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    Retired USAF, living in Florida I'm a die hard Florida pier fisherman.
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    Pier fishing, learning new knots, helping others, reading the bible.
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    Fish and read the bible.

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  1. Going to list elsewhere...thank you SOL
  2. Bump# 3 $770 shipped to your door
  3. Rare hard to find US version PG model 4:9 gear ratio, used less than 5 times and serviced by Shimano when bought NIB...this is a prom queen reel that I kept in amazing condition. it has been spooled with 375-400 Jerry Brown solid white braid 40lb test...braid is worth over 100 alone. comes with box and papers... $820 PayPal ...shipped to your door
  4. Bump
  5. Yes indeed...fished there caught mangrove snappers...lost two big reds...caught undersized Snook...fishermen were catching them left and right...worse thing about inlet area is the mosquitoes
  6. Bump...
  7. Sending pm
  8. Similar post to a recent WTB cigar minnow post...been looking for them too...
  9. cweed, i am confused as to your PM to me which stated "Not sure if your still interested but $110 shipped to your door. If yes than we can carry this to the forum" can you explain this post and the item you are selling??? As you know I did not respond to the PM because it's against the rules to do a deal via PM...I just am curious about what just happened here...maybe the moderators are curious too?
  10. Offer 110 shipped to my door?
  11. Do you have box paperwork? Interested
  12. Going to east side of Florida...any recommendations on which pier to fish near West Melbourne/Cocoa Beach Florida Thanks charlie