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  1. when your young you whip styt around like its natural.wen your older you just make funny noises
  2. omg Tim .in this beautiful world we live in...note I said world and not country. I say live your life to its fullest. Lets see some beautiful river finds from your self
  3. people say, leave the native brooks alone. I say bull ****.leave your ****ing garbage out of there habitat
  4. If you ever see a guy standing in a brook with a small spinning rod and a muddler minnow on the end of his line. it might be me......Stop say HI
  5. I love going out to get a couple native brookies for breakfast with eggs. so glad the brooks I fish are not on those maps
  6. OMG that brings back memories..just as effective as anything going today
  7. was once big into archery till shoulder trouble. Now crossbows are the thing.
  8. Your well ahead in the game then, just a mater of time.
  9. I wish finding a whole point was normal, usually its a few broken ones and a hand full of flakes from making them.
  10. you need to find were they were living first,,, then you just keep checking those areas. I guarantee you live within a mile of one.I only look on a 20 mile radius of were I live and know of.....quite a few camps
  11. Been a while but this thread gave me the urge to go last night after work.... nice side notched
  12. Possible hoe blade? a lot of marks on the cobble side. Many stone tools were casual tools, made for a specific purpose then discarded.
  13. Oh Ya. when I seen your rock the first thing I thought, was a preform to a winged atl atl weight
  14. Bob very rarely is an artifact sitting on the ground flat saying pick me up. You actually have to look intently for them. Sometimes its just a tip of one you see or a section of a base. Then the other stuff comes into play, axes, plummet stones, Celts ,net stones, Basically anything they made from stone. Once you learn what you have to be looking for thing start to poke out at you. Its called disassociation. Say you buy a new gray pickup. Nothing special to you just a truck. But all of sudden you start seeing a lot of gray trucks when ridding around. Your mind is associating and dissociating all the other vehicles on the road. Kind of the best way I can explain artifact hunting. I would say go to the Robbins museum in Middleboro. study the artifacts and the materials they are made from. then go out find some.
  15. but bigger....HB