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  1. $200 meet up for Black Hole?
  2. Yes ok
  3. If available I offer 270 shipped
  4. This is the new model?
  5. New or old model?
  6. Bump
  7. Hardcover Reading The Water- 40 shipped Hardcover False Albacore- 38 shipped
  8. False Albacore still available
  9. Sure, pm coming
  10. You got it, pm coming
  11. I can offer 550 shipped to NJ
  12. Done deal. Thank you SOL
  13. Retail 50, Like new just flipped thru and never picked up again 35 shipped
  14. Ok replying to you pm for info
  15. Id like to offer 700 for 8000H
  16. I'd like to see it. What reel size would pair up with it?
  17. Would you fo 150 on the seeker , meet up ?
  18. Ok, still curious doesn't the bottom have to slide on first? What were you planning on using?
  19. I see the bottom grip on one. How will the other go on? Doesn't the bottom grip slide on first?
  20. How many blanks have the seat on them?
  21. Yes all 4, my concern is the reel seat not being where I'd like it. Also I'm at work so can't reply right away.
  22. Is the reel seat set? Or just slid in place?