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  1. I'll take 1 of these
  2. I'll take chartreuse, purple, parrot
  3. Smoke 50 XPTiA $125 shipped New in box
  4. Sure, thank you. PM coming
  5. No love for John 2 skinner books left for $28 shipped
  6. Sure, thank you
  7. 4 books left $45 shipped or 2 for $28 shipped
  8. Ok sounds good, thank you
  9. I'd be willing to split. I tried to price for quick lot sale. 28 shipped for the 2
  10. Excellent condition lot of 6 books $65 Shipped
  11. I have a couple with box in like new condition, may have one without the box. Looking for 175 shipped , let me know if interested. I'll look for the third one in meantime
  12. Do you have bailess kit for the 150?
  13. Just to br clear mr. B I will take the 2 shimano boxes, just confirm the total and send PM with PayPal info, thank you
  14. Just let me know how much you need to get them to me. Add the fees and give me total please