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  1. Fun video. Great song. Well done!
  2. There's an amazing collection of fishermen and an enormous wealth of information on this site. I've learned a ton and enjoyed a lot of laughs from the many characters that make this place what it is.
  3. I'm hoping to get into some flyfishing for carp this summer. Steve - nice video
  4. for additional info, try a site called ****. after SOL, it's one of the best and most active sites on the web. lots of good captains on that site too. i've fished several times with one of them, walleye pete. he's an outstanding guide and fisherman and an all around great guy. he specializes in light tackle fishing on the Bay and is a little south of chesapeake beach. there's also guys on that board that do light tackle fishing for stripers, blues, croacker in the patapsco river. you might even find a patapsco guide right out of baltimore.
  5. BLG or BLAG would work for the running guides as well.
  6. Wow, 10 already. Well done, Tim.
  7. Plug, I'm so glad to hear you are okay. I'm sure it was a completely frightening experience and one heck of a wake up call. I definitely think longer and harder these days about when and where I'm fishing alone. My kids are just too important to me. I hope we can share a rock at the end of the north jetty at some point this spring or summer. Take care, Mark
  8. Mark

    How many????

    That's one sweet pile o' plugs. Right around 275.
  9. 7" bass assassin ranks near the top for me. find it strange that it hasn't found stronger support from the northeast sluggo, fin-S, Zoom following. I fish all of them a lot, but the BA is the last one I would give up.
  10. One of the greatest catches I can imagine. Congrats.
  11. Great story. Now I need to get myself and my kids signed up for CPR training. Well done!
  12. Longcaster - thanks for the advice. Don't think I'll make it down south this visit. Simplifies my packing.
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