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  1. I always enjoy your post and pictures.
  2. Under a dollar at many mail order sites.
  3. I use 30’ shooting heads with a floating running line most of the time. They are not to hard to find (unless you don’t like shooting heads).
  4. Trying to stay in the area and fish a couple nearby ponds. Not worth the risk to travel.
  5. If you tie your own flies, like me, you probably have enough to last a lifetime. So I don’t worry about throwing one away when it rusts.
  6. Beauties, isolation makes for busy hands.
  7. Really enjoying those snippets, thanks.
  8. I use the Clouser crawfish in various colors. Don’t have pictures but can be easily found.
  9. Haven’t gone below a size 4 for the salt.
  10. Enjoyed it. Thanks
  11. Soap and water after every outing works for me.
  12. I’m with Mike, you can’t shoot a short head into a headwind very well. You need a longer head for that.
  13. I use a 485 grain intermediate line on my 11’ switch rod for overhead casting. It’s rated as an 8wt but after trying multiple lines that’s what works for me.
  14. I use a 6 or 7 depending on the water I’m fishing and the type of fly. The 6 for streamers and 7 for poppers and bulkier flys. A good 5wt can easily handle those 1 pounders.
  15. Took me 15 minutes in PA to upgrade to real ID. No problem at all.