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  1. BW Striper44 .. both those have been wet . The Slope head is an odd ball , chin weighted like a pike . Not sure how many of those Mike made . I've never seen one . $60 for both . The green chicken scratch has never been wet and painted special for me by request . Think that's one of a kind . $60 for that . All 3 $120 you pay shipping .
  2. One there ,it's the only one I've seen like that . Some show sign of getting wet but probably just a test swim .
  3. I'll take them out of bags if interested in any . Some odd ball . A couple one of a kind Mike painted for me . I put some aside I won't sell .
  4. I got a few too if anyone is interested. Got some weird stuff too .
  5. Lamiglass 121 3m and a penn 980 .. drag ? Set it and forget it . Keep reel in free spool with thumb lightly on it and rod up . Spool spins drop rod , hit lever to engage spool , get ready to set .
  6. White are Pichney . 8" true trollers, 6" little brother . Black is Gibbs I believe. Totally different lip . I thought I had more . Will look in Onset too . I traded a lot of my small Pichney to you . $ ? Entice me with a Capesams . Will throw Gibbs in .
  7. I'll look tomorrow Steve . Think I have a couple .
  8. Such an odd crude plug . I believe darters are unfished. Poppers lightly fished . I believe this was/is a NY guy . Want to sell . All 5 $200 plus shipping. Will not split up . Hard to find .
  9. Miss the calls . Always brainstorming trying to build the best possible fishing lure . Many of us try . I think your Surf Howdy hit the bulls eye . See you on the other side . Thankful to call you friend. Good man . RIP
  10. Thinking 250 both . New old ..unfished