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    being outside, mtb, rugby, yoga, fishing , loud music
  1. how do you rig cracked mussels? I've tried, but can't get the snot to stay on a hook...
  2. thanks to CT Surfcasters for hosting a great event.
  3. thanks for the invite. i'll be there, as long work doesn't mess things up for me.
  4. what time is the meeting?
  5. DIVIDED SKY, Niantic, CT
  6. thanks Fred, i'll look into it.
  7. I've inherited a 16' Brockway, and will doing a rebuild between now and April. Anyone know what type of wood is recommended for the top rails and chine? It needs to be bendable, but w/out knots. any suggestions? thanks, Dave
  8. I got 3 bass from shore in SE CT last night on the out going tide. didn't see any albies, but there's loads of minnows and shad around.
  9. I caught this last night in about 3 feet of water in an eastern CT tidal estuary. I think it's a lizard fish? Are they common in CT/NewEngland?
  10. From the album lizard fish?

  11. looks like he was fortunate to have you as a friend.
  12. thanks for the tip. any idea if NH and Maine licenses are reciprocal?
  13. thanks very much.