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  1. Another Kold Kutter user here.
  2. I use an 11’4” 4 weight for skagit casting streamers. Check out OPST for info on lightweight single and two handed casting.
  3. E6000 for me. Started several years ago and haven’t found a reason to change.
  4. Check out Cocoons or Fitovers.
  5. Check out OPST for some good information on light rod skagit casting. I use a 11’ 4” 4 wt and enjoy fishing it. I use a 300 grain skagit head.
  6. I use them all the time. Black, Olive and Red are what I use most.
  7. I use a sling pack for salt and a butt pack for fresh. It all depends on what you are comfortable with.
  8. Enjoyable report as usual.
  9. Been using Buffs for 20 years for fishing, never thought I’d need them to buy groceries.
  10. Another good to read report, I enjoy them.
  11. Fished multiple times with White Fly Outfitters in Harpers Ferry. They float the Potomac and Shenandoah. Smallmouth bass fishing is good but this time of year there are 100’s of tubers to navigate around.
  12. 90% wading in fresh and salt because that’s what I like to do.
  13. I’m 76 and can still make the walk to the “rip”. Takes some time in the morning to get things moving.
  14. Don’t see why not either. Depends what you want to do.