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  1. I had a tubular steel rod when I was a kid, just before things went to fiberglass. Oddly, I was a pole vaulter in highschool and we were using tubular steel poles...again, just before everything went to fiberglass. Sure changed things in both cases.
  2. I've been walking my dog at Terrapin Park, and noticed that there are "no fishing" signs down at the beach. You could probably get away with it early in the morning, especially if it's rainy, as there aren't too many people there.
  3. Me too, but I've never used it as a fishing knot. How does that work?
  4. You might want to get a second opinion on the strength of the surgeons loop, or maybe do some testing of your own.
  5. Not to mention that you have to be a pretty competent CAD user to produce a model of a free-form shape like the Hellcat to dump into the 3D printer.
  6. There was a thread on here not too long ago about a guy from the Netherlands rping ft poppers. We can't post links, but the website is "dutchanglers" and the subject is "engineering an indestructible gt popper". Very interesting.
  7. Thanks for all the help. It appears that my setup and initial moves are good, but my power stroke at the end isn't working. I'm currently on a 6 week road trip, fishing my way around the Gulf coast, across FL and up the Atlantic coast home to MD, so I'm getting in a lot of casting but no practice. When I get home I'll get my wife to do some videos and see what I'm actually doing (we have a public driving range close by which is great for casting when the golfers are otherwise occupied). We did the video thing when I was learning some advanced kayak rolls, and it made a huge difference. I frequently found that What I thought I was doing was completely different from what I was really doing. No doubt this will turn out to be the same.
  8. Actually, I've watched a number of videos, read John Holden's book, and taken a lesson from Tommy Farmer (which doubled my casting distance when I had time on the casting field to work out what I'd learned). Still, the overhead cast gives me detectably more velocity, judging from the sound of the reel. Maybe it's just the simplicity...hold one arm straight overhead and crank down with the other. In any case, I'll continue with all three and see what happens.
  9. I'm using an Abu 6500 CT Mag Elite spooled up with 18# Sakuma mono on an 11' Star Paraflex. On the practice field I use a 5 oz trolling sinker, which is pretty aerodynamic, or the same weight bell sinker.
  10. $50 shipped for the white/red and yellow Conrads?
  11. So, having had lessons in both the OTG and Hatteras cast, I find that I can cast just as far with an overhead cast. I guess that this is because I'm an old, skinny guy, but may also be a result of technique. I'm currently casting around 300' with an 11' Paraflex, and would like to get out to 450'. Any suggestions or observations would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The Conrads are used?
  13. Actually, all fishing should be banned Pre-spawn. C&R still kills about 10% of the fish caught. Do we want a healthy bass population or not?
  14. Thanks, I'll take it. Please pm your info. My responses may be a little slow as I'm in the middle of an extended road trip.
  15. Thanks, but I think I'll pass.