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  1. Game , set, match Baldadonis.
  2. Anyone who posts 4,847 times needs a therapist.
  3. OK seals! Happy now?
  4. Took 3 shorts at sunrise yesterday. After that it died! Lots of weeds and 3 sea lions hanging out all day!
  5. Thanks. Duct tape works for finger!
  6. Braided line recommendations for surfcasting. Make, pound test, etc.
  7. Fishing is better in west hampton.
  8. Best fishing is at the Quonnie.
  9. looks like you used ketchup instead of plum tomato. looks like pizza hut sauce.
  10. Just asked a simple question on where to park. No need for the juvenile responses. R.I. is a "small minded" state.
  11. Thanks Surfrat666
  12. Just curious has striper fishing from surf started up? Any timeline is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Never mind. I have better places to go to.
  14. Any striper action at Quonny? Best place to park there?