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    Retired USAF, living in Florida I'm a die hard Florida pier fisherman.
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    Pier fishing, learning new knots, helping others, reading the bible.
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    Fish and read the bible.

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  1. curious, i would like to know the length from middle of reel seat to butt end. thank you
  2. Owned every generation of VS reels... VS: I regret selling my Gold VS 250...was the smoothest one if you can believe that. I regret selling my Gold VSB 200...both those reels the drag just seem to work for me...i really had no issue with line lay either. VSX: welcomed the improvements, drag clicker did it for me...i am a fan of the cup style rotor for the bailess reels. VS X2: Again, i welcome any improvements to the reel making it more solid...love the new drag knob. i do not like the bailess reels. i bought a bailed VSB 150 X2 because i think the bailed reel benefited the most from the previous version VSX reel not so much the bailess. My new 150 seems to be smoother than my previous VSX 150, both were bailed reels. I would not buy an X2 250, I prefer the cup style VSX.
  3. I put my truck money in a 12 month CD for 12 months…by that time price will be lower for the truck I want and interest rates will hopefully have come down too…if you can wait a little…that might be in your favor to save some cash
  4. Good thread...i just purchased a X2 BAILED 150...going to see it this is vsx2-50-Bailed problem or all x2 bailed reels. i'll be watching my line now thanks to this thread
  5. $115 shipped to your door...comes with Yellow Suffix 832 braid over 300 yards at 40lb test in Like New condition.
  6. Eric, did i do my research correctly...this new 2024 Certate only available in reels sizes up to 5000? I'm looking for an 8000. Cheers C
  7. what year is this reel? and 1-10 on mechanical/cosmetic condition, please...thank you
  8. Reel received...PERFECT! Thank you TimS and SOL Team. locking thread
  9. yes sir...that's reasonable...I'll take it...Paypal sound good? I'll PM you my info and you send me your Paypal info.
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