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  1. Updated fly for this season!
  2. Hoo Flies
  3. I have been using circles for stripers and Bluefish since 2017 and I never felt I was losing fish or missing hook sets. As long as the line is relatively tight, stripers tend to suck the fly and turn so they almost hook them self on those cycles and never have to go get the hook on the gills. I can also use a smaller hook if I use a cyrcle. That said, I normally tie in both types of hooks.
  4. Quick afternoon project. It is 12 inches long and 7 inches wide. I will be working on the spinning hardware today. Final results to come but between measuring a few wood scraps, cutting, nailing and adding the two hinges it took approximately 1 hour to finish this part of the project.
  5. No, the rattle in fact makes the fly more negative.
  6. Thanks. This is roughly 1/4 of an inch thick block of foam. I taper and tie it to the back of the hook then fold it to the front. I tie it firmly but not too tight to avoid cutting the foam. Use ultra-glue to help anchoring it. This specific fly caught many Stripers before I took the picture and it did not even rotate given the good base built and glued before working my way to the front of the fly.
  7. It must be winter... and the endless urge to tie... "CRI Fly" Candy Rattled Inverted
  8. Closing this. Thanks
  9. For sale is my “like new” gold C-Vex 9/12 fly reel. This is serial number #398 and one of the legendary made in USA back in 2001. I bought 2 reels, fished one hard and this one basically saw very little action and has been in my drawer for the past 10 years. It has no dings, scratches or marks on the frame. Drag is in perfect condition all o-rings look like new. Comes with original pouch, side switching tool, original box (serial number on the box is from my other reel). Spool is the large arbor 9/10. Selling for $500, shipped to USA with PayPal. Sorry but no trades.
  10. Last attempt. Price reduction to $400 shipped conus. PayPal. Thanks for looking!
  11. Reducing price to $450 shipped conus with PayPal. Thanks
  12. All the 30+ fish I caught on a few outings this season were: on a full sinking line, on 10+ feet deep and with those mummichog flies. I switch to something that resembles a peanut bunker or a silverside and they stop biting... It is the first time I open the season with this pattern and it has been my most successful ... might be pure luck... I am just reporting my empirical evidence.
  13. From back to front -> White bucktail, grizly feathers, light gray bucktail reverse tied, yellow grizly feathers, darker gray bucktail reverse tied, large barred olive marabou wrapped around, dark gray or dark olive bucktail reverse tied and I glue the eyes and apply a light coat of UV resin to form the head. I used mono to tie it on a mustad 1/0 hook.
  14. I don't think they are there if those fish are migrating. My best guess is those fish I am catching are holdovers that left the deeper water to look for food in the warmer estuaries, shallow bays and rivers. I have not fished more than 1 a mile from my marina, no deeper than 12 feet and no more than a 100 yards from land.
  15. I have been out in the sound 5 times. Fished from the boat and caught fish 3 times. Fish size has been better than average... above 20" with really big fish in the mix. Have been fly fishing only and luckily that has been working well. Fish are definitely here and very active. I think the lack of activity all around the sound is benefitting nature and the striper run. From shore it has been a lot busier everywhere. A few spots on freshwater have been a war zone no only because of fisherman but also with dogs, mtbikers and families trying to go out.
  16. A few are epoxy a few uv resin... Other than a slight difference in color (epoxy tend to get a bit yellowish), transparency (UV is definitely more transparent as it doesn't get any color or bubbles) and resistance (I find epoxy more resistant) you can't tell them apart. What I do sometimes is do the very first layer just to place the fibers in place with UV and then coat everything in epoxy and put it to spin. It is my compromise between convenience and durability and the final result is very good... no adverse reaction to the mixture.
  17. I used the shrink sleeve and really like it. I bought a 9wt Winston and found their beautiful grips a tad to thin. Adding the tube gave the extra thickness and the protection.
  18. Tied those mommichogs ... and they worked very well.
  19. And got h this at 6:45 PM. 40 seconds to take a picture of this 37 inch monster and back to live another 13 years. My personal best on the fly.
  20. I tied this inspired on this thread and on images on-line at 10:00 am looking to fish an estuary here in CT.