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  1. go to Pagano's buy some filets.
  2. Isn't Scup a Porgie? Same fish?
  3. everyone gets so worked up over this place.
  4. how has the bass fishing been out at "the end"?
  5. Thanks Chunk, appreciate it. Not like the a-hole comment Nucleo85 made. Sounds like a real nipplehead.
  6. is there access to reef from beach? I never fished that area so I do not know it. Is there a fall run in that area? I usually fish Montauk so not familiar with ct. Westchester County here. Thanks.
  7. Why does it seem so many a-holes fish at this spot. Is it private property? What is this "rotation" people write about?
  8. Thanks!
  9. Where are the best spots to fish there?
  10. Where is the best access to quonnie area?
  11. Capt.Castafly is that a low tide pic? Does water cover those rocks up to the sea wall at high tide?
  12. Not from the area as was curious if Brenton Point is a good area. I've seen it in the summer and it looked like a great striper area. Any thoughts. Thanks.
  13. Is the "Fall Run" a normal length marathon like the NYC and Boston races are?
  14. Game , set, match Baldadonis.
  15. Anyone who posts 4,847 times needs a therapist.