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  1. Deleted comment
  2. Respectfully offer 50$ shipped. Thank you
  3. Respectfully offer 40 shipped for gold vs foot
  4. Whoever buys it the forks are on backwards. Spin it around 180 degrees and it will ride much better. Glws!
  5. I just picked up a 3 rod maybe a week ago from rac a rod. Send him and email he had some sitting on the shelf that weren’t spoken for
  6. Looking to purchase a 2 stroke Yamaha 25hp short shaft tiller motor. Located on south shore Long Island
  7. Looking for a good condition honey fiberglass conventional and spinning rod. Conventional must be 7 or 8 foot and able to handle up to around 10oz. I think the blanks were 1143. A little more or less is okay. Spinning I’ll take whatever is out there around 7 foot. Located on south shore Long Island. Thank you.
  8. Just had my pinion and main gear replaced and same issue. Feels rough I tried shimming the main gear but nothing made it any better. Did your eventually get less rough on its own or did you use at of these methods?
  9. When was the last time it was serviced?
  10. I Purchased a gold vs250 that was locked up. Tried the tapping trick with no avail, cut the side cover off and looking for a replacement. Would be nice to find a gold one but any color will do. Main gear has 3 or 4 bent teeth so I filed them but figured might as well replace the main gear. The traverse gear is shot, bent to hell so looking for that also. Located central Long Island but willing to travel or pay shipping. Thanks in advance.
  11. Can you send info on the reel? If he isn’t interested I would be
  12. Looking to see if anyone has a vs275 spool for sale before I go purchase one in a shop. Color doesn’t matter. Located suffolk county LI. Thanks