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  1. The gang’s all here! Beautiful work…thanks everybody. I plan to get ‘em wet in the next day or two.
  2. Hope you’ll fish it and find it productive.
  3. Thanks for organizing this, Antagonizer. Plug swaps are always a hoot, and usually produce some interesting results. Hope you’ll do it again.
  4. Somebody has to be last, and there’s no shame in it. I’ll happily take your spook, and will fish it hard. It won’t take long for a fish to mistake it for something else. Hope this won’t keep you from joining future plug swaps...they’re off season entertainment, not competitions.
  5. I’ll go for ATDR’s white troller. 1. Mrscott 24 (3) 2. H'Islander (2) 3. Kent I (2) 4. Punch 63 (1) 5. ATDR14 (0) 6. Wire for Fire (2) 7. Antagonizer (1)
  6. I’ll take Antagonizers wonderbread danny. UPDATED Round 1 1. Punch63 (1) 2. Wire for Fire (3) 3. Antagonizer (2) 4. ATDR 14 (1) 5. Kent I (3) 6. H'Islander 7. Mrscott24 (3)
  7. Thanks everybody. Guess this should have been obvious. Anyway, I can attest to the fact that it sure beats sawing the slot open after epoxy.
  8. At the moment I'm using Etex, which takes a while to set and requires a spinner, which means there has to be a wire through to connect everything. The Etex moves around for a long while before it sets; at what point would you clean out the slot?
  9. Nope...haven't tried that. Do you run a wire through, then epoxy, then slide the lip in and put I on the spinner?
  10. I’ve come back to making metal lips after several years off, and have a baffling problem. When I was building them before, I would just seal, rime and throw on a coat of paint and call it done. Now I putting on a couple of coats of Epoxy, and am having trouble keeping it out of the lip slot while it’s on the spinner. I imagine there’s a simple answer to this since everybody seems to be able to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Golf course driving ranges are prefect if you can time it so no golfers are there. There’s one half a mile from my house that’s usually empty in the winter.
  12. If the swivels were available already drilled with a straight wire on one end, wrapping on a hook wouldn’t be any more time consuming than cutting hooks for standard swivels.
  13. PM on the way.
  14. I can do $70 shipped.
  15. I have a used one I’ll sell for $25 shipped. Also have some more used large eels: (1) possibly LIfishinVT (2&3) Masterlure, one weighted, one not...wood is sound but need need reprint/rebuild (4) Capt. Andy with lots of pointers.