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  1. Thanks xj, i ordered one before your reply, and the rod was exactly as you described. I ended up sending it back.
  2. That's true of the old style reels with bearings in the side plates, but for ultracast reels with bearings in the spool, tightening the bearings are captured between the spindle collar on the handle side and the speed bullet on the other, so tightening the end caps puts a side load on them. On level wind reels this probably only affects the handle side bearing, since the plastic levelwind gear bears on the speed bullet.
  3. For plugs that have 3 trebles and don't swim well without them. Try clipping the tips off the ones you don't want to have hook up. It's very effective and doesn't affect the balance.
  4. Punch and Nick, how did you disperse the pigment? Did you have problems with the pigment clumping?
  5. Those both look pretty good. I attempted a multicolor (yellow over white) by brushing white tinted epoxy on the bottom and yellow tinted on the top then putting the plug on the spinner. The results were interesting but not what I was after. The yellow drizzled down into the white in sort of a tiger stripe pattern. Wish now that I had kept it for reference, but I sanded it off and painted instead.
  6. In the Chesapeake it makes a big difference, since the fish are here year-round.
  7. If nobody has mentioned it, a place to start might be banning C&R fishing during the off season, especially at Sesquehannah Flats in the spring, which results in killing a disproportionately large proportion of large breeders.
  8. Anybody have experience with Santiago travel rods? I'm getting ready for a 6 week trip around the Gulf coast from Texas to Florida, then up the Atlantic coast to Maryland, and find that the only way my surf rod will fit in the rig is some kind of kludged up overhead rack...not a wife pleaser. I'm considering the Santiam 11' 2 to 6 oz. anybody tried one?
  9. It's the brass piece in the photo next to the bearings.
  10. It's the spindle support Abu uses on CT's that don't have a clicker. It takes up the space that would otherwise be occupied by the plastic gear for the levelwind and clicker.
  11. I made my spinner with cheap little camera ball heads on one end so I could mount up all the plugs, then release the brake on the ball and rotate the plug for coating. I think this was a little overkill, but the principle works, so I'm thinking about a simpler way of doing the same thing for my next spinner. Also, except for inline spinners, where you're rotating one plug around its axis, it's beneficial to either have one end higher than the other or have the attachment hooks offset from one end to the other as this allows the epoxy to flow from one end to the way on the up stroke and the other on the down.
  12. Those look great.
  13. I just started using syringes and it makes all the difference. Of course, it won't eliminate brush hairs in the finish or stray dust particles, but using the self sealing bottle caps with Flexcoat (sp?) or similar syringes eliminates most of the bubbles that you get from pouring out of the bottle.
  14. Here's a pic of a 6" needlefish I did with pigmented epoxy. I sealed with epoxy then applied a second coat. It came out a little lumpy because I used 5 min epoxy and didn't do much in the way of turning it. Since it's a solid coating, I could sand it down smooth, but I've moved on to other plugs. I did another batch of plugs the same way, but with Etex and a spinner. The coating turned out very smooth, but was problematic because of the shape of the plug, so I just sanded and painted them. I think the method has merit...among other things, you can have a plug ready to rig in a couple of days, and there are never any adhesion problems, so I'll be using it again when I run out of etex and switch over to System 3.
  15. I've built several plugs with pigmented epoxy sealer and a coat of pigmented primer, no paint, all epoxy. It worked fine, but had a couple of problems. I was using powdered pigment, and found it difficult to disperse effectively, so it left small lumps in the finish here and there, which actually weren't much of a problem since they were the same color as the epoxy and so didn't show up too badly. In any case, System 3 and probably others sell pigment dispersions to use with their resins, which would completely eliminate the problem. The second problem is a little more difficult. The epoxy tends to thin out over sharp edges, so its hard to get a completely opaque coating on anything that's not completely smooth. I was working with a deep bodied plug with a sharp edge along the bottom, so it created a problem. I also did a needlefish which came out just fine, and I don't imagine there would be any difficulty with a minnow type plug. A more difficult problem to solve is multicolor paint jobs, which I took a half hearted stab at with limited success. Somebody gave me an airbrush, so I headed off in a different direction, but I think that for some applications pigmented epoxies are a sensible way to go. Good luck, and please post your results.