at the bridge port ferry?
  8. Looking for a 1 piece 11’ lamiglas rod. Let’s see what’s up for sale. Thanks
  9. Still for sale?
  10. I have a new vsx black. Depending on the condition of yours maybe we can work something out. I’m in suffolk county also
  11. I used a 8-32 Helicoil kit, I ground down the drill bit to create a bottoming bit and then did the same with the tap. I used marine 5200 to seal the reel stem to the body and then used some loctite for the screws. Don’t plan on taking that reel stem off again....hopefully. Caught a few fish in the 30-35” range on it since i repaired it and it seems to be holding up. Thanks again for all the reply’s on ideas of what to do.
  12. Respectfully offer 475. Also on Long Island can pick it up now
  13. I’ll look into that. My dad recommended the same fix with the heli coil so I’ll prob end up going that route
  14. I have a vs250g I purchased used for a year and the reel foot screw stripped out and now is flopping around. It’s the 2 screw reel foot. Any help is appreciated. Was thinking about tapping the hole in the foot to the next size up but not sure if I should get that far into it before checking to see if anyone has the part and is willing to part with it. I’d prefer to find a gold foot but at this point I’ll take any color. Thanks again. Located on Long Island and willing to pick up.