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  1. Perfect thank you!!!
  2. they are very hard to find instock anywhere
  3. anyone have this rod? HMGIN70MH-FS trying to find out how long the butt is... i cant find it anywhere. thanks
  4. 7 foot rod with a Diawa back bay 4000
  5. I went today to look at some at croix Rods and walked out with nothing because I couldn’t decide. I want a new rod to cast and flip around bridges on the boat for stripers. Will be using buck tails and soft plastics mostly. I could decide on the action. I looked at mojo inshore and tidemaster. I wanted a medium heavy fast rod . It was rated for 1/2 - 1 1/4 but just seemed so bulky with the reel on it. the medium fast felt alittle better but only rated to 3/4 . Not sure that will be enough for what I’ll be doing. what are your thoughts? Thanks
  6. What action does everyone like for soft plastics and buck tails around bridges
  7. Not sure if anyone on Long Island sell these in store
  8. I’ll look into that thanks
  9. What’s up guys. I forgot I have a brand new Diawa back bay spinning reel laying around and I want to finally put it on a rod. I am looking for a back bay spinning rod. Med/heavy fast I think around the 66-7ft range. Looking to use this for casting around the bridges off the boat. what do you guys recommend for 200 and under range? Not looking to spend a lot right now. thanks
  10. Thank you sir. just thought it would feel smoother going out. Also seems alittle slow going out
  11. Should the level wind be going back and forth in free spool when letting line out to the bottom? or only when retrieving? in free spool letting line out the level wind doesn’t move on my reel. I know on some of my other reels it does
  12. Hope use the new combo this week.
  13. Yep I have 6’6 medium heavy.
  14. Are split grips the new thing? Who likes them? looking for a new back bay spinning striper rod 7ft and so much has a split grip now and I just can’t get myself to get one. I have never fished with one, I don’t know just can’t see myself getting use to it.
  15. I am confused on braided line strength. If your reel drag is rated for 20 lbs. Wouldn't putting 40 pound braid on the reel be a waste? The drag will work and pull before the line would break anyway no? Unless your looking to use the bigger line for resistance to breaking off on rocks and such. so if i am eeling in the fall off my boat. I could catch a 50 pound striper with my 20 pound test and 22lb rated reel as long as a rock doesn't rip the line correct?