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  1. Thanks Cheech, I found the listing and have contacted the owner. Unfortunately, I'm leaving on week long vacation tomorrow and won't be back for a week. With any luck I can arrange something.
  2. Thanks Cheech. Is it a TW? Do you have any more particulars (where it's advertised, etc)?
  3. True enough, but I know how far I can cast a 6500, but I've never even seen a Leveline, let alone cast one. I thought somebody might have experience with both and be able to compare them.
  4. I agree. I own 3 SPs and they do not have standing water in the foot wells, nor are they uncomfortable. Lowering the floor below the water line then putting in venturis seems like a very poor design choice, since it creates a problem that the old boats don't have, and partially solves it with a complicated and failure prone (got gravel in your flapper valve? Uh-oh) gadget. I was actually searching for a used SP TW when I ran across these, do they really have less resistance than the SP? Doesn't seem to make sense that a shorter boat with more rocker would, but the Nordkapp LV is well known to have less resistance at normal paddling speeds than the standard Nordkapp, despite being 4" shorter and having more rocker, so it is plausible. Anybody out there done a side-by-side-over distance with an SP over distance?
  5. If you saw the scores of dead shorts on the beach next to the Chesapeake bay bridge, where fishing pressure has been very heavy lately, you might be less inclined to poo-poo the c&r stats.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. It looks like conditions in my shop are just about right, although I've been thinking it's a little cool. I also contacted System 3 Tech Support, and according to them, the 70 degrees is best for Clear Coat but they reformulated the product last year and it will now tolerate humidity up to 80% without blushing.
  7. I solved a similar problem on a different plug by sawing out a section of the back (with a coping saw) that was big enough that work through with tweezers, gluing the weight in place, then epoxying the sawed-out section back in place and sanding it smooth. If the weight is lead, after it is glued back in, you could drill through the weight and body and glue in a pin.
  8. After blundering through the mixing sensitivity and heat requirements of Etex, only to discover by experience that humidity over 50% leaves an oily residue (raise your hand if you live in a warm, dry climate with good striper fishing) Im ready to move on. I've read everything I can about West Systems 207 and System 3, and neither says anything about sensitivity to humidity. Anybody have experience with this? For reference, my normal situation during the summer is either 85 degrees and 80% humidity outside or 72 degrees and 50% humidity in my shop. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. They are pretty cheap on the auction site. It's worth the experiment at any rate. How would you compare casting distance with the Abu 6500?
  10. The west coast rockfish is not a striper but a completely different fish, of which there are a number of species.
  11. They're also called bull minnows in Maryland and mud minnows further south.
  12. Fish kills are always possible, but this beach is adjacent to the Bay Bridge, which has been so crowded with. Fishing boats that they just about need a traffic cop. I don't know of anyone who intentionally kills shorts, but there are plenty who don't bother to handle them carefully.
  13. Walked my dog at Terrapin Park this morning and found the beach littered with dead shorts. Guess fishing has been pretty good around the bridge pilings.
  14. Like sea robins and blowfish, there's supposed to be good eating
  15. My tag ends go in my pocket, not in the water.