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  1. That’s a rack !
  2. Will there be rodholders in the new fishing deck ?
  3. Behave!
  4. Perfect for lounge chairs !
  5. I wasn’t sure if korkers were needed because I have not been there. I am well aware of when and where to use korkers.
  6. Additionally lounge chairs and umbrellas will be available.
  7. Wow, brains are limited in RI.
  8. Great informative article, thanks! Any current photos?
  9. The gene pool in RI is limited, you confirm that.
  10. Surreal should be Realass
  11. Always kill it there.
  12. Never mind I’ll fish the Quonnie Breachway.
  13. All jerkoffs.
  14. Is it a productive area ? I don’t know area.
  15. I’ve never been that’s why I asked. That ok with you chief?