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  1. My thoughts have been going more to taxidermy, but I’ve never seen one in person, and certainly haven’t cut one up to see what’s inside.
  2. So he painted a vent on this plug? Very realistic.
  3. Yeah. Thanks DNR. They were intentionally introduced.
  4. Good to know, thanks. I thought it was something new.
  5. I’ve seen quite a few Joe Paiva plugs on FB, and always wondered whether they were freeze dried fish coated with epoxy, cast in a mild made from a real fish, hand carved, scanned and RPed, but never thought much about it until somebody advertised one recently for a truest eye-popping price. Nice paint job, but nothing I couldn’t have carved in an hour or two. I’m baffled. Anybody know anything about this? What are they really?
  6. Everybody’s worried about the snakehead’s possible impact on the striped bass population, but last week I saw a Facebook post of a guy who had caught two good size blue cats just north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. This is a pretty good march toward Susquehanna Flats, and if they make it up there, it’s VERY bad news for stripper reproduction.
  7. Really interesting concept. Videos?
  8. +1. Dave Anderson illustrates a simple and effective method of making hangers in an article on building a wired-thru Frech Banana. It was published in the Feb 2017 issue of The Fisherman, and should still be available in their archive.
  9. T-man, just a reminder to pm me your info. Thanks.
  10. Offer $40 for the Alan’s and ODM gliders.
  11. Whatever other problems there might be with Chinese products, excellent manufacturing is available there. When American companies outsource to China and get crap products, it’s because they asked for crap, not because the Chinese couldn’t make anything else. I had a Penn Conflict 1, and it was such a poor reel that I’ll never buy another Penn product. Poor manufacturing? No, incompetent design. I have an Abu 6500 Mag Elite and an Omoto Chief. If the Mag Elite is a better reel than the Omoto, I’d like someone to show me why.
  12. Why boycott China? Why not boycott the American Companies that went to Japan, then Taiwan, then China to save a few cents and avoid compliance with American environmental and labor standards, and in the process gutted American industry and made China a manufacturing powerhouse.
  13. +2 on the Fiblink. I bought a 10’ and 12’ 4 piece for a trip last year and am pleased with both. They were so cheap I figured that if they only got me through one trip that was good enough.
  14. What a bummer. Oakley has about the worst coating technology in the industry. I used to wear them all the time, but couldn’t get a pair to last more than 2 yrs before the coating started to put Alf peel off.
  15. I generally use a pocket knife since my plugs are sorta wide, not necessarily sharp, since I don’t want to slice into the wood. It really just wedges the pieces apart until the tape rips. Peel the tape off, and voila! Clean surfaces, ready for glue.