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  1. Thank you for the info everyone. I appreciate it
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows what these are. I inherited them.
  3. I have a used vs200s I picked up when I purchased a rod, was told that the reel was serviced in 2019 by saltwater tackle. I used it a few times to make sure it was mechanically sound. It’s spooled with new 30 pound slick. It has scratches and Marks. I’d like to trade for a Vs 275. Color doesn’t matter. Vs or vsx doesn’t matter either. Located In blue point ny 11715. Will sell if someone is interested in it and doesn’t have one to trade. Comes with everything in picture.
  4. Still for sale. Located in blue point
  5. Still available?
  6. I have a used vs200s spooled with brand new 30lb slick. Had it as a back up reel but thinning out. I bought it the beginning of this year and was told it was serviced by salt water tackle in Babylon last year. 2019. I’d says it’s 8/10 cosmetic. 10/10 performance. Looking to get 675 plus 13$ for priority shipping usps.
  7. Still have the green jointed metal lip?
  8. Thank you very much I appreciate the info. Picked up the lot for 40$
  9. Picked these up today at a local thrift store. I believe the needle is a block island green possibly? Not sure what the other plugs are. Any info is appreciated.
  10. Centerport Long Island 6/10/20
  11. Okay so a 1321m is good for heavier up to what weight? Looks like it’s time for 2 set ups
  12. Great thanks for the info. I appreciate it will check into the 1201l
  13. Just picked up my first vs200 looking to buy a rod for it and wondering everyone’s advice for what size rod to use. I was looking into a gsb 10’ or 11’ 1-3oz. I mainly fish jetties with 2-3oz buck tails and off the beach on south shore Long Island with a17-a27 diamond jigs and 3/4-2oz bucktails, sp minnows often also. I see a lot of people using odm but I haven’t used one. Always owned lamiglas. What’s everyone’s take on odm vs lamiglas? Trying to budget 500$ or less on a new rod. Thanks for your time and input.
  14. Looking to purchase a vs200 black or gold. No silver please. Located on Long Island south shore. Thanks for your time.