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  1. Use the search feature. There have been many discussions on the Short Stix.
  2. As I read it the ban is on possession for both recreational and commercial. Not on fishing.
  3. NJ Saltwater Registry is the license you need to fish the salt in NJ. Has been in effect for several years.
  4. Also, use the search feature. Lots of good info.
  5. NJ registry is what you need.
  6. +1 as BBM posted
  7. Always have several rods and accessories in the truck.
  8. Use alcohol and coat with Sally Hansen’s.
  9. 1/0 and smaller I crush the barb. Larger I grind the barb with a Dremel.
  10. I use shooting heads. Carry 4 from floating to fast sink. Very easy to change depending on the situation.
  11. Enjoyed your story, thanks.
  12. I always enjoy your reports. Thanks
  13. Like others, I have stopped all fishing magazines subscriptions. I still pick up Drake at the bookstore occasionally. After 60 years of fishing my brain can’t hold any more “new” information.
  14. I use the same unit as flysully. Have for years and it works well for me.