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  1. I got an ODM DNA 9'. Fantastic rod. So much lighter than similar setups I used years back.
  2. I had a Lowrance Hook2 that worked great until its recent death. I did not get the maps and never used it for navigation. Lowrance has lakes installed on some models. How would I get coastal waters? Any recommendations appreciated. Basspro has a Hook2 7 tripleshot with inland lakes installed at a modest discount...
  3. Some kid in a yak made the opening of sea bass sound like the scene from Jaws when Mrs. Kitner put a $3000 bounty ad in Field & Stream. Cars from Connecticut, Rhode Island.....
  4. Hey. Launched off of Sagamore. My FF battery was dead so I made my way towards a decent crowd of kayakers. I got some quite 6 seabass, a scup and one Tautog around 4-5lbs. Very nice conditions even with a somewhat stiff Southwest breeze.
  5. Also, I have an Anchor Wizard launched from the stern. I have a pretty small trolling weight as an anchor which was fine for ponds and such. What size anchor would you guys recommend for this type of structure fishing?
  6. Hi, I'm taking my Old Town PDL on my 1st tog trip tomorrow. I'm in Plymouth, Ma. I'm looking to launch around Bourne probably. Any info would be appreciated.
  7. Has anyone tried this in the canal for example? Seems like a good way to flirt with the bottom while risking mainly just the weight.
  8. Where did you find the clearance on the slammers?
  9. I just picked up the 9' ODM DNA yesterday from Red Top. I really liked it obviously. They had a huge selection of rods so I got to side by side it with TFOs, Lamis, and others in the club size I was looking for. It's pretty light.
  10. Have to snap out the cast low to the water into the wind. The Dan Quisenberry cast.
  11. Probably 1/2- 3 oz. range.
  12. Looking for an all around plugging/plastics shore rod to match with a 5500for the Plymouth/Canal. Thanks