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  1. quick update :The guitar's no longer available and has been sold
  2. dropping Guitar price to $450
  3. Up for sale in pic is A Fender Montara six string guitar for $475 that was manufactured between 90-92 in Korea ,and Unique features of the guitar are the case it comes with and the scalloped body and arch back which together produce some beautiful curves of added beauty and comfortable playability to this fine instrument,.
  4. you're welcome and for anybody reading this the gift card has been sold to Master Debaiter
  5. Hey I can do $300 Master Debaiter and I have looked on the back of it and there is no expiration date and so it don't expire
  6. Up for sale is in pic is a $400 JetBlue GC for $325 Paypal I received it as a gift in the past and was going to use it in my area but there is no JetBlue in my area and if you buy it from me I can mail it 1st thing this morning and also get a tracking number for it to send to you and it'll help you save money on your next flight . But plz let me know?
  7. Hey Albacized, sorry to hear about your experience and If you're going to mail something you should always mail it with a tracking number no matter what,because a tracking number will keep it being tracked to the location it going too,and if you don't add one the same incident might keep happening over and over again and for me I always include one If ever ship anyone anything because I never wanna see it end up someplace else
  8. Hey Matt a poisett,really like it and think you did an awesome job on it with all the patience,time,and hardwork you put into it
  9. I think it's very yummy and tastey and would go along great with a plate of seafood at supper or dinner time
  10. I have heard bits and pieces about him in an article on Facebook and he definitely leaves behind a huge legacy of the kind of nice person he was to everyone in this world .
  11. Wow lots of birds and there all over the water and I always seem in lakes and streams in my area , always around that time of year and day
  12. I like to cook mine with adding seasoning on it . It's definitely delicious .