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  1. I was looking into the st croix imperial line
  2. Heading up to salmon river in September. Looking for my best bang for my buck 10 at fly rod. I don’t want to spend more then 350 on a rod. What do you guys recommend?
  3. That makes sense then.
  4. Thank you for the info I will pull apart tonight and compare to drawings
  5. So this reel may actually be working property then? I just dont don’t see how you could ever reel like a striped bass in. I feel like that fish would keep constant pressure on the line . This reel is made for fighting big saltwater fish. Maybe I’ll bring it to a local fly shop see if any of them know anything about it
  6. My penn 4g AR , the handle spins but not the spool, if I crank down on the drag the spool will spin with the handle. But just a littleee bit of pressure on the line the handle will spin without the spool again. i am new to AR reels , so not sure if I am doing something wrong. Or it needs a part or cleaning or what thanks
  7. $300
  8. Brand new penn 12/0 senator. Never spooled, never seen water. $400 Located: Long Island
  9. 2 speed 50w. Brand new. Reel has never been spooled. $600 Located Long Island
  10. Penn 12/0. New . Never spooled $300 Located in Long Island New York Will meet half way.
  11. New, never spooled. 2 speed. $600 Located in Long Island.
  12. Anyone do it? Looking to give it a shot on the lake at my uncles Pennsylvania house. I have a Sedona 1000 or 500 to pair with a rod. Just looking for recommendations on size and action and brand. There is largemouths and pike, crappies etc What you think?
  13. i have a 2015 ram i wanna put a better tire on for the beach and some trails i hunt on. I dont want to lift it or put monster tires on it. Just a good tire for those conditions. The tire size is 275/60/20. What do you guys recommend? Sucks you need to spend a 1000 bucks for something decent
  14. this thread makes me feel better about myself....
  15. Was at a local store and they had a ugly stik elite for 50 bucks. In 6'6 medium so i picked that up for now. We will see, if it's horrible or breaks I'll just end up spending the money. So far feels nice with the reel.