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  1. Wish everyone well . Just peaking in . Joined SOL in 2000 . A lot of water under the bridge since then . Made lot's of friends and lost some good ones . Be going to Cuttyhunk 1st weekend in June a trip that started here in DT with same Trolls every year. I believe they have other weeks opening up if any interest. House holds 21 and we always fill it . They take smaller groups too .
  2. Oh .. phone works . Just my computer I guess
  3. Tagger here . Wouldn't let me login with my new email address. Said name was taken lol
  4. Mike Fixter makes darters ?
  5. Anniversary coming up . 10 yrs. You guys held it together . Congrats .
  6. Bail in the canal ,,, bailess everywhere else .. Tend to hang fish on your finger in the canal trying to get on roller .. Everywhere else never lose a plug .. Unless you wrap the tip .
  7. I messaged you Chuck .. Almost Ditch Demons ... http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/166126-new-canal-gang/?hl=%20ditch%20%20troll%20%20name
  8. Favorite color that is always with me and I bring back up .. Caught my first fish at Montauk on this and many more since on BI and Cutty ..
  9. Rest in Peace Stan .
  10. Anyone who's ever dared to explore past 4/4 time knows who Frank Zappa is . He had 100 albums and a huge fan base even though he was rarely played on the radio even FM . That's ok . It's not your fault if you don't like Zappa . 4/4 time other wise known as common time is what your heart beats , easy to tap your feet to , hence refereed to as the common person's time . You may even be able to digest a waltz 3/4 time . When you start drifting into jazz 5/8 , 7/8 time , now things start getting uncomfortable and not as easy to tap your toes to and may start losing people . Enter Zappa . 13/4 ,,, 9/4 ,,, 5/4 .. how about different members of the band playing in different times at once . Takes concentration . Now start adding weird triad cords . Zappa band members had to be the best players and sight readers with great memorization skills because the music was very complicated but no music stands were allowed on stage . Frank was Anti - Drug ,, Very politically minded and you can see youtubes of him tearing political minds of the day to shreds . Some of the last work he did was classical music The Yellow Shark which got him a 30 minute standing ovation in Europe where he was more popular . My favorite Zappa album is "One Size Fits All " albums I suggest are "Apostrophe" , " Roxy and Elsewhere" " Over Night Sensation" ,, More jazz or brass minded ,, Waka/jawaka , Zoots Allures , Chunga's Revenge, Grand Wazoo . As far as lyrics go, Frank really didn't like them but he wrote them because his audience did and they can be campy and clever to say the least . Frank wrote all his music out , One song a drum solo written for drummer Terry Bozzio had so many notes on the page it was named " The Black Page" . A very difficult piece of Drum music synced with other instruments . Frank was 1st a Composer, second a musician . Every spare moment he would wright dots on paper as fast as he could . It's not for everyone ,, but those who really know music . Must tip their hat to a great American Composer Frank Zappa
  11. Hey Mike .. I know a fisher that caught a 37 # + bass a week ago . I asked him what he got it on and he replied ." Skitter Pop " .. He loves the lures and fishes them mostly out of the boat but this day he threw one in the canal .. Just had to let you know, there is at least one other fan of that lure . , Just had to drop by and let you know ..
  12. Mace $12 over the counter no ID needed ,,
  13. Tunnel is the answer ,, Remember the tubes that were floated in place ,sunk and connected together to form the tunnel from Southy to Logan . That project seemed to go fast and haven't heard any problems with that one ,, and ,, No Rotary's , straight shot . no painting every other year .
  14. Edzo .. was thinking of you a while back .. caught a couple of 30 # and a guy jumped in on my right and cast and got on .. ( light tackle ) both myself and the guy that jumped in on my left had to stop fishing while the guy played a 20# fish in . By the time he got it in the bite was near over .. You took a lot of heat on that thread .. You were right . Who is the inconsiderate fisherman when you show up and fish the canal with light tackle ? . Staying with thread .. Stay away from the "red eye" 3rd generation magic swimmer knock off .. They crack and fill with water .