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  1. PM on the way!
  2. In fairness to DaveBKNY I'm going to give him right of first refusal on that deal. I dont want to sell them all out from under him when he offered it first (i believe this is in accordance with the rules as well). If he doesn't want them they're all yours.
  3. Morningwood wanted the bigrock i have in the other thread and the 2oz mack darter and had posted first. I took that offer, do you want to do 150 for the remaining 5 which is the same price per plug?
  4. Sure, I'll do that
  5. 8 is indeed sold (seems like it wont let me keep updating the post?) I'll do 75 for 1,2,3 PM coming!
  6. I can do that, pm coming
  7. I’ll do 40 for that one too
  8. Whoops! Actual reply now 1 and 3/4s for the Danny’s and 2oz for the a54
  9. Sure thing. Pm coming!
  10. Sold! PM coming
  11. Sorry, I can't go that low on them. I bought both from Don at shows for 45 a piece, so after paypal fees I'm already losing on them. I'd go as low as 70 for the pair shipped which is a killer deal with how much you see people marking these up.
  12. Sorry that one is staying in the stable I don't usually, but sure why not
  13. Price drop on the pikes! 50 shipped for a large and 40 shipped for the junior. Save me a trip to the post office tomorrow and grab one tonight!
  14. Make me an offer and save me a trip to the post office! I’m shipping a bunch of stuff tomorrow morning and hate making extra trips.