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  1. That yellow bottle darter in made by Larry Welcome. Owner of Sporting Wood and North Bar fishing lures . Sporting Wood makes one of my favorite darters .
  2. I do forget some things.. Who made the frogs ? I believe he was from Canada . And the guy who painted the sun set on the Nike . Was it Killie ?
  3. That Jigman spook caught a ton of fish literally. Went through 3 sets of hooks and rewired once . One day I snapped it off . Heart broken it was my favorite plug . Days later Mac was fishing the same area and saw a little kid walking with his dad with the beat up plug in his hand . Mac knew I had lost it and offered the kid a brand new Mac plug in trade . The kid was thrilled and when Mac gave it back to me ,so was I . Never fished it again. Retired .
  4. Some very special plugs I've collected over the years . A lot of talented builders from years past and others that cut their teeth right here .
  5. Steve just heard today about your recent health problems. Learned alot from you when Mac and myself came to your cave . Appreciate that .
  6. Almost through this 55 days until spring. I always look for you out there Sauerkraut. We call that area The Nursing Home . Easiest to walk . Will be there 1st week in June always .
  7. Always a time of reflection. Feel like a stranger but, I use to live here . Lot's of new names here and unfortunately more familiar names of friends in the memorial section .Be good to eachother. No winter flames . The clock is always ticking . Peace ✌️
  8. Hi Steve .. Paul .. You guys are getting old . Happy New Year.. Where's Jigman ?
  9. Who's Joe G ? .. Happy New Year all .
  10. Good to see you guys still going . Wild and free . Still a number of us still consider ourselves Ditch Trolls . This year will mark 10 years of Ditch Trolls going to Cuttyhunk. Same group from here .
  11. Sorry to hear of this . RIP John . Enjoyed our many conversations on darters and guidance in building them. A great fisherman has been lost . .
  12. Puck makes great Salt & Pepper shakers
  13. BW Striper44 .. both those have been wet . The Slope head is an odd ball , chin weighted like a pike . Not sure how many of those Mike made . I've never seen one . $60 for both . The green chicken scratch has never been wet and painted special for me by request . Think that's one of a kind . $60 for that . All 3 $120 you pay shipping .