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  1. I'll take the spools please
  2. They were discontinued, I'll edit my post. It's a 7ft rod in different models. Looking to see if any around. Tha KS for the offer.
  3. No thank you, looking for specific rod
  4. Looking for -Discontinued- century "striper" Spinning Rod
  5. I didn't notice that you wanted H until after I posted.
  6. I would do 120 shipped, PayPal assuming shipping is 30
  7. I'm in Woodbridge NJ, and do head south sometimes
  8. I'd do 75 for the purple rod pictured if you come to my area. The new one we aren't close on.
  9. Make an offer, not sure what your looking to spend. Worst I say, no
  10. Also have new with tags 6'6 new model
  11. I'll get pictures after work. I want to say M but may be MH. I was planning on posting for 120 looking for 100
  12. Where are you located? I have a mojo inshore in NJ
  13. Looking for clean Tiagra, no line needed
  14. Location for pick up?