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  1. Been wearing progressive lenses ( both regular and sun ) for 30 years. Best thing I ever did.
  2. I use Kold Kutter studs. Very good price compared to the “fly fishing” industry.
  3. I use bootfoot for the beaches and stocking foot for freshwater. Works for me.
  4. Bought one some time ago and couldn’t stand the noise or the feel. Never tried one again.
  5. I’m with HL on this one.
  6. I use ferrule wax and keep checking things during the day. Never had the need for tape although the longest rod I use is 13’. I know some Spey casters use tape on their long rods.
  7. Agree with JonC. I use a flyrod 90% of the time because that’s what I enjoy. Those times when the fish are to far away are offset by the times when flies out fish lures and bait.
  8. I used yellow/orange or pink/white Clousers but it’s been so long that I fished for weakies I’m not sure what works now.
  9. Floated the Potomac around Harpers Ferry multiple times with White Fly Outfitters and did well with the flyrod. Also fished the Susquehanna for many years but it’s not doing well the last few years.
  10. I’m in the no group also. I do rinse the first couple of layers after an outing.
  11. I never use a stripping basket with the Lazer Line, it doesn’t work out for me. It does pick off the water fairly easily.
  12. I use Lazer Line on my 11’ switch rod. Great for longer casts but difficult to handle when your hands are wet and cold. On another rod I use a .32” floating running/ shooting line. Depends on the situation I’m fishing.
  13. I use the nail knot method. It suits me in low light conditions.
  14. Happy to pay if the money was used as you proposed.
  15. Only dealt with them a few times but never had a problem and was happy with the feathers I purchased.